Marriage Mondays: How I Met Your Father

I thought it would be fun to do some Marriage Monday’s flashbacks. That is, little snippets of the past!

Today I’m going to write about how I met Jose.

I met Jose through one of my best friend’s: Gabby. The first time I saw him was on a Third Friday event in Millville. To be honest, I didn’t think anything about him at all when I first met him.

I just thought, “Oh another new friend Gab made at her new school.” Then, we went to a football game and he was there. I remember thinking he was cute but that’s it. Jose back in his teen years was a hot mess. Always trying to fight people and a lot of drama! I thought of him as, “The friend of Gabby’s that I really need to pray for.” Gabby would always update me on his latest drama/saga.

Jose finally caught my eye at Gabby’s Sweet 16. He looked FINE!

It was the first time I ever saw him dressed up and he was handsome. He had a vest with a piano on it. Terrible fashion choice now, but I thought he had it going on. Still, he seemed like he had a lot of things going on so I made a mental note of his cuteness and didn’t think a lot about it.

Gabby started inviting him to church. He would come in with his baggy pants and baggy shirts. The more he came to church, the more I started noticing him, but I didn’t think we had much in common. It wasn’t the way he dressed, it just seemed like we both were completely different people. That all changed when one day, Jose went up for prayer, and asked God to change His life.  That’s when I started to pay a little more attention!

After that, we all went over to Gabby’s house. We started talking about our lives, interests, and hobbies. Jose and I seemed to have some things in common. My heart was skipping a beat. Fast forward a few days later and I hear my brother talking to him on the phone: my brother’s room was downstairs in the basement and I was above his room, which meant that if I listened through the vent I could hear everything he was saying.

You can bet I eavesdropped! I wanted to know what they were talking about. Soon, I realized I wanted to be the one talking to Jose on the phone so I called him to “check up on his salvation.” Jose gets a kick out of retelling this part of the story. I didn’t really know what good reason I had to call him so I told him I wanted to follow up to see how he was doing after Sunday and after his prayer! From there, I started asking him silly questions. If you know me, you know I get a thrill out of asking silly questions and listening to what people say. The more I talked to him, the more I liked him.

From that point on, I was SMITTEN. The funny thing is, I wasn’t the type to pursue someone or to pick up the phone and just call a guy. I was more old-fashioned and introverted. Nonetheless, I had to talk to this boy! So we started to talk on the phone regularly and through AIM. Guys, this was during the day of no cell phones. We had to talk to each other the “old fashioned way.”

Give it a few weeks later and we were on our first “date.” Valentine’s dinner at Adelphia’s. His gift to me was a stuffed animal and an origami rose. What can I say? We were broke! Not even sure how we paid for Adelphia’s. He wore this HIDEOUSLY UGLY shiny shirt that had Coqui Frogs and Puerto Rican flags. I remember thinking it was the ugliest shirt I ever saw, but it was too soon to tell him. It was a wrap. I was in L-O-V-E.

To be continued…


And then they were…FOUR?!

I blinked and my babies became toddlers who became small children. Weren’t they just born? Didn’t I just celebrate their first birthday? Didn’t I just write an open letter to them after their first year? WHAT IS HAPPENING.

Mommies and Daddies: Hold on to every single second. Cherish every moment. Document less. Just be. Soak in every moment. Hold their hands, kiss their boo-boos, snuggle with them every day. You blink and they’ve moved on to the next age.

Here are some fun facts about my boys:


1. He Is such a dreamer and has such a powerful imagination.

I love to quietly observe him. My Micah gets completely lost in his world of superheroes and toys. He goes on wild adventures, his imagination is seriously astounding. You can give him a box and he’ll turn it into an imaginary castle for all of his toys. He will envision a world. The TV stand becomes a cliff for the Justice League to jump off to save the day. He inspires me to imagine and dream on a daily basis. He is such a kid in the best way.

2. He takes an eternity to like anyone.

Micah is the kind of kid who won’t hand out his love for free. If you want him to be in your corner you have to earn his affection. He doesn’t smile for strangers or talk to them. If you want an in when it comes to his heart you better get to know him and be entertaining. Otherwise, expect stares and scowls. The best part is that once he DOES like you, you’re in for good. He’ll give out his million dollar smirks like they’re free candy. It just might take you a year to earn it.

3. He lives for the tease and likes to prank people.

I know I probably shouldn’t love this, but it’s actually funny sometimes. He likes to play jokes on people and trick them. I see it as someone who’s creative and clever. He does it to Josiah the most and Josiah HATES it the majority of the time, but he gets a kick out of driving people nuts at times and mostly Josiah.



