How I save money shopping for baby clothes.

I love shopping for baby clothes. Who doesn’t? I love shopping for clothes in general…and shopping for smaller versions of clothing items equals loads of fun. It’s all just so friggen’ cute. It really is. Shopping for two can be pricey. It doesn’t leave a lot of room for splurging to be honest…but this doesn’t mean that I give up. No, I will prevail! I use a variety of strategies to get really cute items for the boys. I thought I would share some of my tips and if you have some please do share. Some of my “tips” are super obvi, but I figured I would write it down any way because it’s how I save. I’m all about it.

  • Shopping clearance racks. This one is pretty obvious. Shop the sales and clearance racks. Take the time to dig through, even if it can be annoying! Yesterday I was able to score a cute summer onesie for $2.49 and an adorable pajama set for $.97. NINETY-SEVEN CENTS! You heard me right. I was happy happy happy.
  • Shop during the week and during the day if possible. This can be a challenge if you are a working mom and work during the day. I do! So, I do try to shop during the week when it’s dead. Sometimes there will be random sales that are not the same sales that happen on the weekend. There is also more to choose from! Weekends are when things get busy and hectic. People are vying for the same things. I also feel more relaxed and less compelled to HAVE to buy something for fear that it will be gone. I peruse through the store, peruse through the other stores, and come back for it.
  • Don’t be afraid of pre-owned. I am not afraid of preowned clothing. I welcome it (if it comes from a pet free/smoke free home). Accepting free clothes and hand me downs came in to be SO helpful! Before the boys were born we were given crates, bags, tons of things. We went through everything…got rid of what we didn’t want, kept what we did want and washed everything. We then sorted it all into appropriate sizes (0-3 months, 3-6, 6-9, 9-12, etc…whatever works for you). We stored these bins of clothing, which were at this point clean and folded, upstairs in our attic. Whenever the boys grow out of a particular size, we clean out their closets and drawers and bring in the next size from the attic. We assess what else they need, what they have tons of, and go from there. This saved us SO much money and time in the beginning when we were adjusting to the boys being home and while I was on maternity leave.
  • Ebay is your friend. There are lots of cute things available on Ebay for a much lower price! You can also purchase “lots” of clothing and even better yet, you can SELL clothing your baby no longer uses and use the money from that sale to purchase clothes for them. I’ve had great success selling on Ebay! Particularly when it comes to selling name brand clothing such as Baby Gap, Gymboree, Janie and Jack, etc. Sell the clothing in groups or lots and you will have even greater success. Again, I try to use the money from these sales towards baby items or clothing.
  • Join your local groups on FB that sell baby clothes/items! This can be a huge help if you want to buy a pre-owned item but don’t want to worry about paying for shipping and all of that jazz. People post up baby items for sale along with pictures and if you are interested in the item you send that person a message, ask them any questions you have, and arrange a time to meet up for the sale. I almost always bring my husband with me and I thoroughly check to make sure others have had a positive experience with the seller just for safety purposes!
  • Stay alerted to all of the sales, especially ones that come and go in an instant. Create a mommy e-mail with all of the goods. I have an e-mail specifically designated to all things baby so that I am not constantly bombarded and tempted..but I check this e-mail frequently in case there is a really great sale. Eventually, you will become familiar enough with certain stores to know when a sale really IS a great sale or not.
  • Before you buy, whip out your mommy e-mail and check to see if their is an additional coupon. This has particularly saved me many a time at The Children’s Place and Carter’s. Woot!
  • Wal-mart. This one hurt me to write. If you know me, you know I hate Wal-mart. However, the price of onesies and pajamas cannot be beat. $4.98 for cute two piece pajamas. Yes and yes. $3.98 for onesies with cute sayings. I have not come across a place that sells pajamas that are brand new (and they’re cute..) as cheap as Wal-Mart. If you know of a place, please tell me. Really.
  • Coupon. If you have friends who don’t use their coupons, ask to have them. This one is obvious. Especially if you are able to combine coupons with sales! With Kohl’s, at times I get coupons for 30% off. If you combine that coupon with the clearance rack, you can make out like a bandit.
  • Try to buy quality clothes (on sale of course). Quality clothing will withstand lots of washing without crazy fading, the wear and tear that babies put on their clothes..especially now that they are becoming more active. The plus of this – you will be able to sell these items again. It’s much easier to sell items that are good quality and in demand. Can you tell I am all about re-selling items? lol.
  • Baby Thrift Stores. I hit the jackpot recently by checking out a local thrift store for infants and kids. I was able to purchase: two pairs of denim shorts, a pair of shorts and a matching shirt from Baby Gap, brand new swimming trunks and a top from Old Navy, swimming trunks from Gymboree, a shopping cart cover for $20. I traded in my Boppy which helped knock off $10 from the purchase. I think I also bought more things but I can’t remember!! LOL. Needless to say, I was happy. Thrift stores have sales too. This past weekend it was buy one get one half off! Shorts run from $3 and some of the items are brand new. Score.
  • Marshalls, Burlington Coat Factory, TJMAXX. My husband and I were looking for baby superhero shirts with caps. Target had them at $12 each. I didn’t want to spend $24 on two infant t-shirts that they won’t wear forever. I was able to find similar shirts for $5.99 each at Burlington Coat Factory…and I hardly every shop there! I ended up getting BOTH for $12. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.

These are some of the things that I do to save on clothing. Today I was able to score from Gymboree two hoodies at $4.99 each, two tanks at $4.99 each, and a ridiculously adorable pajama set for $6.99. I felt happy with the purchase because everytime I go to Gymboree it’s so expensive…but I like their clothing and know I will eventually be able to sell it once they grow out of it. Yippee for sales! Stores I typically shop at are: Target (duh), Old Navy, The Children’s Place, and any other place that has a sale. Keep an open mind! Sometimes you will be shocked to see what sales are at certain stores, even stores where you think you will never find something. Here are some of my spoils recently. Not all are pictured 🙂








Do you have the inside scoop on how to save money while shopping for baby clothes? Do share! 🙂

11 thoughts on “How I save money shopping for baby clothes.

  1. randomsqueaks says:

    We have great consignment sales in my town. The mothers of multiples group has one of the biggest (yay for early entry for members!) but I’ll be out of town for the one this fall (boo!!). Love the idea of a mommy email. I have a junk/spam email I use to sign up for stuff but having one just for mommy things would be really nice.
    I’d have to say my biggest tip for saving money on baby clothes is not going shopping but good luck with that! Having a boy and a girl makes it so hard because there are twice as many cute clothes to look at.

  2. Less to More says:

    Great suggestions! We’ve received most of our clothes as hand-me-downs from friends and family who have older kids. This makes it easier for them because once it’s time to clear out their closets, they just bag the clothes and pass them off to us. It’s a win-win.

    • Tales of a Twin Mombie says:

      Thanks! Hand me downs are the best because you can sort through it all and whatever you don’t want, continue to pass it win indeed!

  3. Theresa says:

    we get SO MANY hand me downs (trust me I’m thankful) that we rarely need to buy clothes, but when I do its pre owned all the way! They’ll wear it what? 4 times if we’re lucky?

  4. futuresoccermom says:

    So cute! Baby thrift stores are where it’s at for me. I especially appreciate when I’m putting together an outfit for some occasion and I need this one thing (like black leggings). I’d have to search high and low to find it – except at the baby thrift’s there, and under $5. Love it.

  5. Amber says:

    I’m all about these money saving tips too! I’ve scored great clothes and toys from our neighborhood best, and I’ve sold our stuff too! If you haven’t already, check out, it’s been great here!

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