Our trip to the Philadelphia Zoo!

Last week, my mom and I spontaneously decided to take the boys to the Cape May Zoo. We had a great time and amazing weather. It was in the eighties, but missing the nightmarish humidity that had been plaguing us for the majority of the summer.

When I came home and bragged  told my husband about what we did, he said he wanted to go to the Philadelphia Zoo on Saturday. He hadn’t been, and it was killing him that I was having such a blast with the boys while he toiled away at work. Sorry, not sorry. Just kidding. Kind of. When I looked into pricing, I saw it was a little pricey, BUT membership wasn’t bad at all. We decided to become members for a year! Membership benefits include free access to the zoo for a year, free parking, and 10% of all merchandise and food. Not bad at all!

We had such a good time. The weather was humid and muggy, but we got there as soon as it opened on Saturday (I’m a stickler for getting to places early and when it opens since I hate crowds!), so it was perfect. We brought the stroller, but took the boys out and let them walk around with us most of the time.  We made sure they didn’t fall into a gorilla pit (rest in peace Harambe) and needless to say, it was uneventful in that way! Hooray!

The Philadelphia Zoo is a gorgeous zoo with such a variety of animals and historical fact alert; it’s the nation’s FIRST zoo. One of the millions reasons to love Philly . So if you haven’t visited it or if you don’t live around here, take an East Coast vacation and add this place to the list of places to check out. We plan on going for a date day as well sometime soon, so we can actually read the signs and take a minute to slow down. If you have toddlers, you understand that spending more than five minutes at an exhibit is probably not a possibility. Still, a fab time was had by all.

It was also a first for my husband AND the boys, so it was cool to see them all experience the zoo in that way. We stayed for a few hours, and once it started getting super muggy, peaced out. All in all, a successful day.

IMG_9517 IMG_9514  IMG_9534 IMG_9544 IMG_9550 IMG_9559 IMG_9578 IMG_9582

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