Josiah loves the drums and is actually quite good at playing them for a toddler. He has his own kid set upstairs and will play hours on end and when he doesn’t want to go upstairs, he will play on the couch. My favorite Josiah moments are when I hear him humming loudly the songs that we’ve sung in church. On Sundays, he says, “Mommy are you singing today? I like when you sing” and my heart pretty much melts right into the floor.


I’m not a morning person at all. Early bird catches the worm? Forget the worm. I don’t care about it if it means I can sleep for a few extra hours. That being said, Josiah wakes up with a grin whether it’s in the morning or it’s after his nap. He’s one of those kids that wakes up with a bounce in his step. He’s ALWAYS been a happy little guy even when he was a baby! It’s funny how they say that you can see the personalities of kids as babies because for my boys it was mostly true!


My Josiah is a shameless snuggler. He will snuggle with me all day long without any apologies or cares. If he’s watching a TV show, he loves it when I sit close to him and hold him. He’s a momma’s boy through and through and I love it so much! Whereas Micah needs his space, Josiah is usually good with me being in his space and welcomes it. He also has a harder time when I go anywhere: “Mommy, don’t go to work! Stay with me!”

Guys, I LOVE THIS AGE SO MUCH. I don’t care what anyone says, for me, each age gets better and better. This stage is probably my absolute favorite. 

Here’s a glimpse of three through the year!

fraternal twins

First day of preschool was approached with mixed feelings by the boys.

They started to find their place in Sunday School and grew to love it! They love going to church and learning about Jesus.


fraternal twins

My babies started off as little shorties with their pants rolled up. By the end of the year, the same pants were high waters.

fraternal twins

One of their favorite activities is to play at the park together!


fraternal twins

Micah the model. I like this picture because he’s starting to look like a little boy instead of a baby. God help me!


fraternal twins

Dress up for school!

fraternal twins

For a school assignment, they had to dress up like old men! Another day in the books for preschool.

fraternal twins

New tradition – tree cutting for Christmas!


fraternal twins

This year they became more cuddly with each other. They’re super protective of one another and yell at anyone who goes against a brother. They have each other’s backs.

fraternal twins

Just another hard day in the life of a toddler.

fraternal twins

Micah became quite the little photo lover this year. This is his favorite facial expressions for taking pictures.

fraternal twins

Oh boy – you can read more about Christmas pictures gone wrong [spot the jelly beans?] in one of my previous posts!

fraternal twins

Snuggle king Josiah doing what he does.

fraternal twins

Most kids like their cider in a cup…not my kid.

fraternal twins

Love this picture that captures the dynamic of their relationship so well!

fraternal twins

By the spring, they were preschool pros and came to love school SO MUCH!

fraternal twins

A mommy surrounded by her handsome sons! My babes!

fraternal twins

Birthday party fun for one of our faves!

fraternal twins

They like to unwind with a cup of “coffee” and night time chats.

fraternal twins

Their first pair of Jordans courtesy of our dear friend Sabrina! They felt so cool and love their ‘basketball shoes for basketball!’ they remind me.

fraternal twins

Zoo hangs are our favorite!

fraternal twins Easter outfit

Probably my favorite Easter outfit they’ve ever worn!

fraternal twins

Good Friday they had to look sharp too of course!

fraternal twins

Long park walks and explorations became a really fun way to hang out for us!

fraternal twins

Probably one of my favorite pictures ever – Micah’s face says it all when it comes down to how much he loves his brother.

Prep's Pizza Ocean City, NJ

Pizza and glasses at our favorite pizza place.

fraternal twins



Ocean City, NJ

Favorite family spot and the home of our vacation – Ocean City, NJ. This was after school when we all decided we needed some time at the boardwalk!

fraternal twins

Most happy by the sea.

fraternal twins

You’ve got a friend in me.

fraternal twins

I love how tan my boys get every summer! They are my little cookies!


Ocean City, NJ

Beach Vacation 2017.

Smithville, NJ

Riding through life together one mile at a time.


fraternal twins

The best I can get with toddlers. After all, they’re only…four!



THE BOYS STARTED PRESCHOOL YESTERDAY. It’s completely unreal. I feel excited, sad, shocked, proud, wistful…so many emotions swirling through my heart. It feels like they were just tiny little babies and now they are in preschool. img_9607img_0633img_9601img_9606img_9599img_9593As you can see, the emotions were all over the place. Since I’m a teacher and had to work, my husband took them in. He changed his work schedule so he could bring them in every morning so we wouldn’t have to pay for wrap around care. I get to pick them up every day and on the first day, they were sitting happily drinking apple juice and eating animal crackers at a table with other kids their age. Today one was eating a snack, and the other was being read to. I can’t believe the boys have hit this milestone. I’m so proud and excited for them as this new chapter begins.

I’m officially the mom of two Preschoolers!