33 Weeks! Getting closer to the finish line!

Can’t believe tomorrow I will be 33 weeks! As of Sunday, I’m pretty much going to lay low all week and not strain myself.

So far, so good though. My latest NST and round of doctor’s appointments (had these yesterday) still show no signs of preterm labor. Hooray! I want these little babies to bake away so that they can continue to grow and gain weight. As of abut a week or so ago they were measuring about 4 pounds each. I have gained 34 pounds this pregnancy. I gained four pounds in one week, which again is slightly insane to me. All of my levels have come back normal. The only thing that is a little out of control is my thyroid. I have hypothyroidism and it is currently a 9 which is pretty high. My doctor has adjusted my medication repeatedly and right now I’m taking 150 mcg and 175 mcg every other day. The nurses and doctors all seem impressed that I’ve made it this far. I have a good feeling that I will go full term. I will be having a C section because the babies are transverse. I also have/had marginal placenta previa but my doctor said that it has moved enough that if I wanted to do a v delivery and the babies were in a better position, I could have gone forward with that. However, because they have not moved positions, and the doctor is convinced they will most likely stay in the same position, C Section it is. My tentative C section date is August 23rd. I still have SOOOOOOO much to do.Like what? Here we go:

  • Give my house a very THOROUGH cleaning. Baseboards, cabinets, closets, etc. I know that I will need help to do this and I’m hesitant to ask, even though I know my mom and mother-in-law would be willing to help. I think I will have to wait for a day my hubby is off.
  • Make my hospital bag. My husband and mom have made themselves in charge of this one! My doctor has advised me to start carrying it with me starting at 34 weeks. My husband and I attend church one hour away in DE (we’re from Jersey) so we need to get on this one super soon.
  • Schedule a hospital tour. The hospital that I’m delivering at is by no means a new hospital to us..it’s the hospital my mother works at and we’ve been there a zillion times but I’ve never ever been in their labor and delivery section so that’s kind of important!
  • Decide which doctor, out of the five from my practice, will be doing my C Section. I’ve been interviewing them but I still have a few more questions to ask. It looks like we are leaning towards the doctor who owns the practice and who has had over 30 years experience. He actually delivered my younger brother (who is currently 23). We’ll see.
  • Purchase the rest of the baby items we need. So far we have all of our big items and *most* of our smaller items but still have to pick up some things!
  • Landscaping. Sounds so silly, but the front of our yard needs some landscaping. I know we are going to have so many visitors when our sons are born. However, we are on a super tight budget. As a teacher, I have my savings but no salary in the summer so we have to be super careful with our spending. So this most likely won’t get done..lol. But it would be nice!

I have decided that I’m officially done buying maternity clothes. I alternate between summer dresses when I have to go out, a pair of maternity shorts, and a pair of maternity jeans. I just don’t want to buy anything else. I’m home often anyway, so at home it’s an oversized t-shirt and my underwear (lol don’t judge me..maternity underwear is amazing). Thankfully, a good friend of mine donated a lot of maternity clothes to me so I’ve also been using that as well. I just think it’s close enough to the end where I just don’t want to spend the money anymore! I don’t have any major events coming up except for my aunt’s 50th birthday party (will wear a maternity dress I’ve worn a zillion times..I’m okay with that) and the wedding. It is what it is 🙂

Baby names, baby names. Hubby and I keep going back and forth between our baby names. We had two that we absolutely loved to pieces..me especially..but then when we looked up the meanings we were like ehhh. So now we are leaning towards two biblical names. Yet…we have not made anything official yet.  We really need to figure this out!

At the end of it all, I’m so grateful to be pregnant and to have had a complication free pregnancy so far. This morning my husband and I were reflecting about how hopeless we felt and how many tears we shed last year..but we feel so blessed and are so thankful to God for all that He’s done for us. We don’t want to forget to simply be grateful. We are being blessed with double the blessing. As nervous as I am, I’m also super excited about it as well. I can’t wait to be a mom and to share this next journey with my amazing husband. We will have our own little family and all that we’ve gone through will have been well worth it.

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