Almost THREE is a fun place to be.

The boys are almost three years old. They’ll be three over the summer. I can’t even believe it myself! It feels like yesterday we were enduring sleepless nights, swaddling, rock-n playing, and such. My babes are toddlers. Can I be honest in saying, that I’m really loving this stage?! The almost three age is loads of fun in my opinion! Here’s why:

  1. These dudes are hilarious.

Because they’re at an age where they can have conversations with each other and know each other so much better (when they were babies, they were vaguely aware of each other), they do some funny things. Last night, they decided it would be a blast to howl for awhile. And by howl, I don’t mean cry – I mean, actually HOWL like wolves for the sake of it. They would laugh in between their howls. Hysterical.


Chaos around me? No pants? This is the life.

2. They are little tricksters. And I can’t be mad about it.

These guys know how to play tricks on us and literally play us out. For example, during naptime they will fake me out and yell “POOPOO!” from their room, so that I go in their and change them. Here’s the catch – no one pooped. They just knew it would get me in there. They also like to jump up and down like maniacs, and as soon as they hear the door open they pretend they’re “sleeping.” Toddlers – ONE. Parents? ZERO.


CAREFREE! The only way to be at two years old.

3. They’re all about that snuggle life. BUT they’d prefer to snuggle with daddy.

“Snuggle?” they’ll ask me. My heart is about to burst open with delight as they begin walking towards me, until they make a turn and head towards their dad. Josiah will snuggle with me much more than Micah will. These guys are obsessed with their daddy, which I’m okay with. Because in the summer my plan is pretty much to ensure they love me the most. TAKE THAT JOSE. Mwahahaha.



My view when I’m on my way to work every morning.

4. It’s so much easier to take them out! Kind of.

Okay, so I have to have my purse and pockets loaded with bribery fruit snacks and other faves, but it’s still so much easier to take the boys out on my own. I put one in the front seat of the cart, and the other in the back and aha! I officially have half an hour or so of shop time at that particular store. If I’m with the hubs, you can add more time to that. These guys are my little buddies and when they see that they’re about to go out with me they’ll say, “Shopping?” You know it. They love all of Mommy’s faves – Target, Starbucks (where they get their chocolate milk), Chick-Fil-A, and Rita’s. Don’t judge me.


Great attitudes and patience. Winning.

5. Their favorite phrases to say to me are – “I love you!” or “I miss you!” or “CALM DOWN!”

There’s nothing sweeter than hearing my boys say these things to me. When I come home from work, or my husband comes home from work, they run towards us shouting at the top of their lungs, “I MISS YOU!” There’s pretty much nothing that compares to that feeling. When Jose and I wanted to become parents, one of the things I remember my husband saying is that it would be amazing to come home to someone who would be excited to see his or her mommy or daddy. Now we have two! The last phrase is pretty appropriate for me as well, if you know me. #KeepcalmandMOMon

6. We can have conversations with them! Hoorah!

They may be odd conversations sometimes, but it’s a blast to be able to communicate with these guys better and better each day. Some of their favorite things to say, “Are you kidding me? That’s ridiculous!” If we dare leave the room, “Where are you going?” They’re also picking up on things a lot more quickly, which means we are careful what we say around them and watch around them. I love that they’re becoming these little communicators.

This age is pretty fun! Does this mean we never have tantrums or moments that make us want to pull our hair out? We are parents of toddlers. Twins at that. So the answer is…OF COURSE! But the good outweighs the bad and I feel like each age group brings a new set of joys and challenges. Either way, I’m cherishing each moment and each day and can’t wait to spend my summer with these two!

What do you love about this stage? What drives you insane? Feel free to share!

The twins are TWO! whoa.

The boys turned TWO on Sunday! TWO!! TWO I TELL YOU! I can’t even believe it. These boys own my heart. Their laughter is infectious. The snuggles are the best part of my day. I just love them more each day. I do. 

This year we opted for a low key non birthday party celebration and instead celebrated by taking the boys to our favorite beach and having a family beach day. Their godparents (who also happen to be their aunt and uncle) asked if they could tag along and we made an evening out of it. It was so relaxing and most importantly – STRESS FREE!  Spending the summer with them has been the absolute best. We have our summer schedule down and just love to hang out and relax. Here is some evidence of our beach day –

There’s just so much I could write on how awesome they are, but I will keep it simple – I LOVE THEM! Lately we’ve been getting so many compliments on how well behaved they are and how sweet they are in general. Tantruming is now quite rare which is beautiful. Guys – my babies are two.

