Dare I believe it? Could it be?!

Ever since I’ve started working again something miraculous has happened – both boys have slept through the night!!! It’s almost as if they KNEW I was going to go back to work. Every single night (except one) they have slept until 5 am (Josiah until 7 am) and it’s been pretty consistent. I’m so hesitant to become excited though! haha…I’m afraid that it’s a dream and not really my reality. Nonetheless, it has been a ridiculously amazing. d

The first time it happened, on Monday night, I woke up and I looked over at my husband…”Babe!! The babies! Are they okay?!” He looked over at me..we looked at the monitor carefully andΒ  then gave each other an omg-I-can’t-believe-this-is-really-happening look of disbelief…and then we started to freak out “THEY’RE SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!” *Insert hi-fives and jumping on the bed like a teenager* You would think we would have won the lottery by our reactions. Alas, this is better than the lottery. You can’t put a price on a full night of sleep. Fellow sleep deprived mother’s can agree with me. What would you trade for an entire night of uninterrupted sleep?! For me, pretty much ANYTHING. Hopefully it continues. I will be crossing my fingers!

We have also been getting compliments that our babies are so “good” (ALL babies are good, after all..they are b-a-b-i-e-s…but that’s another conversation for another day) when we go places. I suppose this is because they’re pretty chilled out on our outings. In fact, most of the time when we try to break them out of this house, they fall asleep the ENTIRE time!! Which is what happened today. The whole point of our adventure was to expose them to the world more since they have been cooped up in the house so much because of the weather and all of these winter storms. Yet, almost every single time, they sleep the entire outing away and wake up when we get home. Really?! The irony of it all. I am SOOO looking forward to getting them out of the house more as the weather warms up. I’m ready for spring.

On a side note – hubby has picked up a new hobby: photography. He’s really good when it comes to graphics, technology, and all of that jazz, so I’m happy to support him. Also because this means perhaps we will get really nice family photos for free as he gets better and better.

I look forward to catching up on everyone’s blogs. That work flow has me glued to paper grading all week. Happy weekend blog friends!

14 thoughts on “Dare I believe it? Could it be?!

  1. sparrow says:

    Yay!! What a happy post!! So glad the babies are sleeping through the night! Also funny, people tell me how “good” and “easy” our babies are, too. I wonder if it’s a twin thing.

  2. journeyformybaby says:

    Yay! Sleep is good. πŸ™‚ Tru is always so good on outings too. He loves to ppl watch. DH and I were just talking about that lastnight. If we go out to eat, we eat the whole meal without Tru crying to be held. Home is a different story lol

  3. bibbitybobbitybump says:

    What WOULDN’T I trade?! πŸ˜› I’ve sort of come to accept the fact that I’m probably never going to get a full night of sleep again. (Okay, so maybe there’s a tiny piece of me that still hopes!) Super jealous, BUT, you deserve it!!! Now, where are you hiding the sleepy dust?! πŸ˜›

  4. Bree says:

    Love, love…when I can get in a full nights sleep. πŸ˜‰ With yukky colds and teething, there’s been a break in the norm, but it’s slowly getting back. Mine are pretty good on outings as well. And if they’re not….put ’em in a rolling vehicle and they’re GREAT! πŸ˜‰

  5. Heather says:

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