A “medical mystery” and an oops.


Had my RE appointment yesterday as we are preparing for our December transfer. Yesterday was CD2 for me. Friday was absolutely AWFUL for me AF wise. Endo makes my periods pure torture and yesterday was no exception. Vomited so much that all of the blood vessels in my face and neck burst. The morning was okay but when the evening hit all hell seemed to break loose. When I went to the RE this morning, I brought up how much pain I’ve been in and if they could please prescribe me something, give me advice on how to cope..anything. I am desperate. My nurse was very concerned because she could see I was dehydrated and I looked a hot mess (it looked like a bad rash on my face) from the vomiting so she had us speak to the doctor who was in (our doctor wasn’t in today).

We basically had a ton of questions for him about coping with the endo in the meantime, getting pregnant, the condition of our embryos, all of that jazz. We also wanted to know what to do just in case the transfer doesn’t work. Should I get the corrective surgery and try to fix all the insanity happening inside my body or what..we just did not know. First off, he said that I was a “medical mystery” to everyone at the office and that everyone was really surprised to see that IVF # 1 didn’t work out for us the first time. Based on my age, the condition of the embryos, etc..it all seemed like it would work out. But alas, it didn’t.  As far as the endo goes, he prescribed me an anti-nausea medicine and also a stronger painkiller. I told him that the pain was getting so severe with each cycle that my husband and I were considering having the corrective surgery sooner than later. He told me that the problem with having that surgery now is that there is a very good chance they would have to remove my ovary and that having the surgery would actually decrease my chances of carrying a baby greatly (which we already know). Also, endo usually grows back within a couple of months.He pretty much encouraged us to keep trying and to exhaust all of our fertility options and shared with us some stories of other patients who had endo (one who had it so bad that her uterus was flipped upside down, or something insane like that) but ended up with a beautiful healthy baby. We also went over the number of embryos we are going to transfer this time around (two..it’s the only two we have left) and we were given our plan and the schedule for everything.

My transfer is looking like it will be on December 17th. I also took some of the anti-nausea medicine and so far all is looking good. I was able to eat some soup today. Thank the Lord. Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

Today was much much better. I barely felt any pain. In fact, today at church I had to lead worship AND teach Sunday School. After church, we went out with some friends to grab a bite to eat. Now I am awaiting the arrival of my absolutely adorable and gorgeous niece, who I love with all of my heart.

I’m really hoping and praying that everything with this transfer will go smoothly and that there will be no delays. The only disappointing thing is that my mom and I were planning a little girls vacation the week after Christmas, since I teach and I have that week off. However, according to my schedule (in my head) I will be going in for bloodwork around that time to find out whether or not we are pregnant. This means going anywhere is a no go. Unless I can come up with an alternative plan that is closer to home. My mom will understand because she is amazing, but I was looking forward to some rest and relaxation. We will see what happens.

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