And, we are HOME. Thank the Lord.


ImageWe are home! Thankfully this did not turn into an epic never-gonna-leave-might-as-well-live-here type of experience. Hospitals suck. New resolution – to never see the inside of the hospital again. But I’m truly thankful. I’m learning that not every experience has to be traumatic and awful. Micah still has a bit of a wheeze, but he is officially on a nebulizer and some steroids. Happy to be reunited with my son and have both of my loves together again. Life is good.

We were also hit by that darn snow storm, as I’m sure most of you were as well…since it seems to have made its way across most of the country. The timing couldn’t be worse. Josiah and I stayed over at my best friend’s house. My brother-in-law (who is married to my best friend) came and picked me up in the hospital, on horrible roads, so that my husband could come straight to the hospital from work. It was really sweet of them and I was sooooo grateful that I didn’t have to spend the night, alone with my little guy, in a snowstorm.

I mentioned in my earlier post that I had begun to look at daycare pricing… In order to afford daycare (GOOD daycare..not some shady place) for both of my boys, I would probably have to sell all of my possessions…and maybe even my soul. It’s that scary. It’s almost my husband’s entire salary. He will be staying home with the boys full time come September, but I need at least part time care for them March-June. If I can’t find a solution, than I will have to “swing it” between my mom, husband, and mother-in-law. I don’t really want to do this because I feel like it’s not really stable…and every day will look different, as to who is watching him. Plus, I can’t call out when I go back to I really need stability in the child care area. My mom’s schedule changes all the time, she’s a nurse..and my husband’s schedule is the same, he is a manager in retail. Straight cray. But it might be my only option. We shall see. I was hoping someone would offer a “twofer” special – two for the price of one! lol. Just kidding. But really..can’t we get a steep discount on cuteness alone? I mean, come on…these faces:


The cuteness factor alone should count for something.

I’m really fortunate that I was able to stay home with them for six months and still have a job. I miss my job. It’s SO weird that when I go back I won’t know any of the students at all. I didn’t even get to meet them. Usually by March we feel like a little family, we have our inside jokes (Using the transitions first, second, and third is for first, second, and third graders!) I usually have a great connection with each student by this that part will be strange. I will be happy to be in a place where I can impact the lives of my seventh graders. I miss my co-workers too..who are some of my closest friends. We’ve gotten together during the break, but usually we eat lunch together pretty much every day. My lunch has consisted of speed-making a grilled cheese and shoveling it down my throat before a cry finds my ears. THEY ALWAYS KNOW WHEN I’M EATING! ALWAYS. What I don’t miss – SGO’s, common core curriculum drama, all of the deadlines, and the politics of it all. I don’t miss the drama. But..I do look forward to going back. Two more months officially as of today.

Finishing up, thanks for your prayers, thoughts, and well wishes for Micah Bear. Means the world <3 Hopefully we don’t see that place for a long while.


10 thoughts on “And, we are HOME. Thank the Lord.

  1. jonsie13 says:

    We have an appointment in 2 weeks to check out day cares. Ours will have to go at 8 weeks. It is a scary thing. Good luck with that! And glad to hear that Micah is on the mend!

  2. Theresa says:

    Day care hunting is a nightmare. We lucked out that the place near my husbands work gave us a nice discount bc of where he works. Still, the cost makes my head hurt when I think about it – so I try not to

    • roadtofertility says:

      That’s awesome. I haven’t been so lucky you read but I’m still going my research. Most likely it will be us swinging it between my mom, his mom, and my husband. The only positive thing is my husband just got transferred closer to home and will be working with a GM that will be more flexible with his we may be able to make it work!

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