5 years of beauty.

On July 11 my husband and I marked five years of being married. FIVE! This is a big deal to me and a milestone in a day and age where marriage seems to be becoming less popular and divorce rates are climbing higher and higher. Here’s to forever with the love of my life! Here are some pics from the big day five years ago…

PDP FI (61) PDP FI (58)PDP FI (255)

PDP FI (167)Honestly, I can say that marrying my husband has been one of the few things in my life that I have felt 100% sure about. He is a gem of a husband, a true gem. Let me recount the reasons I love him…

1. He is my biggest cheerleader and supporter.

My husband supports me in all of my dreams and pushes me to go further and dream bigger. He is full of encouragement and support whenever I need it. He NEVER lets me get down on myself – never. When I need to cry, he is not only a shoulder to lean on but he will do whatever he can to get a grin out of me…even if it means pretending to twerk and accidentally ripping his pants (truth! lol)

2. He is selfless.

“Poopy diapers? Bring it! Night duty? That ain’t nothin! You’re tired and neep a nap?! Get some rest lady, go! Hungry and too tired to cook? I’m on it! The house is a wreck? I got this.” This is pretty much my husband all the time. It’s ridiculous. I’m blessed.

3. Best dad EVER. I mean it.

My husband came from a really rough background and a broken home. His father was not there for him like a father should be and for my hubs that has been even greater motivation to be an awesome dad so that he can be the dad he never had but always wanted. My husband was a father figure for his siblings and I guess all of that practice helped him to be the best dad ever. I fall in love with him even more when I see how he interacts with our boys. It’s priceless and makes my heart melt like ice every single time.


When we were trying to figure this whole parenthood thing out…he kept a smile on his face through it all!


The boys’ first Thanksgiving. Dad looks thrilled, they look…less than thrilled.


It’s moments like these that make my heart melt (taken a few months ago…)



4. He loves Jesus with all he is.

My husband is a worshiper and is passionate about Jesus. He loves to sing songs of worship on the guitar or the piano and has a passion about sharing his faith with others which constantly encourages me and inspires me.



Sharing his life story with teens.

5. He is a dreamer and a visionary.

Those are pretty intense statements to make, especially the second part – visionary. Yet, it’s so true! He is always sharing his dreams with me: to change lives, to impact others, to help the broken/homeless/needy. We drive by spots in our town that I don’t think twice about. His response is always, “Hey Nat…that abandoned building would make a great teen center…or a great church…” and things along that line while I’m all thinking thoughts like, “Mmm, I sure could go for some yummy french fries..” I love it.

I will leave you with five reasons I love my sweet husband, in honor of our five year anniversary. Our plans are to slip away for a few days this week to celebrate while my parents watch the boys and our home for us. I can’t wait! I don’t remember what time alone without babies looks like, but I sure can’t wait to remember. We will have two whole days of unadulterated SLEEPING IN!!!!! I think that’s probably what we are most excited about!!! We both admit we could probably spend every day sleeping lol but we will “settle” for sleeping in. YESSSSSSSSSS!

I received an awesome amazing book from sweet Elisha over at Waiting for Baby Bird (please check her out! You won’t regret it!) and can’t wait to blog about some of the wisdom and insights from it…hint, it’s about the power of our words! Exciting times!

*Sigh* Still can’t believe we are celebrating five years. It went by in a flash. I look forward to continuing this sweet life journey with the love of my life. xoxo




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