SNOW! Buy milk and bread – quick!!!


So here we are again with another winter storm. What should you do immediately upon even hearing the two words “winter storm?” Well, OBVIOUSLY you should immediately go to the store (Shoprite, Walmart, even Walgreens will suffice) and load up on all of the milk, eggs, and bread you can possibly find.

milkbreademptyBecause when you are stuck in a winter storm and are faced with the possibility of losing power – the first things you want to purchase are perishables. Things that can spoil pretty easily. DUH. Forget the canned goods! Don’t worry about water! Milk, bread, and eggs is where it’s at! That way, if you are powerless, at least you can make french toast..right? Mushy, soggy, and gross…but least you have the ingredients 🙂


Toilet paper? Yes. I would want that.

I’m just poking fun at the hysteria that breaks out in my city whenever there is a mention of snow. At this point, we are estimated to get 6-10 inches of snow. I understand the need to be prepared. Candles? Yes. Batteries? Yes. Backup generator? Yes. Even though we don’t have one (with babies, we prob ably should add it to the list!) But why MILK, BREAD, AND EGGS?! Our checklist for a snowstorm:snacks, juice, soda. Done deal! The grocery stores in my city have been straight CHAOS. My husband ventured out to pick up apple juice (lol – you can see where our priorities are!) and told me you would think it was the zombie apocalypse…lol. I guess I don’t freak out as much because it will be bad and we won’t be able to go anywhere (and by we, I mean me…my husband will go to work no matter what the weather). So while the world is eating milk, bread, and eggs…I will be shoveling cookies down along with some apple juice. Stay safe all!

*Two posts in one day! I’m outta control!*


3 thoughts on “SNOW! Buy milk and bread – quick!!!

  1. K, Twin Mom says:

    Ah! We are in CT now, driving to FL. Dd the snow start yet? Are y’all near 95? Just wondering if we will get hit by it. Trying to make it to VA today but I hear Baltimore will be a mess. Praying it holds off for us.
    I can totally relate to this post lol. Somehow we always needed one thing when they would say it was going to snow and I’d be stuck going out with the babies. It wouldn’t be snow related, just a dinner item or whatever. The place would be mobbed. People are so silly when they hear snow. Maybe they loved through the blizzard of 78. Did that affect your state? It was a biggie in MA. Snow up to the windows of second floor apartments. My parents always tell me about it.

  2. afamilyformcmanda says:

    for us, we stock up on the mtn dew!

    last night at about 7:30, in zero degree weather, our doorbell rang, and it was a GIRL SCOUT! how did she know i was craving thin mints and didn’t want to leave the house????!!!! bless her little heart! her crazy, little freezing heart!

  3. futuresoccermom says:

    Seriously. I live in CT and I’m still shocked by the amount of people who panic in a snowstorm. We live in New England – a few inches of snow should be manageable! That said, I’m super tired of this cold, crappy weather with twins stuck at home. What else do you do to get out of the house, besides your target runs? 🙂

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