Endometriosis SUCKS.

So of course, after getting told that we had a “chemical pregnancy,” my evil evil “enemy” came. It was the WORST. For two days I did nothing but lay in bed. I also spent one whole day pretty much throwing up. Ever since my laproscopy, my endo has seemed to worsen. Is it because of all of the medication I was on for IVF? I don’t know..all I know is that it is complete and utter torture. It is SO painful. I was also so dehydrated that my mom almost wanted to take me to the ER but there is noooo way I wanted to go there. Instead, I had my mom stay with me for a day (she’s  a nurse..she actually works in the ER). She was amazing. So was my husband. However, I am in no way willing to deal with this kind of pain on a regular basis. It’s awful.

On Tuesday I had to go back to work, I was still in pain but it was much manageable. I did most of my teaching from my chair and even changed my lesson plans so that I didn’t have to get up too much.

Today I’m feeling a lot better. Tomorrow I have an appointment with my RE to find out what step we are going to take next. My hubby and I want to do a transfer for the frozen embies and pay out of pocket for it, so that the insurance doesn’t try to charge us for another attempt at trying..we want to save it for IVF. We have three more chances in our lifetime to do IVF. It seems like one was wasted 🙁  I’m hoping that we can do this transfer and that the embies will thaw out appropriately and that they will stick! If not…then I think that we are going to take a break from this and wait until the spring or summer.

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