Reasons I love the “Almost Two” age

The boys are “almost two.” This July, they will officially turn TWO years old. UM, where did the little peanuts go?! They are looking like little boys and no longer like babies which is bittersweet. Yet, I find that the older they get the more fun I seem to have with them! I am actually LOVING this age. Despite the non-sensical toddler tantrums that arise which you can read about here , this age has turned out to be pretty fun ! Here’s why:

1. They have developed personalities that are more distinct by the day.

The personalities that have made an appearance are so interesting. Micah is extra sensitive and loves his “cheche” which is what we call milk in our house (Spanish word for milk is “leche” and they say “cheche”) but is also a little sneak. After he has finished all of his milk, he will try to take his brother’s while his bro doesn’t notice what’s happening. Before anyone knows what’s happened, he’s finished off Jo-Jo’s milk. Jo-Jo LOVES the guitar and anything musical. His face lights up when he’s holding his guitar and he even knows how to hold it like an adult. I also think he’s left-handed! Jo-Jo is adventurous and fun loving. H is FEARLESS while Micah is fearful – something we are trying to break him out of. Nonetheless, it’s so cool to see these little guys flourish into people with opinions. Sometimes it’s scary (tantrums anyone?!) but overall it’s been a true joy.

2. They enjoy going outside and playing ALL the time.

These kids adore the great outdoors.

They are absolutely thrilled to pieces whenever they have the chance to go outside. They are constantly asking, “Outside? Outside?” and when we take them outside you would think we took them to Disney World. Now that the weather is so much better, we are outside every single day. It helps out a ton because they entertain themselves and get to expend all of that energy that they have! We take them on walks to the park almost every other day or so, they play in the backyard every day, or they get to have little trips in their bicycles, which they love. I also try to take them out for a stroll when I can. My plan in the summer is to take them on a morning walk every morning. Can’t wait until this school year is over! School until June 24th? Really though?

3. They LOVE to get out of the house and are amazing whenever I take them to the stores. It’s like a field trip for them.

My favorite places to go with the boys are Target (duh! I’ve written about my affinity for Target many times) and also BJ’s because they have so many cool carts to put the boys in.

They love getting out and about and are really fabulously behaved when we go out. My goal this summer is to take them out and about as much as humanly possible.

4. They are enjoying things they once seemed to hate.

My kids hated bath time and didn’t seem to be big fans of swimming or water in general. Now?! The are obsessed. Literally, they are outraged every time they hear us run the water and not put them in the “ba? ba?” How dare we! But it has made bath time a much more pleasant experience. My husband got “them” a slip and side (he said it was for the boys, the picture convinces me it may have been for him haha) and they love it and we also just got them a little pool which they are all over. Whoo!

Sure this is for “the boys.” I believe you.

5. They can communicate their wants and needs easier, which in turn, makes life a bit easier.

With signing and simply being able to talk more, the’ve been communicating their needs to us much better. When they are finished with something, they let us know. If they want to do something, they let us know what they want to do whether it’s go outside, watch Special Agent Oso (which we don’t watch often), or if it’s color or even if they want us to take out the guitars. Their communication skills improving has made it much easier because when they tell us what they want, we can respond and this reduces meltdowns! Plus, hearing their little toddler voices? Adorable!

6. They love to roughhouse and play around with us, and especially with their dad. It’s a man’s world in my house.

The pictures speak volumes.

I love this age. I love these boys SO much. They’re just such a blast! If you’re in the same age range as us, what are you loving about this age?! Do share 🙂

This time goes by really quickly. We blink, and they are toddlers. We blink again, and they are teens. I’m doing all that I can do truly cherish and celebrate every age and all of the joys that come with it. Of course there are the struggles too…but in the end, I can’t help but celebrate the blessings of God that I get to witness every single day.

8 thoughts on “Reasons I love the “Almost Two” age

  1. afamilyformcmanda says:

    This is so ironic, but I was just thinking about writing a post titled “the butt head stage” because that is what I think about my son being 21 months old. I guess we are interpreting our sons’ toddlerness in different ways! 🙂 but I’m certain my son is 75% butt head.

    • Tales of a Twin Mombie says:

      Haha! I definitely have seen a lot of “butt-headed-ness” happening as well, but I decided I had posted a lot about tantrums and all of my woes that it was time for a different post! This stage is certainly filled with lots of interestingness, that’s for sure!

  2. randomsqueaks says:

    I love this! My two are a few months behind yours but they’re so much fun too. Yes, there are the tantrums (we call it jellyfishing because V especially goes boneless and then flops around like a fish) but when they’re happy, life is just so good. Both of mine love rough housing with daddy too, and any sort of water. Must be the age. I think Daddies start to feel more involved too because there’s more interaction at this stage.

    • Tales of a Twin Mombie says:

      Ha!! Jellyfishing is an amazing term. My guys act like it’s the end of the world and follow us around screaming (one in particular does it more often than the other). They LOVE rough housing!

  3. Janie says:

    Hi! I’ve being reading your post for some time now…and you’ve inspired me to start my own blog. I have twin boys, 21 months….it’s been tough but getting better everyday. Your pregancny story is amazing and a testament to faith.

    • Tales of a Twin Mombie says:

      Wow! I’m so encouraged by that! Amazing! I will definitely check out your blog! Twin parenting is by far the most difficult yet rewarding thing I have EVER done!

  4. Amy Hawley says:

    I have twin girls, turning 2 on Labor Day. My favorite thing about them right now is watching their love for each other. I constant look over and see them hugging and kissing each other. It makes me teary. They are seriously so sweet, how blessed we all are.

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