Not leaving the hospital.

What a day. Stayed overnight in the hospital, couldn’t get comfortable and just thinking about everything. This thing caught me by surprise.

So my blood pressure is not too bad. My last urine will be at 3 pm and then they will analyze it which could take a couple of hours. My doctor wouldn’t give me clear answers about whether or not I would be staying, delivering soon…etc. When I asked him about the wedding and explained the dilemma he said there was a chance I could still go and we would play it by ear and blah blah blah. Enter Doctor Sue.

So in comes the doctor covering for my doctor, Doctor Sue. Whoaaaa. She spelled it all out to me flat out.

Me: Doctor, will I be able to go home today?

Doctor Sue: “No, you’re not leaving the hospital if I have my way. You’re a sick girl and preeclampsia doesn’t get better, it only gets worse. The only thing that will make it better is to deliver your babies. If I can have it my way, you will be delivering as soon as possible.”

Me – “But…but…my doctors said..”

Doctor Sue: “Your doctors are trying to appease you and make you happy. I’m going to be flat out with you. Around here I’m known as “Mean Sue” and I don’t care. I have no other interests except what is in the best interest for you and those babies. I don’t care about politics. The fact is, you are spilling lots of protein and you worked too hard to have babies to put these babies at risk. ย What happens if you go and have a seizure? You’ll be okay but your babies will lose oxygen. Life happens. You’re not going.”

Point taken. Reality check. Much needed.

At least we have clear answers from someone.

A couple of hours later another doctor, who works with Doctor Sue came in,
Doctor Ri. Doctor Ri basically told me the same thing. He said if my urine test comes back with tons of protein, I could even deliver TODAY. TODAY. Omg omg omg. Not ready not ready not ready. The anticipation is building! I will know within several hours. Since we didn’t have clear answers yesterday, hubby went into work this morning. My mom stayed with me and is now out getting my hospital bag ready and picking me up some yummy food. My parents cancelled their vacation (they were leaving Sunday). No one else knows what’s going on with us.

I want to let my husband’s family know what’s up (his mom and two siblings – his brother is the one getting married) and I want our pastors to know along with my brothers..and that’s pretty much it. No Facebook announcement or play by play…and once we have our C Section I will probably keep things hush hush for a day or so. I want to enjoy my babies. Plus, they will likely spend some time in NICU.

This is all so surreal. Darn you preeclampsia !! Things were going so smoothly. Thanks for the love and continue to keep me and my babies in your prayers!

To keep calm I’ve been listening to some of my favorite worship songs and meditating.

18 thoughts on “Not leaving the hospital.

  1. gatorgrl2 says:

    Sending lots of prayers your way! Your babies will be perfect, try not to stress! And no one is ever ready… No matter when they come! Also praying your bff doesn’t give you any flack about the wedding cause that is the last thing you need. Hugs.

  2. Valerie says:

    I hope it all goes well!! I’m glad everyone agrees that the wedding wouldn’t be a good idea (but I’m sorry you’ll be missing it). Big *hugs*!!

  3. futuresoccermom says:

    I’ve been thinking about you!! I just want to say, hopefully to make you feel better, that I just delivered my twins at 34 weeks 6 days. One came home right away, the other did need two weeks in the NICU but she’s totally fine and is coming home tomorrow. 34 weeks with twins is great and they, and you, are going to be just fine!!!

    • roadtofertility says:

      Thanks for the encouragement !! I really needed to hear that, especially coming from a mommy of twins who delivered early! Nurses keep reassuring me as well, but in an ideal world it would have been nice to go full term! But the goal is happy healthy babies and mommy! With preeclampsia, the best way to say goodbye to it is to deliver early. Glad to hear your babies are doing well and so pumped you will have them BOTH at home! Yay!

  4. JustMe says:

    Wow. Today?? Good luck! Take care of yourself and the babies. Your doctor is right, it should put everything else in perspective. That is all you need to do is try to stay calm and healthy.

  5. mamacita says:

    Ive no Idea who you are…but you are a fellow mum, human being, spirit…I wish you all the best. Sounds like you are in caring, practical hands, which is what you need right now. Best of luck!

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