I am more than a mommy.


  • I am a worshipper. I love to worship and sing. Just because I’m a mommy doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t mind someone watching my little ones so that I can participate on the worship team once in awhile 🙂 I am more than the frazzled lady in the back who has one baby strapped to her back and a stroller in the front, all while silently praying that they will fall asleep so I can enjoy the service. I am important too. I know that I may not “seem” as important as my husband, because he can play and sing at the same time, but I would love to contribute as well. Please don’t forget about me!
  • I am a friend. I still love to do all the things I loved to do before. I would still love to go out to Starbucks with you, would dieeee for the chance to go on a Plato’s closet shopping spree with you once again, and still enjoy talking on the phone. Don’t be afraid to call just because I’m a mommy – they are asleep by 8 pm every night! Adult conversation with someone other than my husband (no offense sweetie…) is welcomed! Don’t write me off because I became the three letter word. Yes, I’m a mom, but I am still me.
  • I am a wife. I love to go on dates. I would LOVE a date night. I know I have twins folks, but I promise babysitting them isn’t as bad as it sounds. I love to snuggle in the movie theaters, flirt at dinner like old times, and grab a frappe at my favorite place.
  • I am someone who enjoys a VARIETY of conversation topics. Yes, I love talking about my babies…but all of the time? How about a conversation about the latest episode of Jersey Belle? How about talking about how all things Nutella are simply amazing? I will even settle for, “How are you doing?”
  • I am an adventurer. I love spontaneity and I like to try new things. Roadtrips? A trip to the city for some sightseeing? Yes! Okay, it may take me a lot more planning, but don’t count me out of exciting happenings. I miss them. I know I can’t do them all, but don’t cross me off immediately! Please?
  • I am a teacher. I love what I do. I may not always love the politics involved, but I love the heart of what I do. I am a professional. I love that I have an opportunity to make an impact on the life of a student every day. It’s amazing and priceless.

…and I am a mom. And I love all that God has called me to be.

*Please don’t take this as a complaining type of post or ingratitude in any way. I love being a mom! However, I am not ONLY a mom. We all have our own journeys and this is an aspect of my journey that I am walking through. xo!*


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