Liebster Award Nomination..why, thank you :)


Thank you to a lovely fellow twin mommy, TwinMomLife: A Parenthood Journey for the kind and unexpected nomination!! From what I understand, I am to answer the questions she posted for her nominations and create ten questions of my own for the blogs I choose to nominate. Here we go!

  1. In which country/state do you live?  What is one positive and one negative about your state?

I live in the not so wonderful state of New Jersey, also known as the armpit of America. It is a place that is expensive to live in with  with a governor that seems to hate all teachers (seriously Governor Christie…I’m sorry for whatever teacher ticked you off in life to make you hate the rest of us).

ImageThat being said, a positive about living where I live is my location. I am about 2-3 hours from New York City, 2-3 hours from Washington, D.C., 45 minutes away from Philadelphia, Atlantic City, and Ocean City NJ. I like my location because we can easily drive to places that people visit for vacation. We can take day trips and if there is nothing to do in town (which there never is, we don’t even have an Olive Garden) we can just hop in our car and pick a place to go to. That’s pretty cool.

2.What brought you to the blogging world?  Has your blogging changed course at any point in time?

I came to the blogosphere after I just had a laproscopy that revealed my endometriosis was so severe I would have to jump right to IVF. My husband and I had been trying to conceive on our own to no avail and when I found out I would have to go to IVF, I felt scared, isolated, unsure, and found that blogging was a place where I could be 100% honest and meet others who had gone through the same thing or were going through the same thing. Over the course of time, my fertility blog evolved into a mommy I changed my name to reflect that. I’m truly grateful for this place! None of my friends seemed to understand and I also kept it from a lot of people. This blog was a beautiful outlet for me.

3. What is your favorite baby and/or pregnancy and/or comfort item?

Couldn’t have survived these past six months without our BOUNCER. The thing has been a straight Godsend. My colicky little guy loves the movement of it and it has been one of the few things that would calm him or put him to sleep when we were ready to gauge our eyes out!

4. What was the highlight of your 2013?

The highlight was the birth of my sons. I don’t think it hit me that I was really having twins uintil I saw them being pulled from me during my C Section. It was a very emotional time because I missed my best friend’s wedding the next day and I was her maid of honor. But nothing will trump the feeling I felt when I saw my two boys. Love encompassed everything insde of me and I felt so amazing. Another highlight was when we were all finally under one roof together..which wasn’t until September. My boys endured a lot in the beginning! I think another highlight was also realizing how strong I was. I was stronger than I originally thought!




5. What is your big goal for 2014?

To walk closely with God and go deeper in my relationship with Him and to be the best mother that I can possibly be. I posted a list of goals here 🙂

6. You’re stuck in major traffic.  What are you listening to for stress relief?

Francesca Battistelli, she’s a Christian artist that I LOVE. To compare her to someone, I would say her sound is a bit like Sara Bareilles. I love her lyrics, her sound..she’s just awesome. Some of my fave lyrics: “I’m letting go of the life I planned for me, and my dreams..I’m losing control of my destiny..feels like I’m falling and that’s what it’s like to believe..feels like I’m falling and this is the life for me.” The meaning of the song is basically how she’s letting go of her own plans and trusting God with HIS plans. Love love love.

7. What’s your idea of a great date night?

A perfect date night for me would involve dinner and _________________. So it could go something like…dinner and a visit to the bookstore, dinner and a movie, dinner and a trip to the shops, dinner and a stroll on the boardwalk. I think my fave would be the last one. The feel of the wind in my hair, the waves in my ears..perfection.

8. Is your blog anonymous or do you tell your friends & family in the real world about it?

My blog is anonymous. I don’t tell my friends and family in the real world because I like being able to write freely without having to worry about who is going to read it. I can be me with no apologies or without writing from a place of, “Well, I can’t write that because so and so might read it….” I do write knowing that it IS on the internet, which means that there is always a chance I can be “discovered” but there is nothing on here that I would not stand behind.

9. Who is your hero?

I would actually have to say my husband. I’m actually going to be writing a post about it soon…but he has sacrificed so much for our family and he is the epitome of unconditional, selfless love. He’s the real deal.

DSC0702210. What’s a topic you’ve been wanting to write about but just haven’t had the time, or weren’t sure how to write it or if it was “appropriate”?

I’ve been wanting to write one about friendship…but this one is gonna hurt me! So I’ve been putting it off for awhile. I might never write it.Or I might write it later this week. It’s too complicated. AHHHH.