Winter Woes, Twin Toddlerhood, and Summer Dreamin’

I’ve fallen off the horse a bit when it comes to blogging and it makes me super sad! I really want to get back on simply because I love to share and connect with other bloggers in the bloggy world. Things have been hectic and insane with my husband in real estate school for the past two months from 5-10 every Tuesday and Thursday. Other days are packed with other things so I basically feel like I haven’t seen him for two months. I know it’s worth it though – he just passed his second test with flying colors and now only has to take the state test sometime next week. HOORAY!

Those that have been following my blog know that my husband left his job in June and the plan was for him to be a stay at home dad for awhile, but God had other plans. A job opportunity opened up in September as a person to help around at a real estate office (taking pics of home, doing other tasks, etc). This is crazy crazy crazy blessing and opportunity because it was so unexpected and he is being given an awesome opportunity.  We have learned so much through this experience but to keep it short and simple we have learned this – TRUST GOD. Fully. Completely. Don’t try to “figure it all out” because God has everything under control. When you take a step of faith, God will meet you there. We really felt like God was in his decision to leave his old job so it’s amazing that God has opened up this opportunity and my husband has been shown so much favor. It’s pretty awesome and I’m really looking forward to the things that God has in store for us this year.

Now what you are really here for, updates on my boys! They are 19 months and are about 27 pounds (Micah is smaller of course). Currently they have been dealing with ear infections but have been in amazing spirits.
Foods they love – Mandarin oranges, bananas, cheetos (their guilty pleasure), cheerios, and anything we tell them they can’t have. Oh, and anything we are eating of course.
Personalities – Micah is a stage 10 clinger. He is like a little lemur monkey that is attached to me at ALL times. He cries when he is overwhelmed with tons of people trying to talk to him or interact with him (like at church) and is super sensitive. In short, he is a replica of what I was like when I was his age. Josiah is independent and loves to do everything on his own. He LOVES to rough play with his daddy. He also likes to play with other kids his own age who aren’t his brother. Go figure! There is a little girl his age at our church that he loves. He lays down next to her when she lays on the floor, tries to talk with her, and generally has a blast with her. They are SO different! It’s a lot of fun.
Developmental Progress: Micah is right where he needs to be. He is talkative and engages with us almost all of the time. Josiah is a little bit behind when it comes to speech. From hanging out with other twin mommies, it seems like there seems to be one who is more vocal than the other. That makes me feel a bit better. Guess it goes with the dominant twin theory? Nonetheless, we are monitoring it closely. It’s hard not to compare one to the other when they’re twins and are the exact same age.

Favorite Thing to Do: Play with musical instruments. Josiah is obsessed with the guitar. Play guitars and REAL guitars. At church, if we don’t stop him he will run right to the front and try to strum the strings on the guitar players guitar. They are both into drumming too!

Here are the latest pics:

When the boys were at the doctor’s office for their ear infection – Micah sleeping and JoJo ready to party!

Hanging out with the little lemur.

Their favorite way to spend the morning. Hanging out on the couch, watching Special Agent Oso.

“Mom, we just want to jump in the crib. Stop taking our pics.”

Trying to feed each other Cheerios!

Hugging his bear. My husband’s voice is recorded into it and it sings his name. When the hubs is working he likes to hug it out!

Missing Daddy!

They are on their 3rd haircut! Their hair grows so fast! My little Chia pets.

My little men.

I can’t wait for the summer because it feels like I’ve had them trapped in the house like little prisoners this whole winter! It’s just been SO COLD. I’m talking we’ve had 0 degree weather at times. As I write this, we have about nine inches of snow outside. What a winter! This summer I have so many plans for the boys! I usually pick up curriculum work but this summer I just want to spend time with my little guys, family, and friends so I have been saving so that I won’t need to work this summer. Woot woot! Adventures include:

Anything else that comes on the list! This summer we are trying to figure out where we want to go on vacation .Some options we are toying with – Hershey, Langhorne, or Lancaster, PA; Williamsburg, Virginia; or Ocean City, MD. Can you tell I’m really, REALLY, looking forward to the summer?

