One week to go until I start meds again.

So, in about a week I will be expecting AF and will be on “Cycle Day 1” which means I will start taking a bunch of meds again to get ready for the transfer. I am NOT looking forward to AF at all. The past two have been horrible because the medication that usually works for me and relieves the pain is on the no-no list for what I’m not supposed to take. SO…I fight it off with Tylenol which is pretty much like eating candy..completely ineffective. On top of that, we will be staying over our Pastor’s house (they live in DE..our church is in DE, but we live an hour away in NJ) because my husband will be traveling with our Pastor on Sunday to another church and I will be hanging out with my Pastor’s wife and her kids. Usually this would be a fun occasion..a reason for me to eat like a beast because they are amazing cooks and a reason to sit around watching things like “My Fair Wedding” and “Project Runway.” However, I am supposed to be getting AF sometime this weekend..most likely on that Monday. I told my husband that if  do get it…than sorry, but I am staying home. There is no possible way I am going to be super sick and throwing up at another person’s house..let alone, my Pastor’s house. Nope. I will take my own bed, thank you.

Needless to say…I’m hoping that AF comes a few days early and I get it NOW..or that is prolongs itself a bit.

On the other hand, the good thing about it all is that once I start my meds again I will feel like I am on my way again and on the “trying” mode. I have felt so restless doing nothing but waiting for AF to come so we can start getting ready for a transfer. In addition, worries plague my mind. Worries about my frosties not thawing out correctly…I just really don’t want anything to go wrong. I don’t know if my heart can take it at that point.

I don’t look forward to calling my pharmacy and arguing with them about my meds. My prescription company is awful. They cover everything, but I am literally constantly on the phone with them all the time. In fact, my RE faxed over my meds to them on 10/26 and I still haven’t heard anything. I will be dealing with that madness tomorrow. The good thing is that I still have enough meds left from the last cycle to start us off again.

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