Pharmacy drama.

Spent most of yesterday dealing with my prescription mail order company. I decided that I officially dislike those people and that company. The last time we needed out fertility meds we were able to get them through Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy and they were pretty awesome to deal with. This time, we had to go through my actual prescription company and I did not like my dealings with them.

My RE faxed over everything to them multiple times, followed up with them by calling, I followed up with them by calling, and as of yesterday they were still a complete mess! They told me they didn’t have my order in the system and that my nurse cancelled the order. When I reported that information to my RE’s office they were angry because the nurse that they said supposedly cancelled my prescription was not even in the state when they said she cancelled it! She was on vacation in Florida. I don’t know where they got their information but it was totally false. The nurses told me that this particular prescription company is horrible to work with and kept apologizing for this nightmare. Plus, I have never had a problem before when it came to my meds and my RE. They have always been completely on top of things…so I knew something was amiss with this company! On top of all that, they were back ordered on progesterone and asked me if I could “wait” until November 16th. How about NO, I need my meds by THIS weekend! Don’t they understand that fertility meds are pretty time sensitive? I have officially spoken with these people at least SIX times as of today.

The good news is that they finally got their act together and are shipping out my meds so that I have them by tomorrow. Of course, I had to pay a little extra out of pocket in order to get it in for tomorrow..which is slightly frustrating since THEY are the ones that dropped the ball. But at this point, whatever it takes, I need my meds ASAP.

Now I am simply waiting for my darling AF to come. Can you note my sarcasm? My last two AF’s have been absolutely pure torture, I wouldn’t wish the pain on my worst enemy. I even have a pair of emergency sub plans laying out on my desk for Tuesday just in case I get it Sunday or Monday and can’t go in. Endometriosis is the worse! I am looking forward to at least getting started on this second leg of my journey through infertility. I want so badly to be pregnant.

For now I will do my best to enjoy this five day weekend. I ordered two books through Amazon. One of them is on infertility/adoption and is called “Hannah’s Hope” and the other is just a good fiction book to keep me entertained. I do look forward to enjoying this break for the most part. I need it. Let’s gooo.

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