HPT today..faint positive.

So the first time I went through IVF # 1 I told myself I absolutely would NOT take a home pregnancy test and that I would wait for my beta. The day of my beta I experienced the worst anxiety ever…like, I was practically in tears because I was so nervous! This time around I couldn’t resist and because of all of the pressure I wanted a heads up about what our results would *possibly* be. I took a HPT a few days ago and it was a very faint faint positive. Today I took another one and it was a bit darker. Here’s the pic:


When I saw that I felt super happy! At the same time, until I get that blood test I won’t get my hopes TOO high but this is the first time on a HPT that I’ve ever gotten positive results.I really just want this to work for us this time! I also told myself I wouldn’t say anything to my husband…but what did I do? Run upstairs, throw on all the lights, and shout “DO YOU SEE IT?! DO YOU SEE IT? IT’S NOT JUST ME IS IT? YOU SEE IT RIGHT?!” Mind you, my poor husband was sleeping. But he agreed that “yes” he saw it too. Let’s go Friday..come on now…I’m ready to hear my results!! I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays!

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