1st day back at work after my 7 month leave – I made it!

Well, today was my first day back at work after a whopping 7 months! Last night I started getting excited as I was filling up picture frames of my boys for my desk. Then I found out we were having a TWO hour delay. When my principal sent out the schedule, I read closely and saw that not only were the class times all funky because of the two hour delay, but we had a REVERSE schedule! What a day to go back to work! I’m at different places in all of my classes because of how weird the class times were but it wasn’t a bad day back at all. I think it helps that I have amazing coworkers and a fantastic school. I didn’t cry or feel any type of hysterical. It felt nice to get back to work and doing what I love! To be back in the game.

My MIL watched the boys and they did great. A bunch of my students were out because of the weather, hopefully all goes smoothly tomorrow and into the week when we get into a more regular schedule. What I don’t miss – grading papers! Still, grateful to have a job I love.

One thought on “1st day back at work after my 7 month leave – I made it!

  1. ligurl27 says:

    It’s awesome that your first day back went well – I know some people who had tearful first days, and in truth, some of us need some degree of adult interaction. All the best!!

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