Marriage Mondays: How I Met Your Father

I thought it would be fun to do some Marriage Monday’s flashbacks. That is, little snippets of the past!

Today I’m going to write about how I met Jose.

I met Jose through one of my best friend’s: Gabby. The first time I saw him was on a Third Friday event in Millville. To be honest, I didn’t think anything about him at all when I first met him.

I just thought, “Oh another new friend Gab made at her new school.” Then, we went to a football game and he was there. I remember thinking he was cute but that’s it. Jose back in his teen years was a hot mess. Always trying to fight people and a lot of drama! I thought of him as, “The friend of Gabby’s that I really need to pray for.” Gabby would always update me on his latest drama/saga.

Jose finally caught my eye at Gabby’s Sweet 16. He looked FINE!

It was the first time I ever saw him dressed up and he was handsome. He had a vest with a piano on it. Terrible fashion choice now, but I thought he had it going on. Still, he seemed like he had a lot of things going on so I made a mental note of his cuteness and didn’t think a lot about it.

Gabby started inviting him to church. He would come in with his baggy pants and baggy shirts. The more he came to church, the more I started noticing him, but I didn’t think we had much in common. It wasn’t the way he dressed, it just seemed like we both were completely different people. That all changed when one day, Jose went up for prayer, and asked God to change His life.  That’s when I started to pay a little more attention!

After that, we all went over to Gabby’s house. We started talking about our lives, interests, and hobbies. Jose and I seemed to have some things in common. My heart was skipping a beat. Fast forward a few days later and I hear my brother talking to him on the phone: my brother’s room was downstairs in the basement and I was above his room, which meant that if I listened through the vent I could hear everything he was saying.

You can bet I eavesdropped! I wanted to know what they were talking about. Soon, I realized I wanted to be the one talking to Jose on the phone so I called him to “check up on his salvation.” Jose gets a kick out of retelling this part of the story. I didn’t really know what good reason I had to call him so I told him I wanted to follow up to see how he was doing after Sunday and after his prayer! From there, I started asking him silly questions. If you know me, you know I get a thrill out of asking silly questions and listening to what people say. The more I talked to him, the more I liked him.

From that point on, I was SMITTEN. The funny thing is, I wasn’t the type to pursue someone or to pick up the phone and just call a guy. I was more old-fashioned and introverted. Nonetheless, I had to talk to this boy! So we started to talk on the phone regularly and through AIM. Guys, this was during the day of no cell phones. We had to talk to each other the “old fashioned way.”

Give it a few weeks later and we were on our first “date.” Valentine’s dinner at Adelphia’s. His gift to me was a stuffed animal and an origami rose. What can I say? We were broke! Not even sure how we paid for Adelphia’s. He wore this HIDEOUSLY UGLY shiny shirt that had Coqui Frogs and Puerto Rican flags. I remember thinking it was the ugliest shirt I ever saw, but it was too soon to tell him. It was a wrap. I was in L-O-V-E.

To be continued…


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