12 WEEKS (pics!!)! Update to my last post :)

I am officially 12 weeks!! I am now in the second trimester…pretty big deal. Here are the latest pics:



I have about a zillion more but I will add them later most likely!!

We had a slight scare Sunday. Went to the bathroom in the morning, was feeling crampy and when I wiped I saw a slight spot of blood. SCARY!! Went to the ER right away…because we are over protective and it’s what we do. They gave me bloodwork, checked all of my levels, and gave me like 11 ultrasounds.  Everything was okay, thank God! Saw the heartbeats!

Monday was our discharge appointment from the RE. Super emotional and bittersweet! Everyone gave me hugs and asked me to check in and stop by with my baby bumps and the babies! WE also received MORE ultrasounds! lol.

Today was my NT scan as well where we got to see our precious little babies and this time we were able to actually HEAR the heartbeats. Amazingness, amazingness. WE got two more ultrasound pictures! We basically need to scrapbook all of our ultrasound pics that we are getting.

I’m not going to lie. This whole journey is still very terrifying every day as I deal with all of the changes my body is going through. I still deal with morning sickness every morning and I often do not have an appetite. I have been feeling cramping, twinging…according to my research and to what my doctors say, this is my “uterus stretching!” It still FREAKS ME OUT.  Please keep me in your prayers and I wish you all the absolute best!

2 thoughts on “12 WEEKS (pics!!)! Update to my last post :)

  1. infertmyrt says:

    They’re starting to look like little people, eh? Glad things are better with your friend and that all is healthy in the uterus! Second trimester… a THIRD done!

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