Almost THREE is a fun place to be.

The boys are almost three years old. They’ll be three over the summer. I can’t even believe it myself! It feels like yesterday we were enduring sleepless nights, swaddling, rock-n playing, and such. My babes are toddlers. Can I be honest in saying, that I’m really loving this stage?! The almost three age is loads of fun in my opinion! Here’s why:

  1. These dudes are hilarious.

Because they’re at an age where they can have conversations with each other and know each other so much better (when they were babies, they were vaguely aware of each other), they do some funny things. Last night, they decided it would be a blast to howl for awhile. And by howl, I don’t mean cry – I mean, actually HOWL like wolves for the sake of it. They would laugh in between their howls. Hysterical.


Chaos around me? No pants? This is the life.

2. They are little tricksters. And I can’t be mad about it.

These guys know how to play tricks on us and literally play us out. For example, during naptime they will fake me out and yell “POOPOO!” from their room, so that I go in their and change them. Here’s the catch – no one pooped. They just knew it would get me in there. They also like to jump up and down like maniacs, and as soon as they hear the door open they pretend they’re “sleeping.” Toddlers – ONE. Parents? ZERO.


CAREFREE! The only way to be at two years old.

3. They’re all about that snuggle life. BUT they’d prefer to snuggle with daddy.

“Snuggle?” they’ll ask me. My heart is about to burst open with delight as they begin walking towards me, until they make a turn and head towards their dad. Josiah will snuggle with me much more than Micah will. These guys are obsessed with their daddy, which I’m okay with. Because in the summer my plan is pretty much to ensure they love me the most. TAKE THAT JOSE. Mwahahaha.



My view when I’m on my way to work every morning.

4. It’s so much easier to take them out! Kind of.

Okay, so I have to have my purse and pockets loaded with bribery fruit snacks and other faves, but it’s still so much easier to take the boys out on my own. I put one in the front seat of the cart, and the other in the back and aha! I officially have half an hour or so of shop time at that particular store. If I’m with the hubs, you can add more time to that. These guys are my little buddies and when they see that they’re about to go out with me they’ll say, “Shopping?” You know it. They love all of Mommy’s faves – Target, Starbucks (where they get their chocolate milk), Chick-Fil-A, and Rita’s. Don’t judge me.


Great attitudes and patience. Winning.

5. Their favorite phrases to say to me are – “I love you!” or “I miss you!” or “CALM DOWN!”

There’s nothing sweeter than hearing my boys say these things to me. When I come home from work, or my husband comes home from work, they run towards us shouting at the top of their lungs, “I MISS YOU!” There’s pretty much nothing that compares to that feeling. When Jose and I wanted to become parents, one of the things I remember my husband saying is that it would be amazing to come home to someone who would be excited to see his or her mommy or daddy. Now we have two! The last phrase is pretty appropriate for me as well, if you know me. #KeepcalmandMOMon

6. We can have conversations with them! Hoorah!

They may be odd conversations sometimes, but it’s a blast to be able to communicate with these guys better and better each day. Some of their favorite things to say, “Are you kidding me? That’s ridiculous!” If we dare leave the room, “Where are you going?” They’re also picking up on things a lot more quickly, which means we are careful what we say around them and watch around them. I love that they’re becoming these little communicators.

This age is pretty fun! Does this mean we never have tantrums or moments that make us want to pull our hair out? We are parents of toddlers. Twins at that. So the answer is…OF COURSE! But the good outweighs the bad and I feel like each age group brings a new set of joys and challenges. Either way, I’m cherishing each moment and each day and can’t wait to spend my summer with these two!

What do you love about this stage? What drives you insane? Feel free to share!

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