A brighter day.

The past couple of days have been intense as my five week old preemie son has basically been fighting for his life. Yesterday was also a particularly scary day filled with lots and lots of tears as respiratory therapists and nurses did their best to comfort me.

Yet, today is a brighter day. Last night the doctor in charge decided it was time to start weaning my little Micah Bear off of the ventilator. Micah has been on the ventilator for exactly one week and a day. The doctor wanted Micah to start breathing on his own and not relying so much on the machine to do so much of the work for him. If his levels were okay, they would begin weaning him from 58% (60% is the highest that machine would go and he was very close to the max) and down. They would wean him down 2-4% every several hours and monitor his levels. So they began to do that last night. And guess what? Micah has been maintaining a good heart rate, breathing, and oxygen level.

COULD THIS BE PROGRESS?!?!?!? Dare I say it?!

I will be honest, when I received the update I was almost in disbelief. After hearing so much bad news I was feeling very wary. Then I felt like God was saying, “You’ve asked me for this, you’ve prayed for it..and when it’s happening you’re going to doubt it?” Ouch. I felt conviction and instead started to give thanks to God. Today we have progress so I will take it and say thank you thank you thank you!

The doctor came in and told me that they plan to wean him off the vent slowly and a bit more aggressively tomorrow, along with the sedative meds they have him on. I asked the doctor, “Are you telling me he is making progress and doing better?” The doctor said, “Yes.” :::Bursts into happy dance inside:::

So I have been pepping talking my little Micah Bear and telling him that he needs to continue to progress and not take any steps backwards! They have held his feeds for the past two days as well because he was having some distension in his belly but if that goes down he will resume his feeds tomorrow. He had a couple of x-rays of his tummy to make sure he had no obstruction in his stomach and so far he is okay. They are thinking that the sedative medicines have slowed down his digestive system a bit but that he should be okay. Again, I WILL TAKE IT.

It has been over a week since I have seen my precious little Josiah.My husband and mom have sent me tons of cute pictures of him. Here is Jo-Jo bean:

Sending me the message while I’m away.

Josiah lifting up his hands to pray for his brother. Thanks Jo-Jo Bean! Prayer works!

Cuddles with Daddy. Jealousssss.

Meanwhile, this has been Mommy’s status. Not for long!!

Continue to join with me in prayer! Thank you for all of your support during this intense time…there is light at the end of this tunnel!

9 thoughts on “A brighter day.

  1. Shanna says:

    Glad to see you had a brighter day – preemie power kicking in! I remember the weaning from oxygen well from a few months ago, you will be watching that monitor like a hawk and cheer when he gets to 26 (room air)! Hang in there Mama 🙂

    • roadtofertility says:

      Yes! Preemies are quite resilient..I am grateful for that! The monitors and I are BFFs at the moment..when sleeping at the hospital I literally have to turn my back away from them so that I don’t obsess. Glad that now these numbers are something I can live with! 🙂

  2. Minister Aiken says:

    Awe!! these are the most precious miracles I have ever seen. Do tell God thank you for His amazing works of wonder.

    God has a great plan for them. I know that without a doubt!

    Praise God! Do tell Him thank you on today for what He has done in bringing those miracle babies in the world.

    God bless!


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