My last Saturday night “alone.”

My husband’s last day at work is on Wednesday. This means that tonight I am spending my last Saturday night “alone.” I am excited! The Saturday nights where my husband works at night are pretty boring and uneventful. Don’t get me wrong, I get to hang out with the babies and play with them…that is always amazing – BUT, I don’t always feel like going out with the boys when I am on my own. It will be really nice to have him home with us for the summer. I also have comfort in knowing that there are some possibilities for him job wise as well when we are ready. I was speaking to a friend last night, and her husband is a post master and would be able to get him something part-time, which is great to know.

We are going to go forward with taking some time off and just enjoying the boys and each other again. We have the boys’ 1st birthday party in August and before that, we will be going away to Baltimore, MD to celebrate our five year anniversary. After their 1st birthday, we will be taking a week down at a shore house. Needless to say, it will be a busy summer. Last summer was filled with wedding related events (and lots of drama) and anticipating the arrival of our sons. This summer we can finally take a breather. We need this time.

During the day today, we spent time at the zoo. We had such a good time! One of the best parts of the day was that our trip to the zoo was freeeee. That’s always the best. Evidence of good times (forgive my blurry cell phone pics):


Micah happy to be with daddy.


Josiah with his uncle – my little bro!

It was a laid back day with friends and I’m so appreciative! It’s the little things. I am STILL in school. The last day for the students is on the 25th…this Wednesday. The last day for teachers is Thursday. FOUR MORE DAYS?! How am I going to do it?! The students are soooo over it and if I’m going to be honest – so am I! And I’ve only been there since March, I can’t even imagine what those who have been their since September are feeling. Love my students…but dang, let’s get this summer started please. I will be posting more frequently too since I will have more free time on my hands so get ready for your newsfeeds to be blown up! The boys will be 11 month this week. I can’t deal! I will post an update about it soon. Until the next time folks.


8 thoughts on “My last Saturday night “alone.”

  1. Theresa says:

    Is hubby eligible for unemployment? Like I said in a previous post a similar thing happened to my husband where he was essentially forced to quit. Usually you don’t qualify for unemployment if you quit but he had info to back him up (he made some reports to the higher ups and wrote a lengthy resignation letter explaining issues) and they granted it to him because he “did not resign voluntarily”. Just a thought.

    • Tales of a Twin Mombie says:

      Thanks Elisha! Me too! I have such a peace about the whole situation! Which is so weird for me… Because I freak out over everything lol

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