Spending Freeze Update – Freeze Over!

So here is the Spending Freeze update. After going strong for about two weeks (two and a half to three give or take?!) we ended the freeze early. We were doing SO well but fell off the wagon hard during the weekend of our church retreat. We also had a few things going on where we had to spend money and it kind of spiraled downwards from there. Honestly, instead of feeling defeated I feel quite proud of the fact that for over two weeks straight we didn’t spend money. This taught me that a freeze IS possible and I am going to aim for doing another one this year and hopefully, nailing it for the entire month.

What I learned:

  1. I don’t need to spend money constantly.
  2. There is a major difference between a need and a want. I need to think about how badly we need something before purchasing.
  3. The best way to avoid buying, is to avoid going to the stores. For me this was key.
  4. Planning is an essential tool to money-saving. Meal planning especially.
  5. I cook more when I am “forced” not to spend money. I am also forced to be more creative with my meals.

Overall, going on a freeze for a short or even a longer period of time can be beneficial. This is especially true if you spend money on frivolous things without realizing how much it adds up! I will definitely try this again, but hopefully we can go the entire month! We’ll see.


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