A circumcision at 9 months – yikes! Pray for my little guy.

Tomorrow my little Jo-Jo will be having his circumcision done…at NINE months! All I think of is – OW. Since he was born a preemie at 34 weeks, when it was time for him to get circumcised, which was not for several weeks after he was born, the urology team told me that they did not recommend it at the time because of webbing. They told me to come back before he turned 1. A few weeks ago we drove up to the children’s hospital and we had him checked out in preparation for his circumcision. There were a few other issues they wanted to address so he will be having a circumcision and slight cosmetic surgery at the same time. He will be going under anesthesia and will not be able to eat for a certain period of time or drink. There are all these things we need to follow. According to them, it’s really not a big thing but to mommy it’s HUGE. He is my baby after all. 

In fact, when I spoke about it at work last week I CRIED. I am always so very emotional when it comes to these two. They are my greatest gifts, my best accomplishment, my proudest achievement. When I think of going back to this hospital, where M-berry fought hard for his life…and where Jo-Jo spent time alone while we were waiting to see if he had Hirschsprung’s disease or not…a flood of memories come back to me. I think of all of the tears. When I am told I cannot let him eat for a short period of time, I am reminded of the nights he would have to go hungry because of the types of test the needed to take. They wouldn’t starve him literally, they gave him his nutrients through all of the tubing..but to him, his tummy felt empty and hungry. He would cry. A sad little preemie baby cry that broke my heart. I would listen to him cry and beg the doctor’s to allow us to give him something, anything…it was tormenting. His cries haunted my sleep for nights at a time. I know that this is nothing like that, it is typical, it is for his safety. My mind totally gets it and understands it, but it will still be difficult for me! I would like to never see a hospital again…but in the end, this will help him out in the long run.

I am bummed out that my husband works so he will not be able to be with me. Fortunately, my mother is able to come with me. We have switched up some of our plans this weekend to make sure he is comfortable. He will have stitching down there so we want to make things as easy for him as possible! Tonight when you go to sleep, or even right now, take a moment to pray for my little guy and for his mommy. I know things will be fine, but would appreciate it the prayers any way! I will keep everyone up to speed.


9 thoughts on “A circumcision at 9 months – yikes! Pray for my little guy.

  1. sparrow says:

    Wishing for everything to go well and smoothly and be over quickly. Sounds like it’s all for the best, but so hard. I know what you mean about never wanting to go back to the hospital. Mine were preemies, too.

  2. Dede says:

    Have you thought about foregoing the circumcision? If it is stressing you out this much perhaps you should just let things be? I don’t know. I’ll say a little prayer for you.

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