What about you? What plans do you have for vacationing this summer, if any? OR perhaps you have some suggestions for us? We are looking to stay close to NJ and not spend an insane amount. Feel free to share your thoughts! Xo

Are we ready to say no more babies? Life’s hard decisions.

It’s been a bit since I’ve last blogged. Life is hectic! My husband started real estate school and so our weeks are just insane. I thought, is there a better way to jump back in then to write about something that’s very near and dear to my heart? Something that has been weighing on me heavily lately:

Are we ready to say no to more babies?

And honestly, there is no clear cut answer here. The answer is – I DON’T KNOW. I really don’t. But I feel like I kind of have to know. I don’t feel like I have unlimited time to make this decision. If you’ve read my story in the About Me section of my blog, then you know that I had a laproscopy a few years ago to remove my endometriosis so that my husband and I could conceive naturally. When the doctor went in he found a very ugly scenario in there and recommended that we jump straight to IVF – and we decided to do that. One thing my doctor was very clear about though, was the fact that I would eventually HAVE to have corrective surgery to deal with my endometriosis. It’s all jacked up in there. A colleague told me a story about a woman who had endometriosis that spread throughout her body and ended up in ICU for ten days fighting for her life. I know that’s not the typical scenario, but I don’t even want to risk is. So that begs the question – what do I do?

After I had the twins, I thought and said – we are done. This is it. I said it with so much finality. Part of me believes what I said. But the other part of me asks, “What if…?” I feel like I am too young to make that kind of permanent decision. In short, if I have the corrective surgery I will most likely be unable to carry a pregnancy ever again. I may even have to have a complete hysterectomy. And the problem is, I just don’t know anymore if that’s something I’m comfortable with. What if I regret it?! Can I be even more honest and speak from my heart?

A couple of years ago, my husband dreamed about a little girl. In the dream she spoke some very sweet words to my husband (which I will keep between hubs and I) and somewhere in my heart I wonder if we are suppose to have a little girl at some point. I’m perplexed. Here’s my line of thoughts:

  • Are we suppose get pregnant again? If so, how? “Naturally” or through IVF? And how the heck can I even get pregnant naturally with all of my issues?
  • What if we are supposed to adopt a little girl?
  • What if we are supposed to foster a little girl?
  • What is the timing of all of this supposed to look like? Cause I’m NOT ready for any of this at this exact moment in my life!
  • What if we are supposed to do NOTHING and this really IS it for us?
  • What if I’m making something out of nothing?
  • Do I even want to be pregnant ever again after everything we went through with the boys? My heart says no…

That’s where my heart is. A long list of I don’t knows. Because I don’t. A part of me can’t even imagine being pregnant again. The experience was beautiful and traumatic. The end result is beautiful though. Simply beautiful. But I just don’t know if I could handle all of that again. My husband is supportive either way and his heart is open either way. That’s where we are at.

I feel bad even thinking this at times when I think of all of the people who are still waiting for the one. It feels selfish to ask these questions when I think of friends, both real world and blogger world, who are going through the road of infertility. Nonetheless, these questions float to the surface of my heart. In the end, my life and “my” plans are in God’s hands. I want HIS plans for my life above all.

I will be posting pictures of the boys soon! <3

What’s happening in my neck of the woods.

Hey guys! I wanted to pop in to tell you what’s been happening…can’t wait to get back to regularly blogging a bit more. The lovely and amazing Elisha over at Waiting for Baby Bird nominated me for the Inspiring Blogger Award so I’m working on a post about that. Just came back from an amazing road trip to Texas to help one of my best friends and my little precious niece move (post on that to come…) and the boys’ 1st birthday party was a success. Thank the good Lord. Now I’m enjoying precious time with my family and one of my closest friends from Chicago who flew down to take some time with us. My daily agenda is beach, boardwalk, and stuffing my face with all things yummy. Can’t wait to show you all some cool pics from my trip and especially from Micah and Josiah’s 1st birthday! See you in a week! Xo

9 Month Mark – What’s Going on in our World


M-Berry and Jo-Jo beans are 9 months. WOW. It happened so fast. What’s going on in list form:

  • Both boys are active crawlers. M-berry crawls faster than Jo-Jo, Jo-Jo is still doing more of the army crawl. It’s super cute!
  • 335
  • They are really active now and more easily entertained. They also like to entertain themselves.


