Make time for yourself. Why ME time is a must for this mom.


As I’ve mentioned in my previous blog post, I have been feeling overwhelmed at times trying to fullfill the following roles: mom, wife, teacher, friend, youth leader, daughter, household organizer…and the list goes on. The days leading up to this weekend filled me with complete stress.

My thought flow looked like this:

Omg. I have the babies’ dedication this weekend and I didn’t even get them an outfit yet. Wait..WHEN on earth am I going to be able to get them an outfit? When am I going to be able to go out and actually shop? I don’t want to have to drag them in and out of a million stores…oh goodness..I should have done this earlier…but I couldn’t because I was waiting for payday so I could allot a certain amount towards their outfits…how much should I budget for?’s WEDNESDAY and their dedication is Sunday and I have nothing. Nothing. I’m screwed., my thought flow went into this mode:

AHHHHHH. We have that concert this weekend too. Friday. That’s a day I won’t be able to go out to the stores to look for things. My hair is out of control. My eyebrows are on caterpillar mode. I have nothing to wear that matches what we are supposed to wear…oh Lord, This is all starting to add up. *insert long sigh*

and it ended on this note –

wow…I forgot that I have a bridal shower Saturday. When will I be able to get a gift? More money…more time out. I just want to hang with the boys…the weather is miserable. What am I going to do?

And then, a lightbulb went off.


Wait…what? A day off from work? But didn’t I just take like…half of the year off from work? How will that look? …but I need one day to run around and take care of all this madness.

The internal war I was having with myself raged on. I vocalized my concerns to my coworkers and they told me – you have days left..take it! You need it. Just do it.

And just like that, I caved in to peer pressure and took Friday off. And it was glorious. I still woke up early, still had our sitter come in…and I proceeded to run around like a crazy lady. However, I did accomplish some of the things I really wanted to take care of! I got my hair “did” (lol) and I turned the caterpillars on my forehead into normal eyebrows. WHOO! Accomplishments. You know what? I also realized how essential it is to have me time for yourself. To carve it into your day, or into your week, or at least into your that you can recoup, regroup, and go back into all the madness. Put the baby (or babies) down for a second, and read on:

Why “ME” time is an absolute necessity for me:

1. It’s good for my health.

Looking for scientific facts to back this one up? Look elsewhere. But I know one thing – me time is really good for my health. Why? Because taking time to destress and relax is a wonderful thing for your mind and body. Step away from it all. The chaos will be waiting for you when you return.

2. I deserve it.

I work hard. I take care of cute little people and help them to thrive. I work a full-time job that never ends. I take papers home with me to grade. I work on my lesson plans on the weekends. It never truly stops. On top of the beautiful boys I have in my care, I also have 60 students who feel like they are my own kids, that I pour into everyday. It’s not an easy thing when you care. This means that you go the extra mile to make your lessons engaging, to help them to learn while also trying to keep them “entertained” so they don’t tune you out. It’s quite a workout. I teach 7th grade and it is quite the task, but I would never have it any other way. Even when educators in my state are being made out to look terrible and are criticized at every turn..but that’s another story.

3. Everyone is better off when I have it.

I am a happier person which in turn makes me better at all the roles I have to full-fill. It’s a win-win situation for everyone around me. When I am not high strung, I am much more pleasant to be around which equals less freaking out when something goes wrong. Ultimately, there is more peace in the valley.

4. I start to look like a human being and less of a troll.

By this I am being literal. Usually when I fail to take out time for myself, one of the first things to go is my appearance. The hair starts to get a little wild, the eyebrows start to get a little crazy looking…and it’s all downhill from there. When I initiate that time for me, I almost always include some type of maintenance in the day. This means nails, hair, eyebrows…something! It’s the best.

5. Because it’s important to take one step away from the babies and talk to real live adults.

This is key. I have people that I am close to that will go absolutely NOWHERE without their little ones in tow. This is not because they have no choice in the matter or no one to watch the little one (even for an hour), it is simply because they cannot bring themselves to do it. Mommy guilt maybe? I know that can be hard, but for some reason I have never had a problem doing that. I think it’s beneficial for my sanity..and also because I have twins. If I didn’t take time to step away I think I would be insane by now. This friend has even flat out refused date nights with her husband because she cannot bring the baby to the movies with her. To me, that is a bit much. One of the things I was excited about the most when it came to going back to work was the adult interaction I was going to have and regular conversation. I don’t think it makes me any less of a good mom.

So what did I accomplish for myself this past Friday? I was able to get my hair and eyebrows done. I painted my nails (myself). It felt amazing and wonderful. It reminded me of the importance of doing this more often. And that’s exactly what I intend to do.

Here is the final result of this crazy weekend:


Baby dedication, accomplished.

9 thoughts on “Make time for yourself. Why ME time is a must for this mom.

  1. journeyformybaby says:

    Lol DH and I were talking about going to see a movie but I didn’t want to part with the baby for that long. For me I think deep down its because I don’t trust anyone enough to watch him for more than a few minutes. Its irrational actually of me. I am making progress though because I left him with my sister for an hour so I could quickly clothes shop for him. I missed him (and I worried a bit) but I have to admit, that hour flew by. For all of us.
    You do look great! Maybe I should get my caterpillars worked on?! …

    • Tales of a Twin Mombie says:

      That’s can be hard to leave your baby if you don’t have someone you trust. That’s a must! We have actually been expanding our babysitters. Usually it is just my mom, one of my best friends, and my mother-in-law. Last weekend we had my aunt and uncle watch the boys. They were fine!! It helps because we end up having more people to count on so we can have more date nights. Thanks for the compliment! I try to keep up with the caterpillars every two weeks but sometimes it’s just one a month. It is what it is! lol

  2. Shannon says:

    I couldn’t agree more. You cannot take care of your children if you do not take care of yourself first! Most of the barriers that hold us back exist only in our mind, and like you did, they can be overcome. Good for you 🙂

    • Tales of a Twin Mombie says:

      Thank you! YES – a lot of it is a mind thing. I can’t imagine life without a little me time!

  3. randomsqueaks says:

    The women in my small group try to do a girls night out every other month or so. We all have 2+ kids so it isn’t easy but it’s worth it. Until your husband calls you for the eleventh time because a baby has screamed for 45 minutes and you left your phone in your purse on the floor. Not that I’ve ever done that…c

    • Tales of a Twin Mombie says:

      LOL. That’s amazing that you have that type of group. I wish I had something like that down here. I do that with my phone hubs gets mad but he learns to survive lol

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