Beta # 4..yes, this really is happening. Ultrasound time.


Well today I had Beta # 4. Of course going in, I was nervous as all get out because I had a little bit of cramping this morning, and IF messes with your mind so much that you automatically think NOOOO and check for AF everytime you go to the bathroom. However, my nurse called me back this afternoon that my number is 4,954 from 1618 a couple of days ago. I will be having my first ultrasound this morning. THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING. LIKE..FOR REALS. Wow. God is so faithful. I am thankful for this miracle that is growing inside of me. I am just in so much shock still. After I have my first ultrasound I think I will breathe such a huge sigh of relief. So exciting. Unfortunately, my husband works 🙁 He is trying to get his schedule switched so that he can be there for the first ultrasound..hopefully it works out! If not, I know that there will be plenty more coming my way that he will be able to attend.I haven’t felt any crazy symptons except for increased hunger (slightly) and extreme tiredness. When the tiredness hits me, it hits me hard. I literally like in bed for two seconds and I am out like a light. I am trying my best to take care of my body and have changed my diet and have been eating “super foods.”

You see, I am not a healthy eater at all. At least, I wasn’t. However, I know I truly need to take care of my body so I have been shopping and trying to make some changes to what I normally eat. I have also been trying to eat more. Normally, I can go for awhile without eating (not days or anything, lol..but I usually skip breakfast and can skip at times and feel fine). Now, I have been eating as much as possible every few hours to make sure that I am getting all the proper nutrients and things inside of me that I need.It’s such a responsibility to know that you are carrying human life inside of you.It’s truly a miracle and again, I’m so grateful. We have told none of our friends or family yet. I don’t want to tell people until the first trimester is over. Let’s see how long that lasts.

Nonetheless, I will bask in my excitement and joy that good things are in store for us this year. My faith has kept me so much during my difficult times. I’m so grateful right now.

3 thoughts on “Beta # 4..yes, this really is happening. Ultrasound time.

  1. maydaygirl says:

    Yay!!! God is so good! I found your blog through Courtenay’s, I was so sad for you after your c/p 🙁 but so grateful now!!

    I am 6w5d after ivf too 🙂 we have two kids (one from ivf and one through adoption), so in a bit different place, but been through it all!

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