New name..but more importantly, Happy 6 months babies!! AHH.

I finally made a new name. Thanks everyone for your support and suggestions! Glad to be moving forward!

Guess what? This Sunday the boys officially hit the 6 month mark. Here is a pic:


Can’t wait to go to their six month visit to see how much they weigh and how much they’ve grown. That’s next week. We are going to be dedicating them in March. They will be eight months…lol. I’m REALLY late. In our faith, we basically pick out Godparents and have the pastor pray for them in church, and that’s the end of it. I wanted it to be in March so that I will be at work and can host a nice big dinner. Other husband and I are also officially the youth leaders of our church. We will be relaunching the youth ministry in two weeks and will be busy busy busy. A good kind of busy! We’re both excited for this opportunity.

Back to the boys. They both roll a lot now and are getting ready for teeth..which means lots and lots of drool. A full night’s sleep is still not on the horizon. In fact, one of our little ones woke up FOUR times last night. FOUR!! My husband and I each have a baby we tend to at night and we take turns lol. So my husband was up a lot last night. We’ve decided not to really expect a full night of sleep so that we aren’t disappointed when we don’t get it. In fact, my husband has decided to use his wake times to be productive. So he deals with some of his work issues, church related items..e-mails, all of that. We’re insane. I use the time to catch up on reading…so I’ve gone through a crazy load of books so far. There are good nights where they only wake up once or twice. The majority hasn’t been too bad. People tell me, “Oh, my three year old still wakes up all the time.” Um, not exactly encouraging to a sleep deprived mom of twins! Haha.

I mentioned a few blogs ago that my husband and I had my niece over for a few nights because her mom was on a medical missions trip to Jamaica. I loveee my niece and she lovessss her cousins. Here is the evidence…


She knows how to thoroughly entertain my little bear. Much appreciated!


I leave you with a pic that adequately shows off their personalities.

Happy 6 months, my little miracles! Life is so much sweeter because of you.


4 thoughts on “New name..but more importantly, Happy 6 months babies!! AHH.

  1. Bree says:

    I absolutely LOVE the new look! It suits you well… 😉 Refocusing isn’t always a bad thing. I’m sure you’ll fair well chic! 🙂 Many hugs… ~Bree~

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