Throwing up during an ultrasound.

I haven’t updated in weeks! I have nothing major to report but here are some be



These two pictures are 23 week belly shots!


This is 24 weeks…


and my current state…25 weeks.

Today I went to my obgyn appointment and they told me that my belly is measuring 29 weeks even though I”m 25 weeks. What the heck will this mean when I’m 35 weeks..will  I look like I”m 40?!

Hubby and I are super excited about this pregnancy..this is such a miracle and I can’t believe in a few more months we will be welcoming two precious baby boys. However…I HAVE been stressing out financially! I will be having the babies sometime in August. As a teacher I won’t be working for the month of July or August..which means no cash flow. I am nowehere near where I usually am savings wise. Between having MAJOR car issues this year, to dealing with some bills related to infertility…our savings just suffered. As a result, the nice cushion we would normally have, we absolutely do not have and I’ve been stressed out about it. On top of that..I’m trying to debate about whether I should take six weeks of FLA of twelve weeks. Everyone keeps telling me to take the twelve because I will never get that opportunity again and because it will give me a great opportunity to bond with the boys…but again I just keep thinking financially about whether or not we can afford to do that. Decisions decisions! What do I do?!

A couple of weeks ago I had an ultrasound. My mother came with me. Prior to the ultrasond I thought it would be a good idea to eat because I was starving. I decided to have a pregnant woman’s meal. A bunch of random food that just didn’t make sense together.  Let’s put it this way – traces of my lunch included tuna fish, a cinnamon sugar pretzel from Auntie Annes with a glaze dip, a strawberry lemonade and some other randomness. I get to the ultrasound and I felt fine. I asked the tech how long it would be, only because my first one there took about 3-4 hours and I kept falling asleep and felt like such a jerk lol. She told me this one would be routine. However, with two babies inside of’s always going to take longer. At first everything started out great. I”m laying on my back, looking at my beautiful baby boys kick and move about. After awhile I started to see black dots and felt like I was going to pass out. I told my mom, “Mom…I don’t feel good, I feel like I’m about to pass out.” Immediately my mom and the nurse kick into gear, my mom puts wet wash cloths on my neck and I start peeling off my sweatshirt and strip into a tanktop (My mom is saying..”don’t take all of your clothes off!” lol. The nurse attributed it to me laying down for a long period of time so she told me to lay on my left side. When I did that I felt a lot better. She then asked me to turn on my right side. When she was navigating around my belly on the right side the high risk doctor came in and was asking me how I was doing. It was at this very moment that I blurted out, “Mom I’m going to throw up! Right now!” My mom grabbed me a trash can and it literally all left me. The whole time I kept apologizing to the ultrasound tech and the doctor saying, “I’m so sorry I’m not that person! I never throw up during doctor’s appointments, ultrasounds, or bloodwork! My husband and his sister does it but not me!”  I sounded like a looney. Everyone was super sweet and brought me water and even gave me the option of coming back for my cervix check but I insisted that I felt better and that they finish, which they were able to do. I was still pretty embarrassed but was able to laugh about it with my mom afterwards. The doctor attributed it to me laying on my back and the pressure the babies were putting on me…but deep down I know it was the food I ate! Lesson learned – keep it light and sensible. Don’t go preggo craving pregnancy before a big doctor’s appointment.

Anyway, the baby boys are looking amazing, healthy, and cute as can be. I have gained about 22 pounds which I’m happy with! I know I will continue to gain steadily..again, totally happy with it. Everyone keeps telling me, “You’re ALL belly!” No stretch marks or anything yet. Looking into a maternity photographer to take some pics for us as well. I will try to update more frequently! <3 to all of you off!

6 thoughts on “Throwing up during an ultrasound.

  1. MyFamilyIsMyHeart says:

    This was a great update. Glad you are doing good. As for the FMLA I would say take as much time as you can. Your friends are right…you will never get that time back. I am on my second and I am taking the full amount of time again. It was a great experience the first time and I will definitely be doin it again. That sucks about your dress. Sorry to hear that. I am going to be in my sisters wedding and thankfully she was lenient when it came to the maid of honor dress. There is only the maid of honor (me) in the wedding so she let me get a maternity dress instead of David’s bridal. Thank God! Good luck to you and your dress!

    • roadtofertility says:

      Thanks! Yeah literally every person that I have talked to has told me that I should take the 12 weeks and make the necessary cuts where I have to. I am leaning towards that and trusting we will be okay..but it’s still worrisome! In retrospect, I should have insisted on a maternity dress. I did look them up online and show my bride but she thought the David’s Bridal was affordable and would work since it was empire waisted. They are turning the back into a corset and basically restructuring the entire dress around my body. I will need the good luck at this point haha

  2. afamilyformcmanda says:

    you look so darn good! you’re baby-belly is awesome 🙂 you’re right, such a miracle!
    good luck with the whole financial situation… just keep praying about how much time to take off, God will lead you in the right direction. maybe an 8 week compromise could work??
    and the US story – so funny! that’ll be one for the baby books!
    best wishes 🙂 love your updates!

  3. JustMe says:

    Here was my thought process while reading this post…”Wow, she looks HUGE! Will I look like that at 24 weeks? Awww, she looks so beautiful!! Ohhh she’s measuring ahead. OHHH she’s having twins…” hahah. Anyhow, you look great!

    So sorry about getting sick at the doctor’s office though. How miserable.

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