  • They are more interested in random objects than actual baby/toddler toys. No – really. They can have the BEST baby toys in the world. What do they choose to play with? The remote control. My show. A baby wipes package. Really? I think we are going to take a pause on buying so many toys and let them explore the world a bit, since that’s what they truly want to do any way! I just find it hilarious.


  • M-berry says “Dadda” and “Baba” while Jo-Jo says “Mama” and “Baba.” At times the music in our house is “Dadadadada” or “Mamamama.” I think it’s adorable that one said Mama first, and the other said Dada first. Does it get any cuter?

267 265

  • Jo-Jo continues to be much heavier than M-berry. By like, 4 pounds. The difference is noticeable even just by looking at the two!
  • It’s harder to manage them on my own in church because they’re so active! They don’t want to stay in the carseat, they prefer to crawl…and our church doesn’t have a nursery or any place for babies/toddlers so they roll under peoples chairs, talk throughout the whole sermon. Makes for some interesting experiences in church!
  • We love taking them out for walks around the neighborhood.

305 304

  • They LOVEEEE to eat solids! They’re much more interested in eating than they are drinking right now. We give them breakfast (fruit), lunch (vegetable), and dinner (a mix). We give them baby yogurt about once a day, maybe every other day or so.


  • We have introduced the sippy cup to both boys. Jo-Jo is much better with it. M-berry still prefers to use the bottle, but we give him the sippy cup any way with juice or water. We give them about 2-3 oz of apple juice a few times a week, once a day. Their main liquid is still formula, as it should be at this point.


  • Baby fashion – I’ve had such a good time shopping for these two! I’m starting to find that there are a lot of super cute things for little boys. You just have to know where to shop!


  • Sitting independently. M-berry can pull himself into a sitting position and sit independently. He can also bring himself down. Jo-Jo can sit on his own but doesn’t seem really interested in it. Stubborn little thing!
  • Object permanence. M-berry cries when he sees us leave the room. Sometimes we have to distract him and sneak out. Jo-Jo has moments where he cries and moments where he could really care less. It’s funny.
  • Jo-Jo is more independent. He would rather be crawling around and exploring the world. M-berry would much rather be in Mommy and Daddy’s arms where he is safe and secure.
  • They love their Daddy!


What about…SLEEP?

These boys still do not typically sleep through the night. Jo-Jo STILL sleeps much better than M-berry. What..the…heck. It has become our norm and part of our routine now. We will see a full night of sleep when they are adults.

They are my boys, I adore them, and they are 9 months. Oh goodness!

“How do you do it?” You just DO!


This weekend was a crazy weekend. I embarked on a variety of adventures with my boys. The majority of these adventures were solo. Just mommy and her boys. I didn’t care because I was determined. We would NOT spend another weekend TRAPPED in this prison house…so despite the fact that my husband worked, we busted out of this joint!!! And guess what?! It was well worth it! YES. Even when I carried the car seats and smiled in a this-is-excruciatingly-painful-and-difficult-omg-these-boys-are-getting-so-and-my-arms-are-falling-off type of way…it was worth it. Even though I have a slight backache and all I want at the moment is a nice massage…still worth it. I am mommy – HEAR ME ROAR!

If you read my last post, you also know I am hot mess, hear my cry/whine. But hey, we have our days. The days when I feel overwhelmed and like I’m doing an average job at this motherhood thing, and the days when I feel like I am standing on top of a mountain with my arms high ready to take on the world. I’m human…and completely, totally, imperfect…and completely, and totally okay with that. Or at least, trying to learn how to be okay with that.

Back to the story. This Friday we had our youth service an hour away, so my husband and I took the boys with us. They did really well. We’ve learned to put them in their sleeps when we have our youth service, so that as soon as we get home..we put them in their cribs and don’t have to go through the whole ordeal of waking them while we change them and all of that. We put on a fresh diaper before we leave our destination, and end up sleeping well as the boys sleep. It works out.

