Reflux and baby to me.

I really enjoyed everyone’s responses from my last post about baby sleep. So many helpful tips from moms..I love that. I am kind of a lone ranger where I live when it comes to my little ones so I appreciate all the help and advice I get from my fellow bloggers! So a lot of people commented about dealing with reflux with their infants as well..OH LORDDDD. Reflux. Not fun.

Micah has particularly bad the point where he screams in the middle of his feedings and is such a fussy baby. Can I be real? Most of the time he is miserable…which in turn makes me miserable. I was starting to wonder if he knew how to smile..but my mom was able to coax one out of him….

IMG_0769 so I know it’s possible. It’s like he doesn’t know that he’s allowed to be awake and not cry. When he is awake..he cries most of the time. It can happen so quickly. One minute he’s hanging out, the next minute – total meltdown. Here’s a pic of the usual:


The only thing that really works to calm him is his bouncy..and as you can see, it doesn’t always work. This can mean screaming for hours. I feel so bad for him because I know it’s not a fun experience for him..and he always seems like he’s in so much pain. A trip to the GI left us with him taking Prilosec twice a day. The Prilosec helps him to complete his feedings succesfully but doesn’t take away the screaming that happens throughout the day. Josiah for the most part is a really happy baby. He’s always cooing and smiling. He loves to have conversations and “talk” back when you talk to him. It’s the sweetest.

IMG_1446 IMG_0768

Typical Josiah. Smiley to the max. He has reflux too but he only spits up a bit and isn’t on any it’s not too bad, and it obviously doesn’t affect his demeanor. I just want to be able to experience a happy Micah! But I tell myself..”This too shall pass..” everyone, including doctors, keep telling me that he will outgrow it..hopefully sooner than later.

My second subject is that of baby colds. Has your baby experienced a cold yet? For those who have kept up with my posts you know that Micah caught RSV and was hospitalized for three weeks and intubated for ten days..basically he fought for his life and came out on top, praise God..but it’s left me traumatized.

On top of it all, Mr. Josiah (11 weeks tomorrow) recently caught a cold and has developed a cough. Took him to the doctor and the doctor isn’t too concerned because he’s breathing normally, eating fine, and is otherwise okay besides having a runny nose and a sporadic cough. I just don’t want it to take a turn for the worse like Micah did..but I guess it’s a good sign that they didn’t send us to the ER..we’ve just been monitoring him closely. Micah has also been exposed to Josiah and has also been coughing very randomly. and is otherwise okay too..he goes to see his pulmonologist on Monday so I will feel better once we head over there and he gets checked out..but so far everyone is okay. The doctor thinks this could be just a normal baby cold. This just goes to show me that despite isolation, minimal visitors, and excellent handwashing…there are some things beyond my control. I did all that I could do and he still came down with a cold…I can’t control everything and need to stop blaming myself for these things..but still, it does suck…and yeah it does scare me a bit after all we’ve gone through.

Anyway, my two questions are

1 – what is your experience with reflux? If your infant has it, what have you been using to help it out or treat it? Theresa, a fellow mommy twin blogger, recommended this site which has some super cool wedge/pillow options that would be considered safe for babies. If your LO is on meds, what kind? Any advice for soothing the extreme fussiness?

2 – What has been your experience with your LO having a cold? I know that not all colds are RSV…so do share the good, the bad, and the ugly and what has helped as well. We havebeen suctioning and using VICKS dehumidifier.

Thanks Mom’s for all of your feedback. It’s helpful and I love to try things that have worked for others..because it just may work for us! For now, I leave you with one thing that has helped with calming Micah :


Babywearing. Thank you Baby K’tan.


11 thoughts on “Reflux and baby to me.

  1. Theresa says:

    This is really almost impossible advice if you have twins,but I’ll pass it on. I have in the past seen babies with reflux as a speech therapist. You can try feeding less quantity wise more often. It seems their tummies can handle the smaller amounts better. However, like I said, you have two. It was recommened to me with Abby and I just couldn’t make it happen without being strapped to the couch 24/7. Her reflux was not that bad though, so we just pushed through.

  2. Shanna says:

    The boys are sooo cute! PJ caught a cold over the summer and we had our first nervous mommy trip to the doctor. And of course by the time she came in he was all smiley and perfectly fine! But it was scary all the same. All I could do since he was too little for Tylenol was give him extra cuddles, which I guess worked because he was fine in no time 🙂

    • roadtofertility says:

      Thank you!! Colds in the summer are the worst because it just feels’s the summer after all! Micah ironically caught his RSV in the summer..weirdness. I’m glad PJ’s cold was simple..he seems like such a happy little guy!!

