“How do you do it?” You just DO!


This weekend was a crazy weekend. I embarked on a variety of adventures with my boys. The majority of these adventures were solo. Just mommy and her boys. I didn’t care because I was determined. We would NOT spend another weekend TRAPPED in this prison house…so despite the fact that my husband worked, we busted out of this joint!!! And guess what?! It was well worth it! YES. Even when I carried the car seats and smiled in a this-is-excruciatingly-painful-and-difficult-omg-these-boys-are-getting-so-and-my-arms-are-falling-off type of way…it was worth it. Even though I have a slight backache and all I want at the moment is a nice massage…still worth it. I am mommy – HEAR ME ROAR!

If you read my last post, you also know I am hot mess, hear my cry/whine. But hey, we have our days. The days when I feel overwhelmed and like I’m doing an average job at this motherhood thing, and the days when I feel like I am standing on top of a mountain with my arms high ready to take on the world. I’m human…and completely, totally, imperfect…and completely, and totally okay with that. Or at least, trying to learn how to be okay with that.

Back to the story. This Friday we had our youth service an hour away, so my husband and I took the boys with us. They did really well. We’ve learned to put them in their sleeps when we have our youth service, so that as soon as we get home..we put them in their cribs and don’t have to go through the whole ordeal of waking them while we change them and all of that. We put on a fresh diaper before we leave our destination, and end up sleeping well as the boys sleep. It works out.

Saturday, my husband had to work, so I decided I was going to take the boys to visit their sweet great grandmother…my grandmother and my twin (not really obvi, but we look alike!). She was so happy to see them and they were so happy to get the extra cuddles in! From her house, I went to my cousin’s graduation party. They LOVED getting all the attention and all of the kisses. We stayed for a bit, then journeyed back to the house. This was solo since my husband worked most of the day. Not gonna lie, I was proud of myself! I know other twin moms who kick butt doing this stuff on a daily basis. I am a work in progress but my confidence is growing. The next day, we took the boys to see their sweet cousin get dedicated. Afterwards my husband had to go to work, so I took the boys to the after party. They did SOOOOO well yet again. Proud mom! Only because I remember the nightmarish colic we went through with Micah and to have a happy baby is rather lovely. Josiah is happy all of the time. I just want to squeeze his cheeks and legs all day.

Anyway, this is what I heard constantly:

 How do you do it?

I don’t know how you manage…

Do you do this on your own?! Wow!

And so forth, and so on. I feel like multiples are becoming so much more common now though, but in my family, I am the only one with multiples so they seem to be in shock and awe whenever we are around. They ask me the same thing over and over again, and I respond the same way:

You just do.

I mean truly, what are my options – to simply decide not to? “Ehh, I just don’t feel like it today…so I’m just not going to deal..” The reality is this – I am a mom of fraternal twin boys. They need me. Yes, they are practically my size, as I am a shrimpy 105 lb at 5 feet tall…but I don’t have any other option but to “keep calm” and “be their mom.” It is not a duty for me, it is something I have learned to love to do! In the beginning, I was wondering – WHAT THE HECK DID WE GET OURSELVES INTO?!! WHY DID WE WANT THIS? but as time went on, I learned to stop wishing their babyhood away. By that I mean, I used to think, “Man, can’t wait to get to ______ months so that we can get some sleep.” My mentality now is – please, please, stop growing! I want to snuggle and kiss those cheeks and legs for the rest of my life! When you have no option but to have to deal with your mom’s kisses! I am a weepy mess when I think of them growing up. I swore I would not be one of “those” moms…but alas, I am probably the president.

I am not a hero or someone to be admired because I am a mom of multiples. I am simply a wife, mom, teacher..person thing, navigating the new scary world of motherhood and learning to enjoy it all at the same time.

– If you’d like to keep up with frequent pics of the boys, feel free to follow me on Instragram (in the sidebar)! I will get some pics up for their eight month mark which is in two days. AHHH.

5 thoughts on ““How do you do it?” You just DO!

  1. Bree says:

    Ahh, the dreaded questions. You did good mama! Very brave and empowering all the same. I feel exactly like you do more days than not. But you DO adapt. After all, we don’t have a choice right? I think that’s the misconception….the average person forgets that they too adapted..regardless of how many they had at once. 😉 Hang in there, the more you do it, the easier it gets! *Hugs!*

  2. randomsqueaks says:

    Wow. I could write this post! I was a crying, sniveling mess yesterday but after what I now consider to be a good nights sleep, I feel like I can actually do it. You’re so right too, that we can’t just check out and not be mommy for the day, no matter how much we may want to. Happily, I’m still wishing away the sleepless nights but starting to wish the (good days) would slow down.

  3. sparrow says:

    I know what you mean. There’s really no better answer when people ask, “How do you do it.” You just do. And it works out somehow! Babies are amazing. My husband already talks about how we’re going to be so sad when they leave for college, which is funny (since they’re only 10 months 🙂 )

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