Our day at Sesame Place! Toddler Adventures.

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Summer has “officially” begun for me and my little family! My last day of work was last Wednesday. The next day we had a trip planned to Sesame Place! I was super excited because it was our first theme park trip with the boys and this theme park is dedicated to little ones so I was super pumped! I did my research for a bit and had this trip planned for a few months. Little ones under the age of two get in for free and so this added to the appeal of the place for me. This meant we only had to pay for me and the hubby and we were able to get our tickets for $52 each with a free second visit for each of us to be used again at some point this year. The tickets also came with a free meal for each of us. Winning! I wanted to be super prepared for this trip and also not have to spend a lot of money. Fail. Parking cost $16 and I bought the fast passes which we didn’t end up using at all. Oh well! Anyway, we brought the following:

  • Cooler
  • Two strollers (We skipped the double because it’s heavy)
  • Towels for all
  • Change of clothes for all
  • Tons of snacks (grapes, crackers, snacks for me and the hubs, apple sauce squeezers)
  • Drinks and sippy cups (Honest Juice and Water)
  • Swim diapers and regular diapers and wipes
  • Sunblock
  • Water shoes for all and regular shoes

 I felt pretty prepared! We arrived when the park opened and secured a great parking spot. We spent most of our time in the water park and in the little kiddie pools. We found an empty beach chair and parked all of our stuff there for the day.     We got a locker and ended up putting the cooler into the locker later when we were ready to hit the dry rides. The wet side – there were a few kiddie pools for the boys to play in. They had slides and other things that were better suited for kids who were a little older, but we came into it knowing that the boys wouldn’t be able to go on everything so we were okay with it! They also had a dry section within the wet section with a few slides and some little activities for the little guys to play. In between the kiddie pools, the boys went on the slide! We did try the lazy river and it was amazing and awful all in one. Of course we had one twin, Micah who didn’t mind it at all. Then, we had another twin, Josiah, who HATED it! And I mean really and truly HATED it. He cried/screamed and then flipped my husband over somehow and my husband ended up cutting his hand. After that disastrous time, we went back into the kiddie pools and hung out some more and also ate lunch from our cooler. We decided it was time to hit the dry rides and headed over.

We also wanted to just put them in their strollers and walk around a little bit, so that’s we did. The boys loved taking in the sights and were really relaxed. We looked at the rides and decided against putting the boys on them for a few different reasons – each ride said that every person on the ride needed to be able to hold on with one hand on their own and other stipulations. I wasn’t sure the boys were “ready” and decided to do a few things that they could enjoy.  They had a few sections that seemed designed with toddlers in mind so we had fun there! One section had little tunnels and foam blocks and toys for the kids to mess around with.     

JoJo enjoyed sitting on the beach chair and relaxing. Can’t say I blame him!

I can’t tell who was having more fun!

Fun little section for the tots!

Colorful, bright, and cute!

This part was fun! We had to climb up with the boys, but once we got up there it was fun!

Crazy hair, wrinkled dress, and baby in tow!

Tunnel vision!

All in all it was a really positive and fun experience! Our tickets came with a free meal and this is where my only complaint comes in. When we went into the Elmo’s dining section, we had to wait forever for our meal. The way this place works is that you go in, order, and are given a buzzer with a number on it. You can sit wherever you want and the food is supposed to be delivered to you table. The problem that came in was that our food took FOREVER to get delivered to us. We had to go up to the register and found out they accidentally gave our food away. At this point we had cranky toddlers, so we went back to our seats and had to wait some more. Finally, my husband went up to a worker and she FINALLY helped us. That was the only part that got me upset and it seemed like the workers were apathetic about the whole thing. Besides THAT, it wasn’t a bad experience. We wouldn’t have gone in for a meal but since it came free with our tickets we wanted to take advantage of it.

I would go back to Sesame Place and WILL go back probably in December for their Christmas special, since that will be our free visit. I would say to bypass Abby Magic Queue because we didn’t end up using it at all. The time that we went, which was a weekday, wasn’t too insanely crazy so the lines were manageable. I would recommend buying tickets, parking, and any other extras online because it saved time – when you’re with a toddler the last thing you want to do is wait around. Overall, if you’re on the East Coast and looking for a cute place to take your little one, I would say to stop by Sesame Place. There are parades, activities, a fun water section, and the park is small and not overwhelming. There are also tons of places to eat around Sesame Place (outside of Sesame Place) that are within walking distance so you don’t have to buy food from the park. We also packed everything in our cooler. Overall, it was a blast and an awesome way to start our summer!

A great day – these boys crashed on the way home! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Our day at Sesame Place! Toddler Adventures.

  1. randomsqueaks says:

    Did they nap? We’re going to Disney in a couple months and nap time is my biggest concern. I’m hoping to take our big double stroller because the seats recline and it has a massive sunshade, which I’m hoping will get my twins to nap so we can stay out longer.
    I remember going to Sesame Place once as a kid and I loved it. I vaguely remember a water slide and foam stuff but I do remember it being a lot of fun. Disneyworld is a ten hour drive for us but it’s much much closer to us than Sesame Place.

    • Tales of a Twin Mombie says:

      They napped on the way there and on the way home fortunately. It was an hour away from where we live. My friends go to Disney every summer and they basically go as soon as the park opens, take a break during nap time and go back to their condo, and then head back to the park for any evening festivities or parades. She has a seven year old, a three year old, and an almost one year old.

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