Tomorrow is the big day. AHHHHH.

Tomorrow is the day where I finally take my first pregnancy test after the IVF. I have not tested on my own, no home pregnancy tests for me or anything. My husband and I decided that we would wait the 2 weeks out and wait until we get an official report from the RE. I had a friend who went through the road of IVF and took a home pregnancy test and it was positive. However, when she went to the RE she found out that it was negative and she was not pregnant. There have also been people who have gotten a negative at home and a positive at the doctor’s office. Either way, we didn’t want to go through that so we decided that we would wait. And so wait we did. It has been the longest two weeks of my life! But tomorrow the big day will have arrived.

Today I was more tempted than anything to buy a pregnancy test because I was feeling crampy and because I wanted to know already! But we decided to keep our original vow to wait.

So here I am! Like I mentioned before, it has been the longest two weeks ever but having a busy week has helped the week not be SO torturous. Tonight is actually the only night where I didn’t have something going on (of course) so now I am just waiting and praying.

Oh random, but yesterday was “See You at the Pole” the nationwide pray at your local school’s flagpole event held across the country. I’m a teacher and a student I had last year wrote me a letter and invited me to go.  I went for a couple of minutes before I had to start prepping my lesson. I was really impressed with my student’s boldness. He took control of the prayer meeting, started the first prayer, and even had songs printed and handed them out to all of us to sing. I also said a prayer for my school, the teachers, and the students. It was a really nice way to start the day yesterday.

Cold update – I still have not kicked this thing yet but I am gradually getting better. I passed it on to my husband who has gotten it really bad, ear infections and all, and had to miss a day of work today. He NEVER gets sick so I felt kind of bad. But hey, he got a day off from work because of it…lol.

Those reading, please please remember me in your prayers tonight. I appreciate it so much and know there is power in prayer. God Bless!

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