Marriage Mondays – I Always Will

“I don’t love you/I always will.”

This line is part of a chorus of a song that has been our JAM lately. “Poison and Wine” by The Civil Wars [this song came out years ago, but we’ve been listening to it a lot lately!]

We love this song because of that particular line.

I don’t love you/I always will

Say, WHAT?  The more we listened to the song and talked about what it meant, the more we said YES! Let’s do a cover to this song.

This song is so cool because it really addresses the reality that is marriage. When you make a commitment to marry someone, you are saying some very serious vows to each other.

I will…

Hold you..

Stand with you through better or worse…

Through richer or poorer…

In sickness and health…

I will love and cherish you…

until the only thing that separates us is DEATH itself.

Those are POWERFUL words! When you are married, those vows WILL be tested. I have been married for eight years and have walked through some of those things with my spouse. We have made a conscious decision to make sure that these trials and struggles [infertility, job loss, job change, parenting twins, life issues…the list goes on] didn’t push us APART but that they would be a catalyst to draw us closer together. Y’all, that takes actual effort. Because the hard things of life will draw you away from each other if you let it. The hard things of life will push you to isolate yourself from one another…but you can make a choice and a decision which will require effort on both parts, to do the opposite and run towards each other. Hold each other. Through the good, the bad. The failures and victories.

Yet, I digress. Back to the song.

The lyric – “I don’t love you/I always will” so captures the essence of marriage (in our opinion) because GUESS WHAT! There are times where you will not feel the magical rainbow butterflies floating in your belly. Particularly when your spouse does something to TICK you off. You will not “feel” love in that moment. Yet, you made a vow.

I always will.

I always will…

Love you.

Hold you.

Cherish you.

Stand by you.

Support you.

Encourage you.

Walk through the desert with you.

Climb the mountains with you.

Celebrate the victories with you.

Cry with you over the failures.

I always will.

I believe this is a decision that you make daily. The world and society would have you to think the opposite. The world tells us that when things are hard and the going gets tough, its okay to go. Commitment can even be seen as laughable nowadays. “Marriage isn’t a big deal…” people say. Yet, it is. You are making a lifelong commitment, a promise, a vow before God and before man that boils down to – when crap hits the fan, I’m not going to leave because “I always will.” When we are singing those lines, we are not actually saying “I don’t love you!!!” we are saying,

“You drive me crazy at times, but I will always choose you, I will always run to you, I will always love you. I ALWAYS WILL.”

There’s something so beautiful in that kind of commitment nowadays. This is why we decided to do a cover to this song. It so clearly covers how marriage feels at times, the ups and the downs, the mountains and valleys, coming down to the powerful commitment of, “I always will.” 

I hope you enjoy our cover to this song. Xo

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