It gets more interesting every day – life with 13 month old twin boys.

My boys turned one exactly one month ago. Life has been interesting, to say the least! It’s terrifying amazing, tiring wonderful, and flat out SCARY FABULOUS . It has gotten even more insane. “Oh, it gets easier as they get older,” they lied to us with a smile on their face. Ummmmmmmm. NOOOOO. A thousand times – NO! Some of the “fun” things that turning one has brought us:

The interesting:

  • Temper tantrums when we take something away from them that they want.
  • Throwing whatever food they don’t want to eat on the floor. Especially Jo-Jo. He will literally scoop the food out of his mouth with his finger and throw it right on the floor. It’s been a true challenge trying to feed these boys real food. They’re SO picky!
  • Fighting each other for every toy that exists, even if we have two of the same toys.
  • Trying to bite each other and sometimes succeeding, especially Micah. When he gets angry he turns into the Incredible Hulk and gets flat out furious and tries to bite his brother. I’m already playing referee and they’re only 13 months. Lord help me.
  • Shaking their heads no when they don’t want something. No, no, no, no. I don’t want it mom, back off.
  • Vacations are not for the faint of heart. Nope. Quite the contrary. First off, packing for a vacation with two babies/toddlers is intenseeeee. Boxes of things, suitcases, two pack n’ plays, bin of toys..insanity. I should have taken a picture of it. When we went to the shore for a week, Jo-Jo was absolutely terrified of even the sound of the waves and Micah found it to be okay. Thank God for beach tents. When we were finished our vacation, we needed another vacation to recover.


  • They destroy our home. Baby gates, toys everywhere. We hurt ourselves on a daily basis tripping over things, falling on something, stubbing our toe on the toys. It’s official, this is not our home – it’s theirs! But it’s okay.

The fun:

  • They’re much more talkative. They love to imitate new sounds and new words. It’s such an exciting discovery when they hear new and interesting words.
  • They know who we are. When I leave or come into the room the “Momma momma momma” starts up and it’s music to my ears and heart.
  • They have so much of a personality. They have likes, dislikes, things that make them laugh…they’re turning into little people with their own minds, it’s kind of amazing.
  • I can make them laugh! Yes, they think that I am quite the comedian at times! ME?! Yes. even the old school games make them laugh – peekaboo, silly noises, and so forth. Apparently, I’m Jim Carrey in their eyes.
  • They love the outdoors. They just love it. They’re so interested in everything around them, I love it.
  • They’re “well behaved” when we go out. I don’t believe in good baby, bad baby…but when we take the boys out, everyone says they’re so well behaved. My husband and I look at each other incredulously typically, because things can be chaotic at home. Hey, we’ll take it.
  • No more formula! Hooray for cow’s milk and saving lots and lots of money. Jo-Jo took time to get used to it, but Micah loved it. They are not milk lovers. Here’s to saving $240 a month in formula, YES!
  • They love us SOOO much. I’ve never seen as much excitement as when we arrive home from an outing or something. They’re elated – as if they just found out Special Agent Oso is coming to the house. They make us feel like celebrities. The best.
  • We love them SOOO much. It’s true. When we think that our hearts can’t hold anymore love, it expands and grows daily. Our hearts are warm, our home is happy, our life is blessed. Because….
  • They’re the best part of our lives. Enough said!

When we went away, we had one of our close friends take some pics of us at the beach while we were on vacation a few weeks ago. You can check her out here, she’s a Chicago based photographer and a very dear family friend! We were only able to take pics for about 20 minutes because these little ones weren’t having it (what a surprise!) Even though this stage is definitely challenging, it’s awesome too. At the end of the day, I’m grateful for all of the insanity. Life wouldn’t be the same without it, even if I won’t sleep in until they’re in college 😉











6 thoughts on “It gets more interesting every day – life with 13 month old twin boys.

  1. journeyformybaby says:

    So adorable!! I have noticed Tru starting to do some of these things… particularly the tantrum type stuff and spitting out food which he NEVER did before. This age is interesting to say the least but I definitely agree with you, the love grows daily. 🙂

    The pictures turned out so cute btw. 🙂

  2. futuresoccermom says:

    Gorgeous pictures!! I’m just so glad my twins aren’t the only ones. I mean really – the temper tantrums, throwing food on the floor, fighting over toys, biting……and the talking, laughing, “momma”…ours do the same things. And it is NOT easier. No. Not at all. Who lied to us??

  3. Shanna says:

    So sweet! PJ does the scoop and toss too lol, and always let’s me know he’s finished eating by dropping the rest of his food on the floor. We bought a spin mop this week haha!

  4. Elisha says:

    love love love the pictures and the update! Having twins terrify me but yet somehow you make it seem easy and doable 🙂 I think you could be classified as super mom in my book 😉

  5. Joanne says:

    WOW! Look at how big they are! So beautiful! Double the cuteness. You are blessed. I always wonder how twin mommies do it. My little Peanut is definitely a handful… I’m looking forward to the milk stages, ’cause this kid eats like a champ, and you’re right…formula is darned expensive!

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