God’s provision. Being grateful, even in the little things.

Today I wanted to blog about God’s provision. I typically write about mommy related things, and in the past I wrote about fertility related things..but today I’m going to write about a God related thing. So stay with me if you’d like.

I wanted to just share my experiences with God’s provision lately, minor and big. When I say “God’s Provision” what I mean is – the way God has provided for me and my family lately.

As most of you know, I’m on maternity leave still. I gave birth to my precious gifts on July 26, 2013 and have not been at work since June. I was supposed to go back early, but I took time off because of the fact that my babies were born prematurely and because of Micah’s experience with RSV. I made the decision knowing that it would impact us economically but that it was ultimately the best choice for my babies. When I go back to work in March, I will have taken six months off from work, most of it without pay. The cost of raising twins is NOT by any means cheap. Especially since they are both solely formula fed now, Micah being on an expensive formula that costs about $10 a bottle…and he goes through a bottle a day, in addition to Josiah’s formula. It can be pricey. Not to mention the cost of diapers, wipes, clothes, doctor’s appointments, and all of that. Now add in the normal life expenses – bills, mortgages, insurance, all of that. It can be pretty expensive. Now, cut your income in half. That’s basically what happened to us when I decided to stay out longer. But amazingly, God has provided for us in every step of the way. Let me share two experiences of God’s awesomeness as of these past two weeks:

1 – A seemingly random check for our mortgage company for $500 showed up in the mail. I was feeling particularly stressed out because we had a major issue with our car and the repairs were going to be mind blowingly expensive. The part alone was $1,200 and the labor was going to cost more than the part itself. I was majorly stressing. My dad, who has a lot of friends who are mechanics, called me and told me that he would be able to have the whole thing completed for $300, part included. I was super happy, but still a little stressed..it was RIGHT before Christmas and we were on a very tight budget. I told my husband to check the mail since we slacked and hadn’t checked it for a couple of days. I opened the mail, bored by most of it, an saw a letter from our mortgage that said “important.” I wasn’t worried since we pay our mortgage way in advance, especially with me being on leave. I opened it up and it was a letter explaining something about our escrow and that they had a check for us, on a top of a lower mortgage payment for the year. It was a check for $500. I was kind of shocked, “Um…Jose is this real?” and we read it, reread it, looked up our account, double checked it..and found out it was legit. It was our money. I was shocked and grateful. Dang, talk about good timing.

2 – A box of formula “magically” appeared on our doorstep when we were completely out and going to get more. Micah’s formula, the expensive kind.8 bottles of it.

Ok, I can’t say it magically appeared because I knew it was coming, but not exactly the timing. An amazingly awesome blogger friend who I shall not name (though I can’t express how awesome this girl is!) reached out to me a couple of weeks ago and offered us formula for FREE, no strings attached. Can you believe good people like this still exist? It gives me hope for the world. YAY. Plus, she has been such a great resource when it comes to me asking questions and has helped me feel like I’m not alone on this mommyhood journey. This is a friend from miles away. And it showed up, today, when we ran out. God is good.

3 – Giftcard awesomeness.

Today we were going to head out on a formula adventure for Josiah and my husband went out to check the mail and we were given a gift card to Babies R’ Us (which is completely awesome, because I have coupons for their store, whoo!) from my principal, telling us she wished us a great new year and missed me. Aw. That’s pretty sweet. And again, the timing could not have been more perfect.

So yeah, I know these things may seem small or meaningless, or even like they are simply a coincidence but that’s not the way my mind works. I know that God is basically trying to show me that He’s got us and wants me to trust Him and stop stressing out so much. I have two months to go before I go to work, and we have done amazingly well so far. We have not been late on any important bills, we have not lacked, we had a beautiful Christmas, and nothing was different than what it would have been had I worked. When I go back to work, it’s going to feel like we are rich!!Hey, I’m keeping it real! These are just three of the very awesome ways God has provided for us throughout this leave. My husband was also able to take a small side job which provided us with extra income. Ultimately, I’m just thankful. I feel blessed. What about you? Do you have any cool experiences where it seemed like something came through for you just in time? How has your maternity leave impacted you, if at all? Do share.

10 thoughts on “God’s provision. Being grateful, even in the little things.

  1. afamilyformcmanda says:

    crying. God is so good. and with a little one, despite the fact that I thank God for him every day, I do not spend enough time giving thanks for EVERYTHING that makes our life good. because it is good.

    I am so happy for you and your family. I don’t really “know” you, but I can tell you are a deserving and thankful woman who deserves happiness and a healthy family. God bless!

  2. Bree says:

    He IS great isn’t He?!?! I truly believe that everything happens for a reason, regardless of what those reasons might be… 😉 May 2014 continue to bless you going forward… 🙂 Happy New Year Chica!

  3. warriorgirl2 says:

    God did the same for me last March. I’m self employed and had no idea how I would pay for the 4 week leave I was planning. Plus I had no maternity coverage and ended up with an emergency c-section, a 2 1/2 week NICU stay for my son, and a wound infection that required another surgery for me and thus a longer (5 week) leave. When my four year old was born, I had a vaginal delivery with no complications and only took a three week leave, and it took me a year to pay off the medical bills. This time I got some unexpected bonuses and the money just seemed to magically stretch for five weeks! My income is the only income since my husband stays at home. My jaw dropped when my maternity bills were considered medically necessary because my emergency c-section was a complication of pregnancy and complicates are covered! We had ALL the bills paid off in 2 months. Plus I had lots of overhead to pay at work with no new $ coming in for 5 weeks there either. God provided miraculously! There is simply no other explanation.

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