May 2014 bring us a full night of sleep.

The last time I left you, I was crying the blues about the sleep chronicles of my little guys…or the lack of sleep that was happening. We’ve gone back to swaddling. After trying all types of things, the only thing that seemed to work was being swaddled. I will just have to follow his cues as to when he’s ready to move on from it. He doesn’t roll back to front. I guess he likes to be constrained! Whatever works.

Josiah has decided he doesn’t want to sleep flat on his back we put him back in his Rock n’ Play. I’m sure I’m breaking ALL kinds of “rules” but I don’t care. Gotta do what will work for them and for us. They’re miserable when they don’t sleep, we’re miserable. Last night we actually had a decent night of sleep. I’ll take it! Sometimes I’m like “Dangit! We’re moving backwards!” But I have to remind myself every baby is different.

At the moment we’re dealing with some intense baby colds, particularly with Micah who sounds pretty awful. Josiah isn’t too bad thankfully. Called the doc, but since both boys are breathing fine and eating well, I just have to let it run its course.

I’m also trying to figure out child care for when I go back to work….I have two months to figure it out. Not gonna lie, definitely procrastinated but now it’s time to get down to business! Looked at some day cares and cried…I’m so friggen’ emotional ever since I had these boys! For goodness sakes, I cried over an episode of BOY MEETS WORLD. Really?! I kept thinking, “One day my boys are going to grow up and have to leave me too..” I think this was during the episode Cory and Topanga were running off to get married. Yup. I’m “that” mom. I’ve never been one to cry like that, but I cry over everything and anything now. I’m probably going to cry over the price of daycare when they get back to me. Daycare x 2. I only need part time. Nervous about hearing the price, last time I heard, part time daycare was about $600 a month. Now multiply that by 2. I wish my mom was retired or just didn’t work, but alas, that’s not a possibility. My mom is a nurse who LOVES her job. She’s not leaving without kicking and screaming. I can’t see her retiring. Ever. And I don’t expect her too. Why should she give up her life and something she loves? But still, she’s the person I trust the most. Another option is to look for someone who watches children in their home…a recommendation from a friend. I originally wanted someone to come here and watch the boys…but I know NO ONE. I feel weird about going to a site like because I don’t know any of those people personally. In the fall we are considering my husband leaving his job to watch the boys full-time. If it’s going to cost one of our salaries..than someone has to leave their job. This is hard.

Anyway, let’s end this on a happy note! 2013 brought me my baby boys! Let’s take a look…



ImageThey’ve grown so much!! Look at them now!


Don’t they just look so THRILLED to be taking a picture with Santa?


2013 was awesome but it also brought its trials. If you followed my blog you understand what I’m talking about…I’m glad we made it through!

My resolutions for this year?

1 – Get closer to God! Spend more time reading the Bible, praying, and all of that awesomeness.

2- Get rid of all debt.

3 – Eat healthier.

Those are the main 3. I have about a zillion more but that’s between me and my journal. Love you all and hope you have a beautiful and safe New Year!

7 thoughts on “May 2014 bring us a full night of sleep.

  1. Theresa says:

    I hate to tell you this, though it may be different where you live, but here there is no part time day care for infants if you are looking into a Day Care facility. I hated it because we are paying full time when I work part time, but its also come in handy on days where I need to go to an appointment or want to shift some work hours.
    Here’s hoping 2014 brings sleep – did you try the sleep suits yet?

    • roadtofertility says:

      Found part time day care options here but it’s pricey with two (as obviously you know) so we are still weighing our options! Micah didn’t like it too much, though Josiah didn’t seem to mind it! Lol.

  2. afamilyformcmanda says:

    a belated merry Christmas to you and all of your boys! they are so darn cute!
    good luck with the daycare search. it has been my demise more than once now to find a daycare situation I am comfortable with. I always knew I’d be a working mommy, but never did I have such fierce protective instincts as when it came to choosing someone to trust with my baby’s well being.
    happy new year… hope you slept right through it last night 🙂

  3. intunewithmyautoimmune says:

    Girl, do what you need to do to get sleep. My boy slept in his Rock and Play until he was rolling over in it (about 5 months). We still use the bottle before bed and he is one…he does not suck on it all night and his teeth are decay free for now, but it puts him to sleep so I will take the blame if he needs braces or can’t get a girl in college. I feel you trying to follow the books and then stick with reality. At the end of the day, none of us could raise the perfect child by the book so go with what works! Praying for your babies to get out of the hospital for good. Our childcare is different every day and I just have to remember the day of the week to find my child 🙂

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