Well Beta # 2 came back at a 546!! That’s pretty amazing! I called my nurse and when I called she said, “Hold on let me check my computer….” and when she came back she said, “Damn girl, you’re at a 546!” In my opinion, that is an amazing second beta! Could it be, that 2013 is going to bring us a baby that we have longed for? This is the FURTHERST my husband and I have gotten in this whole process. I am ELATED!! We are going in for another beta on Wednesday. I feel like I can finally start to feel some true excitement and I feel like it’s finally happening for us! Finally!! I have something to celebrate in this new year! Of course…now I want to see the ultrasound so it can feel more official. Nonetheless, thank you Lord!

6 thoughts on “Beta # 2 – It’s OFFICIAL. I AM PREGNANT!

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