Well that was FUN! My nominations for this award are:

  • Thought Provoking Moments : I don’t have enough kind words to say about Bree, awesome mom of triplets! She has been an absolute GODSEND to me and has given me so much fantastic advice. She has been more resourceful than our GI doctor for the boys! No lie! She’s the woman to go to if you have questions about reflux…or just questions period. Love her blog, her boys are gorgeous, and she’s an amazing resource! On top of all that, she has donated formula to us for FREE and has asked for nothing in return. She’s the best. For real.
  • Waiting for Baby Bird:  I’m a new subscriber to this blog and I’m sooo glad that I did. Elisha’s post are wonderful and are filled with hope. I love her story and enjoy her posts.
  • Starbucks, Peace, and the Pursuit of a Baby: I love Chelsea’s positive attitude and how her blog encourages ME. Her faith is strong and she really inspires me.
  • Adventures in Neverland: I came across Shanna’s blog when I was looking for preemie blogs when the boys were born, and especially when Micah was going through his RSV experience. I love her style and she does “PJ’s diary” which are posts from the point of view her son. These are always super cute. Check her out!
  • Cheering on Charlie: I also came across this blog when I was looking for preemie blogs. Charlie was born a micro-preemie and through “Cheering on Charlie” her journey is detailed quite beautifully.

When I read the background of the Liebster awards, it said to recommend 3-5 blogs so I recommended some of my faves! There are soooo many other blogs that I love, the above are simply a few of my faves! I would have in addition nominated The McMuffin House, A Course to the Finish Line, Space Monkey Twins, and JourneyforMyBaby but they were previously nominated in the same post 🙂

10 Questions for the Nominees:

1. What led you to start your blog and how long have you been blogging?

2. What did you accomplish in 2013 that you feel the most proud about?

3. If you could recommend a MUST READ, what would it be and why?

4. When you are feeling stressed out, what is something that almost always works to calm you?

5. What TV character do you identify the most with and why?

6. If you had to give yourself a superhero name, what would it be and why?

7. What do you admire the most about your husband?

8. What is your guilty pleasure? Something you shouldn’t indulge but just have to sometimes?

9. What’s your occupation? Do you enjoy it? Why or why not?

10. Three favorite online shopping websites?

Thanks so much for the nomination TwinMomLife: A Parenthood Journey!

Much love to you all !


9 thoughts on “Liebster Award Nomination..why, thank you :)

  1. Elisha says:

    Thanks for the nomination! I loved getting to know you better and reading your answers. I pretty sure that based upon your answers (I love going out to dinner and your favorite song artist is also one of my favorites) we could be besties!!!

  2. Shanna says:

    These are great questions and answers, and thank you so much for the nomination! I’ll come up with some good answers and nominees for the morning. If you don’t mind me asking, was CHOP your out of state hospital for Micah’s RSV? That hospital saved my mom’s life from cancer when she was 3. Dr. Koop, who went on to become the US Surgeon General, was her doctor there 🙂

    • Tales of a Twin Mombie says:

      Wow, that’s amazing! No, CHOP was not the hospital but it could have been! It is in in-network hospital but he was sent to the same hospital his brother was in at the time. It worked out better because I was able to stay at the Ronald McDonald House and the Ronald McDonald house in Philadelphia is more difficult to stay at from what I understand, because it’s busier. CHOP is an excellent hospital and many people from my city send their children there! In fact, my niece is having surgery there in a few weeks!

  3. Bree says:

    Aww, I’m super honored! Thank you so much for the kind words chica! 🙂 I’m really glad I was able to share some of my own experiences with you and that they helped…. I’ll definitely be getting to your award here soon!

  4. K, Twin Mom says:

    This is fun! We have even more in common than I expected. lol…Gov. Christie-ha! I wish our bouncers would bounce themselves. Li loves his but he often requires it to be bounced, for what feels like forever. I have been wishing my blog was private. I’ve actually been thinking of creating a secret one for my rants lol.

    • Tales of a Twin Mombie says:

      Yay for having stuff in common! Don’t even get me started on the, he wants to extend school days because that will fix EVERYTHING (because of course, the teachers are the problems…). A friend of mine who has twins posted a video of her twin son who has discovered how to bounce himself! It’s hilarious! I wish…lol. Yeah it’s nice having it private for that reason. Judgement free zone…well at least the people who are judging you aren’t people you see every day. Though I’ve sometimes been tempted to publicize it more, I’m glad I haven’t!

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