Can’t sleep!! Do they seriously expect me too?!


I know I’m blowing up your feed with my multiple blogs in a day or two. Sorry! For those who don’t know. I’m currently in the hospital for who knows how long..being slowly prepped for the delivery of my sons. Was going to happen today, possibly happening in the am based on my doctor’s opinion.

I’m so mentally exhausted and have not slept in two days. Here I am at 3 am…wide awake. Nurses station right outside my door..super loud and downing soda (I can hear the sounds of cans being opened). I’m not even mad. I’m jealous. Super hungry, tired, and thirsty. No drinking or eating for me until a decision is made in the morning.

Husband and I FINALLY picked out names.

Hubby will take his maternity leave when babies come home, at my request.

I will absolutely be breast feeding l, especially if babies and up I’m NICU. It was stressed to me how important it is to breastfeed preemies, which my extensive book reading had revealed. It will be challenging because my milk may not officially be “ready” yet, but I will do what I have to do.

Can’t sleep can’t sleep can’t sleep. Watching husband sleep on the golf out couch. Jealous. It’s hard to sleep with all these attachments. I have these leg contraptions stuck to my calves that squeeze my legs and alternate to help my blood circulation. Robo calves. I have a needle stuck in hand ready for IV. I have the NST pads stuck to tummy (3 – 2 for heartbeats and 2 for contractions). Lastly, I have a blood pressure cuff on that periodically checks my blood pressure. Sleep? Not happening. When I try to get comfortable I dislodge something and “wake up” to my nurse hovering over me trying up fix it. I’m glad to be monitored so closely. However, sleep isn’t happening. Hence, I blog at 3 am for the millionth time today.

Grateful babies look and sound quite beautiful, steroid shots given will help lungs develop, and they are almost 5 pounds each. I will leave this hospital with sons! Hubby and I read some verses together and prayed together for babies, God’s perfect will, and for His peace. Deactivated Facebook, still only immediate family know. Trying to keep things private for now.

Alright, time to attempt to close my eyes once more. Will sleep allude me? Most likely yes. Hopefully I will be reporting some exciting info tomorrow. Sleep well friends! Sleep on my behalf 🙂

I leave you with my Most recent preggo pic, taken unbeknownst to me by a friend:


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  1. K says:

    Hi! I didn’t sleep well either so I’m up super early. Glad I checked my email-your blog alerts me when you post.
    It’s a whirlwind when you end up in the hospital. Of course, your case is more severe than mine was-I had less contraptions attached to me and was finally allowed to eat when they brought me off L&D floor. I hadn’t eaten though from 8:30a to 8:30p-not a good idea for a pregnant lady. How can they tell pregnant ladies not to eat?! I mean I get it, but it’s still crazy to me.
    Your pic is cute-is that an outfit or bathing suit? Very cool either way. With the twins and everything happening, have they measured your cervix recently? Just curious since mine is so short. (I don’t have preeclampsia though) I can’t believe you might deliver today-but wow 5 pounds is amazing!! Did you have the steroid shot during this hospital stay or earlier? They give two, 24 hours apart, so that could be the delay in delivery. Plus I think they wait as long after as they can so it starts to work. T&I finally decided on a few names while we were at the hospital too. It really puts you into go mode. We also started getting final supplies once we got home-like the cribs and more diapers. GL! Thinking of you!

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