Injections begin..eek!

Haven’t blogged in awhile so I wanted to update. I’ve been taking Lupron for about a week now. My husband has been giving me the injections every morning in my belly. The night before my first shot I was super nervous. I could hardly sleep! This whole thing is entirely new to me. This is our first time going through IVF and so I was really not sure how we were going to handle giving me shots regularly. I am extremely squeamish so I can’t give the shots to myself (unless I absolutely I had to..) and my husband doesn’t like to see me in pain at we were both nervous about the shots, needless to say. However, after about a week we have been adjusting to it. I haven’t experienced any major side effects except for being more tired than normal..and I attribute that mostly to my hypothyroidism.

I do have to say though, my husband is a gem. He sets his alarm, wakes up faithfully, prepared the needle downstairs, brings it to me upstairs so that after he gives the shot to me I can go right back to sleep, and then disposes of the needle. I’m just so grateful to have a supportive, loving, and selfless husband who has been with me every step of the way without a single complaint, worry, etc. He’s been one of my greatest sources of comfort, outside of God. I love him so much.

Tomorrow we go for another ultrasound and for more bloodwork. Tomorrow we will find out what’s next and possibly move on to some of the other medications. Believe it or not, one of my biggest concerns is that school starts next week and I’m really worried about the new meds and if they will interfere with my teaching at all. I’m also worried because I will have to miss a lot of school in the first month because of ultrasounds and bloodwork. Don’t get me wrong, I’m super excited to be on our way to a family! It’s just that as a teacher the first two weeks are so critical. The good thing was that I spoke to my principal about the whole matter, since I will be missing days in September and she was super understanding about the whole thing. In short…I need not worry!

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