Our Birth Story

It was a seemingly normal Wednesday on July 24, 2013. It was the week of my best friend’s wedding and I was super excited that it was the week of her wedding and I had made it this far. After all, I had just spent $350 on alterations for my dress and had finally picked the dress up. It was also the day of my boring routine doctor’s appointment. These appointments were annoying because they took literally TWO SECONDS. Pee in a cup, “how do you feel?”, “have a nice day.” I would venture out of my comfortable home to hear the same thing every time. BLEH. So off I went on my own since my husband was in Philadelphia (about an hour away) doing some training for his new position at his job. I did the typical, pee in a cup, play on my iPhone in the office…the usual. When I was called back I sat down in the room and continued to mess with my phone. The nurse dipped her little stick into my urine and seemed alarmed at the result. “Uh oh..let me double-check your blood pressure.” She then disappeared into the hallway and I heard her talking with the doctor. I heard the words “L&D” and started to get nervous. One of the doctor’s of the practice came in and told me that they were going to send me to L&D because I was showing some symptoms of preclampsia. Forget it..at those words I burst into tears immediately as she tried to console me. “My best friend’s wedding is this Saturday! And I’m the maid of honor!” I blubbered. They tried to calm me down and get a hold of someone to be with me. My husband was an hour away, my mom was working in the ER at the hospital, and my dad was two hours away. They were able to get a hold of my mom who slipped away from the ER to meet me in L&D.

Once I was in L&D, they hooked me up to the machines, checked my blood pressure, and my urine once more. I wasn’t showing any signs of preterm labor, no contractions or dilation or anything. When the doctor came in I begged her to let me go home. She was sympathetic and said she would monitor my numbers and see what happened. She came back and told me she wanted me to stay the night. I agreed in hopes that they would release me the next day. They wanted to do a test where I pee in a  container for 12-24 hours (don’t remember the specifics) so they could continue to monitor the protein in my urine.  My husband came to the hospital and stayed with me. Since I was sure I wasn’t going to be having the babies I insisted he go back to Philadelphia the next day to continue his training. He obliged. I was still certain I was going to manage to get out of the hospital. During the day the doctors kept checking up on me as I tried to convince them to let me go home. Most were sympathetic until I met this one doctor who told me flat-out in short – NOW WAY, NO HOW. YOU’RE HERE TO STAY. She basically explained that my doctors were probably trying to appease me but since she didn’t know me she didn’t care about my feelings. She wanted me to have the babies as soon as possible because I was in danger. She said to me, “You’re a sick woman. The only way to make you better is to get these babies out.” She also explained that if I left the hospital I would be putting my babies in serious danger. That’s all I needed to hear. The whining stop and reality hit me – this was much more important than a wedding or anything else. This was everything my husband and I had prayed for..after all that we went through why on earth would I put my babies at risk?! No brainer – I wasn’t leaving. They wanted me to stay over one night and they would make a final decision in the morning after they spoke to a high-risk doctor and my doctor once more. They moved me into a labor room though…because everyone knew I was going to be delivering sooner than later.

Off I went.

Fast forward to my favorite part. Being in L&D in a labor room was the best experience of ALL. Why? MY NURSES WERE AMAZING. When I say amazing…I am not exaggerating. Amazing. My first nurse, I will call her T…was so motherly with me. She made me feel so comfortable and safe and was great with my family. She told me that she was certain that I would be delivering the next day. She was amazing.

They told me I would be delivering in the morning. The night went by okay but was a bit uncomfortable being hooked up to all the machines and being checked constantly. Anytime I would start to doze off, someone would be in checking me out. When the morning arrived, I was nervous and anxious. I WAS GOING TO BE HAVING TWINS. It felt really surreal.

My husband I realized that we hadn’t settled on baby names and needed to make the decision – NOW. We talked about and felt confident about Micah and Josiah, strong biblical names with strong biblical meanings. A few hours passed and it was time. Now or never.


The last picture we have of our two person family, that would soon become four.


As they prepped me for the C-Section, I still felt like I was in disbelief. Everything that we had gone through in the past few years seemed to have led us to this very moment. I would be meeting my twin boys. Two of them!!! A fact I don’t think seriously hit me, until they pulled the second baby out after the first – oh, there was really another baby in there? Oh, okay.


Looking completely glamorous.

It went by really quickly without much pain. The only thing that didn’t go smoothly was when they were putting the needle in my back, the first time they did it, it felt like I was being electrocuted. After they did it the second time, it was okay. The process itself went smoothly. They first pulled out Micah. They brought him to me so that I could see him. I gave him a kiss and immediately felt like throwing up from all of the meds that were being pumped into me! Our first meeting:


Love at first kiss.

Josiah came out next and I knew there were some issues because he was much quieter and there was a lot going on around him. We didn’t get to hold him for long. I would later find out that some fluid entered his lungs, which he was treated for while he was in the NICU. My husband was able to hold our little guy.


Josiah was very pale, too pale. We didn’t get to hold him for long.

After that, I was wheeled to the NICU on my hospital bed to see both of my boys. It was difficult knowing that I had to leave them in there. It felt completely surreal and abnormal. I spent time in recovery for the next few days and visited my babies constantly. I didn’t feel like the recovery from the C-Section was difficult. The hardest part was not being able to get up as much as I wanted to, but other than that, it wasn’t an awful experience. I was grateful for an amazing L&D team and amazing doctors that brought my two little miracles into the world. Here are some extra pictures:









All worth it.

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