  3. futuresoccermom says:

    So here’s my experience with both:

    Reflux – my twins are on Zantac for it and it helps a bit. DD still spits up a LOT and can be very uncomfortable. The best lesson I’ve learned for that is to burp her 5,000 times a feeding. It’s annoying and she cries while being burped but it’s the best way to combat the food coming back up. In addition, she stays upright for as long as possible after eating – up to a half hour if possible. I’ll hold her for a while and eventually put her in the bouncer but never flat. She also used to be super fussy all the time and she still does fuss much easier than DS does, but time has helped. I second what Theresa said though it’s hard to do – smaller portions more frequently. I know DD would eat more but every time I try, she ends up throwing up everything and it’s a nightmare, so I feed her a little less. The whole thing is a huge pain!

    Colds – this one is brand new to me as both kids just got their first colds in the past two days. So sad! I don’t really know what I’m doing, besides watching their cues. I did not bring them to the doctors yet because they don’t have fevers and they are (mostly) eating the same amount. However, DD’s cold today is really bothering her, she’s full of drippy mucus that the suction thingy is useless for, and so I just held her and put her down for a nap early, cranking up the humidifier. DS’s cold a few days ago had him gagging down mucus that was deep in his throat and nose but he was still smiling and playing so I think they both are okay. Anyway, I don’t lay either of them flat with all that mucus and like I said, use the humidifier. Other than that, I’m not sure what to do, or if I need to do more. Kind of seeing how it goes.

  4. thebabydoctorswife says:

    My baby is also ALWAYS fussy/crying/screaming when awake. Other moms don’t quite understand. I am in a few moms groups and find myself envious of other babies who just lay there cooing while mine is screaming bloody murder. I feel like the worst mom EVER!

    • roadtofertility says:

      I can totally relate.It’s really hard!! It makes it difficult to want to bring your baby anywhere for fear that they’re going to have one of their screaming fests out in public and people will look at you like you’re terrible. We dared to venture out yesterday and to our surprise it wasn’t a bad experience. OMG, what a relief. Nonetheless, it really does a number on you mentally and physically. Its hard. Hang in there! I’m with you..

      • Amber says:

        Reflux…all four of ours had it at least a little. Mason spit up a lot, but was usually happy. Harper and Sydney had reflux and colic so they screamed a lot. We used rock n play sleepers to prop them after feeds (seriously magic). To relieve colic pain, we put a warm compress on their tummy and gave gas drops.

        We didn’t have a true cold until after their first birthday because we went on lockdown during cold/flu season and got rsv shots. When they get colds, we use cool mist humidifiers, Vicks baby rub, and DIY boogie wipes with tea tree oil. Now that they are over age one, we use a lemon honey elixir for coughs.
        Good luck!

        • roadtofertility says:

          Thanks for the tips! Trying to get the shots for my boys but since they were 34 weekers we are fighting an uphill battle with our insurance company. I never heard about warm compress for the belly..I may have to try that! Your little ones are beautiful by the way 🙂

  5. ThoughtProvokingMoments says:

    Sooooo….I have triplets, all 3 with reflux. YIKES!! Two of which have Sandifer’s Syndrome. Where they have “episodes” to which resemble seizing. Also, My smallest, at times, would reflux to the point where he would hold his breath and it would come out of his nose and mouth! We took shifts to basically keep an eye on them 24/7 and went so far as to purchase Snuzas…. 🙁 Thankfully, they are getting bigger and are controlled well with meds and thickening. We did have to go through a couple of different medications until we finally were able to just settle with the Rantidine (Zantac).

    All that to say….. For us, propping in pillows, medicating (Zantac, Mylanta) and spacing out feeds appropriately, are what’s working. Not to mention, burping every 2-3 ounces is a major help too. We also used to even sleep them in their boppy loungers or in the Mamaroos which worked for a while too. Keeping them elevated for a longer period of time can have a positive impact. I personally can’t recommend the car seat idea, it’s not one I agree with.

    Having two or more babies with reflux does weigh the load, but you can do it. Just hang in there….Time flies by so fast that before you know it, you’ll be weaning off of the meds.

    Lastly, I noticed that mine would reflux on a trend of sorts. The higher calorie formula they were on (Neosure) was rather constipating. Because the gut is the last to mature, they hadn’t quite gotten the vagle response down, so they were bearing down to go #2 and holding their breaths at the same time. The end result would be a full diaper, bad bad reflux episodes and a stressed out Mom. Soooooo, I started using Gerber Soothe drops and eventually changed formulas. The drops are a probiotic that pretty much breaks up the gas, adds the right bacteria to the system, and helps soften the poo. It worked wonders for us, and we still use them to this day. Only downside is the bottle is $30 for a very small bottle. It lasts a while however!

    Again, like I said before….I know EXACTLY how you feel. Hang in there and oh yea…. take a peek at the Reflux Rebels website if you haven’t already. A load of info and resources!!!

    Many thoughts, hugs, and prayers coming your way!


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