Social Media break – breaking from FB and Insta.

Once every year I take a break from social media. For me, social media usage is summarized into two – Facebook and Instagram. I go off the grid at some point every year just to refocus and to take a break. I usually do it at the beginning of the year. This year, I decided to take my break but I think I might be taking a much longer break this time though. As in – forever? Ha, okay, not forever…but for awhile. I’ve also made a conscious decision not to watch as much television as well. My theory was that I wasn’t going to spend less time on social media to indulge in another wasteful activity. I have some goals not resolutions but goals, but is that basically the same thing? who knows… in mind for myself and I’m thinking that refocusing can help me accomplish these goals! We’ll see.

I’ve been off for a few weeks and here’s what I’ve discovered so far:

I am more productive.

Because I’m spending less time on social media, I’ve been more productive. Cleaning, decluttering, staying on top of chores.

I am reading WAY more.

I love to read! For a long time, I fell away from that for no particular reason other than being distracted and just being too busy. I’ve been really intentional about reading and have made a GoodReads reading goal this year of reading at least 50 books. I’m really excited about this and it’s cool because I’ve been able to explore a variety of genres which has been super fun.

I am much more present.

When I’m spending time with people and my family, I’m actually THERE. Because I’m not checking my notifications, likes, messages, etc, I don’t worry about having my phone around me all of the time. This means that I keep my phone on so I can hear if it rings, but it’s not glued to my hands constantly. I think it makes me better company! There’s a book on  my wish list called, ” Hands Free Mama: A Guide to Putting Down the Phone, Burning the To-Do List, and Letting Go of Perfection to Grasp What Really Matters.”  I’d like to read it at some point, but my goal this year is just to kind of BE in the moment, instead of feeling the need to document every second of it.

I can focus on writing.

This means I can go back into blogging, writing short stories, writing poetry, and pursuing some of the things that really make my heartbeat! It’s not like I COULDN’T do those things before, but I feel like I’m less distracted and more focused.

My relationships have been more authentic. 

What I mean by this is that when someone’s on social media often, it’s easy to keep tabs on them and feel like you know what’s going on in their life. You know what they do, how they feel, where they are, even what they ate because we all are sitting at the edge of our seat wanting to know what you ate for lunch, and all of that jazz. It’s easy access, without much work. That’s not always a terrible thing, however, now when I want to know what’s going out with someone I actually  have to reach out to them and go out of my way to do so. This might mean I might have to make a phone call and engage actual *insert gasp here* conversation. This means when people want to know what’s going on with me, they have to do the same thing. Newsfeeds are empty of all of the amazingly albeit slightly obsessive cause’ I probably overpost adorable pictures I take of my boys. How is the world functioning right? But this means that I have to be more intentional with reaching out to others.


I see that many valuable things social media has to offer. This is a no way an anti-social media post because at some point, I’ll be on again! I just wanted to share why I’ve taken a break and what it’s done for me so far. As I continue through this little process, I’ll see where it takes me! I’m sure I’ll post more about it.

What are your thoughts on social media? Have you ever taken a break from it?! Do share, would love the feedback!



10 thoughts on “Social Media break – breaking from FB and Insta.

  1. evelynnross says:

    I have been trying to quit social media for a long time. Basically, just Facebook. I love instagram because it spikes my creativity to see what everyone is making. I’m sort of a craft addict! Facebook though, I can’t seem to actually do it. I want to just deactivate my account, but the messenger is the only way I can get in touch with some people. If there were a way to have messenger, and not Facebook, I’d be gone in the next ten seconds. I find myself constantly drawn to my phone when I’m trying to play with my daughter, and I absolutely hate myself for it, but yet, ten minutes later, I’m somehow on it again. It’s a horrible addiction, and nothing less than that.

    I know something has to be done, but I am finding it almost impossible to actually do! I’m so very impressed that you’ve been able to do it. I hope to be done with it, once and for all, someday soon!

    • Tales of a Twin Mombie says:

      Thanks! It’s crazy, when I do have it I’m constantly checking but when I deactivate it’s like I completely lose interest in it because I know it’s not an option so it’s not as hard as it seems! I like to do this once or twice a year, but this time I want to see how long I can go!! I’ll keep you posted! Lol

  2. randomsqueaks says:

    I’m only on Facebook, unless you count blogging too, which I don’t. I know I spend too much time on it but most of my time is in mommy groups. It goes both ways though, that I can keep up with people I don’t see right now and they can keep up with me. I ran into a friend from church and she said she loves hearing my stories about our kids, and I love hearing about hers. She has a new baby and neither of our families seem to go to church right now because of germs (either having them or not wanting to get them). I need to somehow be more controlled about not flipping through Facebook so mindlessly but by the end of the day, that’s about all I have energy for. I’d love to clean the house some or do any number of small projects but I’m wiped out, so it’s either Internet or tv for the short time before I go to bed.

    • Tales of a Twin Mombie says:

      I think that’s the hard part – not posting pics of the boys! People would tell me, Oh I love the pics you post! Or things about how my posts are uplifting so I know one day I’ll return but for now I’m loving feeling free! But yeah social media does come in handy for keeping in contact with different people!

      • randomsqueaks says:

        I hardly ever post pictures. I’m slightly worried about facial recognition software but at the same time, I can’t protect them completely so I do post pictures occasionally. We have too many out of town friends and family not to.

        • Tales of a Twin Mombie says:

          I post often but have my accounts set to private! My family also posts frequent pictures of the boys, especially since my mother in law watches them weekly!

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