Life with twins..awesome but intense!!

So it’s been a couple of week since I’ve been able to blog and also a couple of weeks since we have all been home together as a family. I have experienced such a variety of different emotions ranging from sheer joy to excitement to fear to anxiety to stressed to..basically anything a person can feel there is a good chance my husband and I have experienced it. One word that sums it all up though? HARD!! It’s super hard. They’re babies and are obviously needy because of the fact that they’re babies. In addition, Micah has reflux issues which makes him an extremely fussy baby. Like..he has a couple meltdowns daily. I’ve done a lot of crying! Thank the Lord for my mother and mother-in-law who have been huge helps..especially my mom. She stays overnight with us whenever she can (which is usually 3-4 times a week) and when she stays over she takes one of the babies so that we can get a decent night’s sleep..otherwise, sleep is near impossible.

Let me say how extremely grateful I am to have both boys home with me though! We also experience SO much joy and happiness. I know you Moms can relate to the mix of emotions you experience dealing with your imagine that times TWO. It can be a little insane.

So back to the sleep deprivation..hubby and I both work together and usually assign each other a twin and alternate every other day. For example, if I have Josiah one night, the next night my husband will have him and I will have Micah and vice versa. At first we were sleeping in different rooms with the babies because one would wake the other up and it seemed near impossible to get sleep. Then I read that wins should be together often so that they can grow accustomed to each other and also learn to tune each other out when crying. We are now all in one room together at night which makes for a circus basically. We have also tried putting them in their cribs in their nursery..Micah does extremely well and can sleep the whole night in there, only waking up for feedings. Josiah on the other hand…not so much. He screams. When I say screams..I mean SCREAMS. The kid wails. We tried letting him cry for a couple of minutes to see if he would “self soothe” and it didn’t work. We figured it out..Josiah pretty much likes to be held all the time and loves to sleep on anyone’s chest. When he is melting down, it’s the only way to calm him. The problem is..we are firm believers in not co-sleeping. My mom works in an ER and tells us horror stories all of the time of parents rolling over on their children and vice versa. I’m not against people doing it..but my husband and I are very heavy sleepers so it’s just too risky. All of this to say..we are basically not getting much sleep! lol. I’m extremely jealous of parents whose babies are sleeping through the night at two months!

Micah has been having some reflux issues. We took both boys to the GI…Josiah is fine, Micah may also have an allergy to the dairy in my breastmilk..we will find out soon because we have a couple of tests coming up. Tomorrow he goes in for an upper GI and Josiah is going to have a hip ultrasound since he was breached and he also has an appointment with the cardiologist because he might have a heart murmur.

Because of everything that happened with Micah I extended my maternity leave. I was supposed to go back in January and now I am going back in March. This helps out because this prolongs our need to find childcare..which is awesome. I get to spend more time with my babies! Yay! Not gonna lie though, I miss my job!

On another note..our insurance denied us Synergis for both boys! SO MAD. Umm..hello, Micah had RSV and was intubated for TEN DAYS what do you mean he doesn’t qualify? Their excuse is that they will be three months at the start of the season. It doesn’t matter..Micah got it “off season” in August. So. Annoying. Micah’s pulmonologist wrote us a letter of medical necessity and it’s a pretty amazing compelling letter. I hope it will help our appeal. It’s just really frustrating. The Synergis shots would help to put me at ease…I truly truly want those shots for my boys. Honestly, if I had thousands and thousands of dollars laying around in savings I would gladly spend it on these shots. The insurance company is pretty worthless…the cost for the boys to be hospitalized is far more than the cost of the monthly shot. Ridiculous. Other preemie moms, if you have had success with your child getting this shot, can you please give me some tips? Much appreciated!

Overall, life is good. Besides the sleep deprivation…lol..but being a mommy is amazing. I love these boys with everything I’ve got. We are still living in isolation but are going to have some our family visit the baby little by little (still no kids around though). We are stuck in the house most of the time but did venture out for a walk around the neighborhood with the boys on a beautiful day. Let me show you some pics of my babies!


Micah-Daddy bonding time. Loveee.



The boys together! My cuddlebugs.



One of Micah’s reflux related meltdowns. This shows he can go from cute to CRAY in no time flat.






Daddy Josiah time! Parenthood makes me love my husband even more.


Taking the double stroller out for a walk on a beautiful day.


My and my little ones. So glad to be their mommy.

Considering starting a new blog all mommy and faith related…hmm..will figure this out soon. Love you all! Please share your sleep tips..



6 thoughts on “Life with twins..awesome but intense!!

  1. afamilyformcmanda says:

    Hey! So good to hear about the little ones! They are adorable!!! Hope YOU are good, too, momma! I’m not sure how anyone carries twins ( pregnancy) much less how you care for them without going coocoo… One is hard enough! Not too mention all of the extra TLC they need being premies… YOU ARE AWESOME!!! Keep up the good work and update us again soon 🙂 hugs!

  2. Summer says:

    They are so handsome! You are one lucky Momma!

    I have also noticed how much more I love my husband now that he’s a dad. It’s amazing!

    Praying for you! I know how overwhelming it is with one, so I have no doubt it’s double with two, but it looks like you are doing an awesome job!

  3. futuresoccermom says:

    So precious! I am SO happy for you and your family, that you are all home, safe and healthy. What a journey. Reflux sucks, our twins have it as well. The sleep deprivation is MADDENING. We also tried each taking one baby overnight, each taking a time period overnight….you name it, we tried it. Now we have decided to put them on the same overnight schedule, so when one wakes to eat, they both do. That means we’re both up anyway. Keep the adorable pictures coming!

    • roadtofertility says:

      Thanks! Happy to be home too! We have the same on the same schedule the majority of the time, except for when I am home alone with them..we stagger their feedings. It’s hard to use pillows to prop them up because they have reflux so they cough and then I have to pat them and its a whole process. lol

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