9 Month Mark – What’s Going on in our World


M-Berry and Jo-Jo beans are 9 months. WOW. It happened so fast. What’s going on in list form:

  • Both boys are active crawlers. M-berry crawls faster than Jo-Jo, Jo-Jo is still doing more of the army crawl. It’s super cute!
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  • They are really active now and more easily entertained. They also like to entertain themselves.


  • They are more interested in random objects than actual baby/toddler toys. No – really. They can have the BEST baby toys in the world. What do they choose to play with? The remote control. My show. A baby wipes package. Really? I think we are going to take a pause on buying so many toys and let them explore the world a bit, since that’s what they truly want to do any way! I just find it hilarious.


  • M-berry says “Dadda” and “Baba” while Jo-Jo says “Mama” and “Baba.” At times the music in our house is “Dadadadada” or “Mamamama.” I think it’s adorable that one said Mama first, and the other said Dada first. Does it get any cuter?

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  • Jo-Jo continues to be much heavier than M-berry. By like, 4 pounds. The difference is noticeable even just by looking at the two!
  • It’s harder to manage them on my own in church because they’re so active! They don’t want to stay in the carseat, they prefer to crawl…and our church doesn’t have a nursery or any place for babies/toddlers so they roll under peoples chairs, talk throughout the whole sermon. Makes for some interesting experiences in church!
  • We love taking them out for walks around the neighborhood.

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  • They LOVEEEE to eat solids! They’re much more interested in eating than they are drinking right now. We give them breakfast (fruit), lunch (vegetable), and dinner (a mix). We give them baby yogurt about once a day, maybe every other day or so.


  • We have introduced the sippy cup to both boys. Jo-Jo is much better with it. M-berry still prefers to use the bottle, but we give him the sippy cup any way with juice or water. We give them about 2-3 oz of apple juice a few times a week, once a day. Their main liquid is still formula, as it should be at this point.


  • Baby fashion – I’ve had such a good time shopping for these two! I’m starting to find that there are a lot of super cute things for little boys. You just have to know where to shop!


  • Sitting independently. M-berry can pull himself into a sitting position and sit independently. He can also bring himself down. Jo-Jo can sit on his own but doesn’t seem really interested in it. Stubborn little thing!
  • Object permanence. M-berry cries when he sees us leave the room. Sometimes we have to distract him and sneak out. Jo-Jo has moments where he cries and moments where he could really care less. It’s funny.
  • Jo-Jo is more independent. He would rather be crawling around and exploring the world. M-berry would much rather be in Mommy and Daddy’s arms where he is safe and secure.
  • They love their Daddy!


What about…SLEEP?

These boys still do not typically sleep through the night. Jo-Jo STILL sleeps much better than M-berry. What..the…heck. It has become our norm and part of our routine now. We will see a full night of sleep when they are adults.

They are my boys, I adore them, and they are 9 months. Oh goodness!

8 thoughts on “9 Month Mark – What’s Going on in our World

  1. sparrow says:

    SO cute. Love the updates. And mine absolutely love playing with the baby wipes package, too!! It’s the most fun toy. I don’t know if it’s the crinkliness, or the smooth, or the different texture. Anyway they’re into it.

  2. futuresoccermom says:

    so adorable!!! My twins are only a few weeks older than yours and they also love objects that aren’t toys. Their current favorites are a (clean) bbq baster brush and measuring spoons.

    But what I’m most impressed with is your babies’ development – I know everyone develops at their own pace but my babies are behind! How did yours start crawling and did you do anything to encourage it? Also….how did you get the sippy cups going? I try giving them to mine but they aren’t interested! And the solids – are you doing finger foods or still purees? So many questions – I’m always interested to see how babies of a similar age do things.

    • Tales of a Twin Mombie says:

      Thanks!! The playing with everything but a toy is amusing. I’m about to pull out some pots, pans, and let them go at it the old fashioned way. They are disinterested in regular toys and get bored with them quickly! Honestly, I didn’t do anything major to get them crawling! I just put them on the floor all of the time. Sometimes I would put an object in front of them to catch their interest, and every time they tried to grab it I would pull it away slowly and they would army crawl towards it. I have a friend whose baby didn’t start crawling until he was 10-11 months. I used to try to keep up with milestones but then decided – eh, forget it. They’ll do it when they’re ready. As for their sippy cups, I put a little bit of baby apple juice in it and just gave it to them to try out. M-berry isn’t as interested as Jo-Jo in the sippy cup at all..but Jo-Jo likes it! We were told to start giving them water, but to not put it in the bottle so that they can start getting used to other avenues of drinking lol. As for solids, we do no finger foods yet, just purees. We do yogurt as well. They go for their nine month appointment on May 15..they have no teeth yet, so I’m not sure if they can do finger foods not! Can’t wait for them to finally be off of formula though!

  3. K, Twin Mom says:

    Have they always played nice when in the pack-n-play together? I have to keep A&L separated because he tries to chew on her hands and feet, or pinch her, or accidentally claw her eyes out. Lol.

    • Tales of a Twin Mombie says:

      No! In fact, I don’t usually put them in together because Jo-Jo just LOVES to pull M-Berry’s hair!! It’s an obsession and then we have one baby crying, the other giggling, and it’s a mess lol. I can put them together for small amounts of time, I”m trying to get them use to hanging out and not trying to kill each other!! haha

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