One more round, let it be the last hopefully!

This week I had my ultrasound and blood work (Wednesday). They called me and told me to start taking Estrace one pill orally. That dosage will then increase and then I go in for more blood work and another ultrasound on Wednesday.

When I went to the appointment to confer with the head nurse (Elizabeth) and she told me that it looked like I was going to be getting another visit from Aunt Flo because my lining wasn’t so great. When she told me that I was like wait…what? I was NOT a happy camper. I spoke to her about how horrible I get it (the last time I spoke with another nurse about it, Elizabeth was on vacation) and she was like “Oh no! That’s terrible!” and wrote me a prescription for Zofran which is usually what they give to pregnant women who experience severe nausea during pregnancy. I also have some Percoset left over from the last time and my doctor told me to take two as needed when I am experiencing severe pain. I took a day off from work for the whole appointment. I work as a teacher so I had a sub in for me the whole day on Wednesday. THEN, when I got back on Thursday I had meetings for half of the day so I had a sub in there for half of the day for me.

So yesterday I started spotting a bit and feeling cramping so I thought I was going to get Aunt Flo in full force. In preparation for that, I took two Percoset before work because I didn’t want to have to miss another day…STUPID STUPID STUPID! I have noooo idea what I was thinking when I did that. Thankfully I work about two minutes away so I didn’t experience any of the effects of the medication until I was actually at my job. I felt ridiculously tired! Thank the Lord that I had meetings for the first half of the day so I did not have to any teaching, I just had to sit. By the time I had to teach the medication wore off. If it hadn’t worn off, my friend was going to give me a ride home.

So pretty much nothing happened yesterday except for some spotting and cramping. Of course this morning, at 5:55…there it is in full force! I felt the severe sharp pain on my left ovary that usually accompanies my monthly and had to take a sick day from work. So here I am today. Sitting at home, lying around on tons of pain killers and on Zofran. So far, so good. No throwing up or anything. I’m hoping that Zofran continues to work miracles and that I do not throw up. At this point, I can handle the pain more than I can handle the constant nausea. Tomorrow should not be so bad. The only thing that bums me out is that I was supposed to have date night tonight with the hubster. 🙁 He told me he is going to take time to Christmas shop for me. I think I can handle that.

How is everyone else doing with their fertility treatments? Have a lovely Friday everyone!

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