2016, I Won’t Miss You

While everyone is over here writing really emotional posts about 2016…I’m over here like:

2016. I won’t miss you. Yes, there were so many amazing highlights to this year:

  1. My family – my sweet boys, my amazing husband. This year more than any other year, I have never been so grateful for this squad that I get to call my own family!
  2. My niece and best friend moving to the East Coast.
  3. An awesome student teacher who literally made this school year a million times greater because she was so amazing.
  4. A church family I love, pastors who are the REAL DEAL. Love them so much.
  5. Husband making a career move to full-time agent which opened up so much more family time.
  6. Home renovations.
  7. Boys went to preschool and are slaying the game.
  8. I’ve really learned who “my people” are this year – this has been amazing.

There are a thousand blessings upon blessings that I can go on and on about!

But…if I’m being truthful. I won’t miss this year. This year was a HARD year. There was so much triumph, but a lot of pain as well. I ended this year being confident in who I am, being unshakable in what I believe, learning how to prioritize my life (God, family, ministry) and the lessons continue to unfold. I am so tremendously grateful for such an awesome husband and two gorgeous little boys who give me endless joy every day. For that, I feel like a winner at life. Nonetheless, 2016…

I won’t miss you, don’t want to repeat you.

On the other hand, 2017…

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