Dearest Naptime…[An open letter to the love of my life]


Dearest Naptime,

I don’t know if I tell you often enough about how I feel about you, but here it is. I met you about two and a half years ago or so. When you first waltzed into our life, I had mixed feelings about you. Would you stay? Would you go? Were you here to tease us or would you make a permanent residence in our lives? At almost three years, you are still here. For this, all I can say is…

I love you.

Naptime, you are rather glorious to me. When you arrive, I enter into this happy place where I can actually…wait for it…drum roll please…GET THINGS DONE. It’s quite amazing actually. ┬áNaptime is a magical little land where the dreams of a mother come true. During naptime, ANYTHING goes.

I think to myself. Should I get things done? Will I clean? Will I sleep? Will I read a book? Will I watch my favorite television show? Will I call a friend? WHAT WILL I DO? Typically I say, I will accomplish a ton. Reality hits though, and there I am laying on the couch, hair in a bun, chips by my side thinking to myself, “I think I will just soak in this quiet.”

Naptime – you are especially my favorite when you decide to hang out for two hours or so. Sometimes even three. Because you allow me to regain my sanity. You give me this time where I don’t have to share my cookies. Where I can pee in peace. And, if we are getting wild over here, SHOWER ALONE. It is a rather magical relationship we have.

There are days though, where you don’t show up. These days are sad days, followed by lots of tears from both mother and children. I realize that you don’t show up in everyone’s life, which is why I so eagerly admire your awesomeness. Like Sam Smith once sang, “Won’t you stay with me…?” Naptime, you are a good, good thing. Don’t ever leave.

For this – I must say: thank you. Hang out with us for awhile. Until the boys are in college, I’m thinking? You’re the best.

Sincerely and with lots of love and well restedness,

A Happy Twin Momma

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