Saturday, my husband had to work, so I decided I was going to take the boys to visit their sweet great grandmother…my grandmother and my twin (not really obvi, but we look alike!). She was so happy to see them and they were so happy to get the extra cuddles in! From her house, I went to my cousin’s graduation party. They LOVED getting all the attention and all of the kisses. We stayed for a bit, then journeyed back to the house. This was solo since my husband worked most of the day. Not gonna lie, I was proud of myself! I know other twin moms who kick butt doing this stuff on a daily basis. I am a work in progress but my confidence is growing. The next day, we took the boys to see their sweet cousin get dedicated. Afterwards my husband had to go to work, so I took the boys to the after party. They did SOOOOO well yet again. Proud mom! Only because I remember the nightmarish colic we went through with Micah and to have a happy baby is rather lovely. Josiah is happy all of the time. I just want to squeeze his cheeks and legs all day.

Anyway, this is what I heard constantly:

 How do you do it?

I don’t know how you manage…

Do you do this on your own?! Wow!

And so forth, and so on. I feel like multiples are becoming so much more common now though, but in my family, I am the only one with multiples so they seem to be in shock and awe whenever we are around. They ask me the same thing over and over again, and I respond the same way:

You just do.

I mean truly, what are my options – to simply decide not to? “Ehh, I just don’t feel like it today…so I’m just not going to deal..” The reality is this – I am a mom of fraternal twin boys. They need me. Yes, they are practically my size, as I am a shrimpy 105 lb at 5 feet tall…but I don’t have any other option but to “keep calm” and “be their mom.” It is not a duty for me, it is something I have learned to love to do! In the beginning, I was wondering – WHAT THE HECK DID WE GET OURSELVES INTO?!! WHY DID WE WANT THIS? but as time went on, I learned to stop wishing their babyhood away. By that I mean, I used to think, “Man, can’t wait to get to ______ months so that we can get some sleep.” My mentality now is – please, please, stop growing! I want to snuggle and kiss those cheeks and legs for the rest of my life! When you have no option but to have to deal with your mom’s kisses! I am a weepy mess when I think of them growing up. I swore I would not be one of “those” moms…but alas, I am probably the president.

I am not a hero or someone to be admired because I am a mom of multiples. I am simply a wife, mom, teacher..person thing, navigating the new scary world of motherhood and learning to enjoy it all at the same time.

– If you’d like to keep up with frequent pics of the boys, feel free to follow me on Instragram (in the sidebar)! I will get some pics up for their eight month mark which is in two days. AHHH.



Things were going swimmingly well. Until they were going swimmingly not well. The boys were really close to sleeping through the night. Josiah is pretty much ready to sleep through the night, I think if he weren’t sharing a room with Micah he would be sleeping through the night already. But Alas, my sweet little Micah Bear has decided he no longer wants to sleep through the night. He’s not really to blame though (is a baby ever?) We are.

Let me back up.

Since Micah came from the hospital we were swaddling him. We continued to swaddle him, so much so that I told my husband, “We need to buy a bigger swaddle, he’s growing out of this one.” Then, I decided to do some research. I found out that most babies shouldn’t be swaddled after two months. Um, major OOPS. What can I say? I’m a new mom and I had absolutely no idea. Swaddling is the key thing that has helped Micah sleep because of his sudden movements. They are so sudden and unpredictable and jerky that they scare him, he wakes up, and begins to cry. And cry, and cry, and cry. So this is completely our fault. It’s not really safe to swaddle him anymore either because he is officially a roller, so is Josiah! They can roll from their bellies to their backs. They are not quite rollie pollie ollie’s yet but are getting there. This means that if he were to roll on his stomach while swaddled, he could suffocate. I’m really glad we found out we shouldn’t be swaddling him anymore. Swaddling at this point can also interfere with their development and growth, since it’s really important for them to be able to move around at this stage and stretch their little limbs. Again, major OOPS. I felt stupid but I tried not to beat myself up too much. I’m new at this and don’t own a guidebook that tells me all the rules.

All I know is that I’m absolutely desperate to get some sleep, once again. What we’ve been doing to cope – hubby stays out in the living room with them while I sleep in our room. He does night duty from about 11-7 and than tags me in..I stay up with the babies while he sleeps until about 11 am. It’s rough but I keep saying, “This too shall pass.” Yesterday my hubby said it was  much easier…but he had to put Micah in the bouncer for some of the night. NOOOOOO. I DON’T WANT TO GO BACKWARDS. But I keep reminding myself, this is temporary.

