A wrench thrown into our plans. Not fun.

Do you ever have those moments where everything seems to be going so well…and then all of a sudden, everything gets twisted upside down? Well, that’s what happened to us recently.

Let me explain.

My husband is working at a job that he is NOT a big fan of anymore. He has been working with this company for about 10 years…and managed to work his way up into management. He has been in a management position for years and years now. However, as he climbs up the ladder, obviously the demands become greater. The demands on his time, schedule, and the pressure of the work..period. As I mentioned in previous posts, we decided that come September he would leave his job to take care of the boys full-time. He just needed to hold on until then. And he was pretty confident he could hold on until then…he was working only five minutes from our home, saving us money in gas, and working under a manager who was awesome. All of that awesomeness changed a few days ago when he was given notice that he is being transferred (AGAIN. He was just transferred  about a month and a half ago, …we were so sure this was God making it easier for him to hold on for the next several months..). Transfers are happening because there are some changes going on in upper management, people moving, blah blah blah..when that happens, everyone in the company gets shifted around to different places. No fun.

The worse part of all of this that he’s getting transferred to another city about 30-40 mins away (there goes saving on gas..), a city which has a horrible crime rate, and he will be working in a HORRIBLE part of town. So bad that he won’t even be able to take the new car we bought there (oh yeah – we bought a new car on Valentine’s day..happy Valentine’s Day to us!)…so he will have to take our gas guzzling truck (the one that refused to start yesterday…really? REALLY though?!). My brother-in-law used to work at this particular location, and theft was frequent. My husband is feeling extremely discouraged. I feel awful, because I don’t know what to do to make it better. I don’t think there is anything I can do! I tried crunching numbers to see if we could swing him leaving NOW instead of September…and the numbers said it all. No.

What concerns us the most is that this could affect our schedule when it comes to church, which is a major problem because we recently became the youth leaders in our church. We have teenagers depending on us, excited for the new changes coming..heck, WE are excited for these new changes and for our new roles. We made commitments. With a transfer, comes a new boss, and a new schedule. She will either work with him or will not. Pleaseeeeeeeee keep us in prayer. I’m praying that she will be flexible with his schedule so that he can indeed hang on until September. I don’t like to see my husband so discouraged and disheartened.

I will be going back to work in TWO weeks. I would like to have this all in order before I go back, so that I can go back in peace, without worrying about anything. I went back yesterday to meet with my substitute, talk to my principal, and start getting things together so that my transition back to work will be seamless.



Please keep us in your prayers!

16 thoughts on “A wrench thrown into our plans. Not fun.

  1. Elisha says:

    I read your post and really felt the spirit tell me to say this…. Don’t you try to fix it or plan it out so that you can quit worrying. Quit worrying and let God fix it and plan it out.

    God always, always provides for his children. He knows what you need and his grace is more than enough to see you through this season. He is also a rich God and just because your numbers don’t match up doesn’t mean he can’t rework the math for you supernaturally. Pray and if the spirit tells you that he should quit now, obey and trust in faith. God won’t lead you down the wrong path. Love ya!!!

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