The other thing is, Micah will sleep well on his stomach…but everything with SIDS scares me so once he falls asleep on his belly, we flip him over to his back. I can’t wait until they can sleep on their bellies!! This will make life easier for me. When I read about how other peoples babies sleep through the night, I want to say, “STOP RUBBING IT IN.” lol, just kidding. I’m happy for them. But wish it was me. Soon, I say, soon. My doctor said that it might take until six months. I feel like we can get there sooner. I hope so! What’s your current sleep situation? Or I should say, how are your little ones sleeping at this moment in time? Am I alone in this madness?!

New mom survival tips…from a non-expert and new mom.


I’m a new mom to twin boys and by no means an expert, but here are some of my tips to make it through without losing your sanity. I can happily say that I’m not only surviving, I feel like I’m thriving too. Yay. Share what helps you!

1. If you have to choose between sleep and…well, anything..always choose sleep!

Yep. This is essential for me. If I am sleep deprived, I am miserable, emotional, and much more prone to get sick, which isn’t good for anyone. So whenever I am giving the choice between doing something vs. sleeping, I almost always choose to sleep. Everything is better when I’ve caught up on my rest.

2. Don’t try to be little Suzie Homemaker.

It’s okay to be a little bit of a mess…or even a lot a bit of a mess! Don’t be a slave to housecleaning. This is a unique time in your life where you have a little ones the exact same age, going through the similar isn’t easy!! My two haven’t even started to walk yet and it’s typically chaos around here. I try to pick up for an hour after they go to sleep (from about 9-10) and than I read for a bit and hit the sack.


I went through a brief phase of stubbornness where I stopped asking for help and tried doing it all on my own. There was virtually no purpose as to why I did that. To prove something to myself? Maybe to feel like super mom? Well it worked for a bit, and than I completely lost my mind. Now I look at my husband’s schedule in advance and try to schedule help when he’s working when I can. If I can get help even twice a week, that’s an awesome thing. When I have help I can do the basic things – eat, shower, sleep, clean. I feel more human. Plus, BOTH boys get constant cuddle time which is great for both of them.

4. Get the HECK out of the house. I repeat, GET OUT.

Um, get out of the house. All of the things you have to do will still be there when you come back.Take a Target vacation. It works wonders. It does wonders to get out in society and to have adult interaction. I know it makes me feel human and happy. Plus, Target is just awesome. Let’s be real.

5. Go on a regular date night.

We try to do this twice a month…if you can even do once that’s great, but the more the better. For me and my husband it usually includes the typical dinner and a movie. For some reason it feels like we’re dating all over again. Even if the budget is tight, there are cheap things and even free things you can do just to be out and about.

6. Get your hurr, eyebrows, or nails did. Do something to pamper yourself.

Being on maternity leave, with twins and one income…I can only usually choose one of these. I always choose my eyebrows. I feel so much better when I don’t feel like I have two caterpillars nesting on my forehead.

7. Don’t try to compete with other moms.

Every mom is different, every lifestyle, every baby. I hate when mom’s seem like they’re in competition with one another…let’s all just be supportive of one another. We’re all rock stars.

8. Take off the robe, the yoga pants, and do your hair. Put a bra on too if you’re feeling fancy.

I’m basically preaching to myself. For awhile I was just rockin’ the robe, the sweats and all that. I’m not saying you should dress like you’re going to the Oscar’s in your own home, of course feel comfortable, but I find that I feel so much better when I actually get dressed. I feel good and ready to take on the day. For me personally, clothes make a big difference in how I feel. Especially when I have those unsolicited visitors (hello people – at least give me a warning)…A pair of jeans and a decent shirt goes a long way.

I could write more, and maybe I will in the future..but this is it for now. What are your survival tips?

I’m also happy to report that I’m feeling more at ease and like I’m finally in my own groove with my boys. I’m realizing that I CAN do it!! The boys are doing great and make my heart swell. Love them so much.



Life with twins..awesome but intense!!

So it’s been a couple of week since I’ve been able to blog and also a couple of weeks since we have all been home together as a family. I have experienced such a variety of different emotions ranging from sheer joy to excitement to fear to anxiety to stressed to..basically anything a person can feel there is a good chance my husband and I have experienced it. One word that sums it all up though? HARD!! It’s super hard. They’re babies and are obviously needy because of the fact that they’re babies. In addition, Micah has reflux issues which makes him an extremely fussy baby. Like..he has a couple meltdowns daily. I’ve done a lot of crying! Thank the Lord for my mother and mother-in-law who have been huge helps..especially my mom. She stays overnight with us whenever she can (which is usually 3-4 times a week) and when she stays over she takes one of the babies so that we can get a decent night’s sleep..otherwise, sleep is near impossible.

Let me say how extremely grateful I am to have both boys home with me though! We also experience SO much joy and happiness. I know you Moms can relate to the mix of emotions you experience dealing with your imagine that times TWO. It can be a little insane.

So back to the sleep deprivation..hubby and I both work together and usually assign each other a twin and alternate every other day. For example, if I have Josiah one night, the next night my husband will have him and I will have Micah and vice versa. At first we were sleeping in different rooms with the babies because one would wake the other up and it seemed near impossible to get sleep. Then I read that wins should be together often so that they can grow accustomed to each other and also learn to tune each other out when crying. We are now all in one room together at night which makes for a circus basically. We have also tried putting them in their cribs in their nursery..Micah does extremely well and can sleep the whole night in there, only waking up for feedings. Josiah on the other hand…not so much. He screams. When I say screams..I mean SCREAMS. The kid wails. We tried letting him cry for a couple of minutes to see if he would “self soothe” and it didn’t work. We figured it out..Josiah pretty much likes to be held all the time and loves to sleep on anyone’s chest. When he is melting down, it’s the only way to calm him. The problem is..we are firm believers in not co-sleeping. My mom works in an ER and tells us horror stories all of the time of parents rolling over on their children and vice versa. I’m not against people doing it..but my husband and I are very heavy sleepers so it’s just too risky. All of this to say..we are basically not getting much sleep! lol. I’m extremely jealous of parents whose babies are sleeping through the night at two months!

Micah has been having some reflux issues. We took both boys to the GI…Josiah is fine, Micah may also have an allergy to the dairy in my breastmilk..we will find out soon because we have a couple of tests coming up. Tomorrow he goes in for an upper GI and Josiah is going to have a hip ultrasound since he was breached and he also has an appointment with the cardiologist because he might have a heart murmur.

Because of everything that happened with Micah I extended my maternity leave. I was supposed to go back in January and now I am going back in March. This helps out because this prolongs our need to find childcare..which is awesome. I get to spend more time with my babies! Yay! Not gonna lie though, I miss my job!

On another note..our insurance denied us Synergis for both boys! SO MAD. Umm..hello, Micah had RSV and was intubated for TEN DAYS what do you mean he doesn’t qualify? Their excuse is that they will be three months at the start of the season. It doesn’t matter..Micah got it “off season” in August. So. Annoying. Micah’s pulmonologist wrote us a letter of medical necessity and it’s a pretty amazing compelling letter. I hope it will help our appeal. It’s just really frustrating. The Synergis shots would help to put me at ease…I truly truly want those shots for my boys. Honestly, if I had thousands and thousands of dollars laying around in savings I would gladly spend it on these shots. The insurance company is pretty worthless…the cost for the boys to be hospitalized is far more than the cost of the monthly shot. Ridiculous. Other preemie moms, if you have had success with your child getting this shot, can you please give me some tips? Much appreciated!

Overall, life is good. Besides the sleep deprivation…lol..but being a mommy is amazing. I love these boys with everything I’ve got. We are still living in isolation but are going to have some our family visit the baby little by little (still no kids around though). We are stuck in the house most of the time but did venture out for a walk around the neighborhood with the boys on a beautiful day. Let me show you some pics of my babies!


Micah-Daddy bonding time. Loveee.



The boys together! My cuddlebugs.



One of Micah’s reflux related meltdowns. This shows he can go from cute to CRAY in no time flat.






Daddy Josiah time! Parenthood makes me love my husband even more.


Taking the double stroller out for a walk on a beautiful day.


My and my little ones. So glad to be their mommy.

Considering starting a new blog all mommy and faith related…hmm..will figure this out soon. Love you all! Please share your sleep tips..