And then they were…FOUR?!

I blinked and my babies became toddlers who became small children. Weren’t they just born? Didn’t I just celebrate their first birthday? Didn’t I just write an open letter to them after their first year? WHAT IS HAPPENING.

Mommies and Daddies: Hold on to every single second. Cherish every moment. Document less. Just be. Soak in every moment. Hold their hands, kiss their boo-boos, snuggle with them every day. You blink and they’ve moved on to the next age.

Here are some fun facts about my boys:


1. He Is such a dreamer and has such a powerful imagination.

I love to quietly observe him. My Micah gets completely lost in his world of superheroes and toys. He goes on wild adventures, his imagination is seriously astounding. You can give him a box and he’ll turn it into an imaginary castle for all of his toys. He will envision a world. The TV stand becomes a cliff for the Justice League to jump off to save the day. He inspires me to imagine and dream on a daily basis. He is such a kid in the best way.

2. He takes an eternity to like anyone.

Micah is the kind of kid who won’t hand out his love for free. If you want him to be in your corner you have to earn his affection. He doesn’t smile for strangers or talk to them. If you want an in when it comes to his heart you better get to know him and be entertaining. Otherwise, expect stares and scowls. The best part is that once he DOES like you, you’re in for good. He’ll give out his million dollar smirks like they’re free candy. It just might take you a year to earn it.

3. He lives for the tease and likes to prank people.

I know I probably shouldn’t love this, but it’s actually funny sometimes. He likes to play jokes on people and trick them. I see it as someone who’s creative and clever. He does it to Josiah the most and Josiah HATES it the majority of the time, but he gets a kick out of driving people nuts at times and mostly Josiah.



Josiah loves the drums and is actually quite good at playing them for a toddler. He has his own kid set upstairs and will play hours on end and when he doesn’t want to go upstairs, he will play on the couch. My favorite Josiah moments are when I hear him humming loudly the songs that we’ve sung in church. On Sundays, he says, “Mommy are you singing today? I like when you sing” and my heart pretty much melts right into the floor.


I’m not a morning person at all. Early bird catches the worm? Forget the worm. I don’t care about it if it means I can sleep for a few extra hours. That being said, Josiah wakes up with a grin whether it’s in the morning or it’s after his nap. He’s one of those kids that wakes up with a bounce in his step. He’s ALWAYS been a happy little guy even when he was a baby! It’s funny how they say that you can see the personalities of kids as babies because for my boys it was mostly true!


My Josiah is a shameless snuggler. He will snuggle with me all day long without any apologies or cares. If he’s watching a TV show, he loves it when I sit close to him and hold him. He’s a momma’s boy through and through and I love it so much! Whereas Micah needs his space, Josiah is usually good with me being in his space and welcomes it. He also has a harder time when I go anywhere: “Mommy, don’t go to work! Stay with me!”

Guys, I LOVE THIS AGE SO MUCH. I don’t care what anyone says, for me, each age gets better and better. This stage is probably my absolute favorite. 

Here’s a glimpse of three through the year!

fraternal twins

First day of preschool was approached with mixed feelings by the boys.

They started to find their place in Sunday School and grew to love it! They love going to church and learning about Jesus.


fraternal twins

My babies started off as little shorties with their pants rolled up. By the end of the year, the same pants were high waters.

fraternal twins

One of their favorite activities is to play at the park together!


fraternal twins

Micah the model. I like this picture because he’s starting to look like a little boy instead of a baby. God help me!


fraternal twins

Dress up for school!

fraternal twins

For a school assignment, they had to dress up like old men! Another day in the books for preschool.

fraternal twins

New tradition – tree cutting for Christmas!


fraternal twins

This year they became more cuddly with each other. They’re super protective of one another and yell at anyone who goes against a brother. They have each other’s backs.

fraternal twins

Just another hard day in the life of a toddler.

fraternal twins

Micah became quite the little photo lover this year. This is his favorite facial expressions for taking pictures.

fraternal twins

Oh boy – you can read more about Christmas pictures gone wrong [spot the jelly beans?] in one of my previous posts!

fraternal twins

Snuggle king Josiah doing what he does.

fraternal twins

Most kids like their cider in a cup…not my kid.

fraternal twins

Love this picture that captures the dynamic of their relationship so well!

fraternal twins

By the spring, they were preschool pros and came to love school SO MUCH!

fraternal twins

A mommy surrounded by her handsome sons! My babes!

fraternal twins

Birthday party fun for one of our faves!

fraternal twins

They like to unwind with a cup of “coffee” and night time chats.

fraternal twins

Their first pair of Jordans courtesy of our dear friend Sabrina! They felt so cool and love their ‘basketball shoes for basketball!’ they remind me.

fraternal twins

Zoo hangs are our favorite!

fraternal twins Easter outfit

Probably my favorite Easter outfit they’ve ever worn!

fraternal twins

Good Friday they had to look sharp too of course!

fraternal twins

Long park walks and explorations became a really fun way to hang out for us!

fraternal twins

Probably one of my favorite pictures ever – Micah’s face says it all when it comes down to how much he loves his brother.

Prep's Pizza Ocean City, NJ

Pizza and glasses at our favorite pizza place.

fraternal twins



Ocean City, NJ

Favorite family spot and the home of our vacation – Ocean City, NJ. This was after school when we all decided we needed some time at the boardwalk!

fraternal twins

Most happy by the sea.

fraternal twins

You’ve got a friend in me.

fraternal twins

I love how tan my boys get every summer! They are my little cookies!


Ocean City, NJ

Beach Vacation 2017.

Smithville, NJ

Riding through life together one mile at a time.


fraternal twins

The best I can get with toddlers. After all, they’re only…four!


Our Ocean City, NJ Vacation and Why You Should Visit

Ocean City, NJ Vacation

This year for vacation we went to a local spot and one of my favorite places: Ocean City, NJ. This is my absolute favorite beach! We stayed here once before when the boys were around one and it was a fun experience! When I was thinking of places to vacation I wanted to stay local and have a stress free vacation. Ocean City, NJ for us was a no-brainer. We are only about 45 minutes away and yet it feels like a world away. We rented the same beach house we stayed at before and it was AWESOME.

What’s the point of vacation, after all? For my family, it’s pure relaxation. We are the kind of family that likes to breathe and not run from one place to another. You know how some people like to hit every attraction? Yeah, not us. We are lazy vacationers at best, but I’d have it no other way and this year was no exception.

From the time I was a preteen, Ocean City, NJ has held a really special place in my heart! I used to vacation here with my best friend and her family during my preteen into teen years. I have so many warm fuzzy memories. Long walks around Ocean City, the bay area, beautiful neighborhoods with a Vanilla Pepsi in hand talking about our hopes, dreams, and crushes. When I think back to my teen years, my OC vacations with my best friend and her family are a clear highlight. We always said we wanted our children to love the beach and Ocean City as much as we did and we succeeded.

See, when your life feels like it’s going about a million miles a minute regularly it’s so beautiful to take a week where all of that is on pause. My husband and I literally said we aren’t going to talk work, business, church…anything. We aren’t going to stress or worry. We are going to relax. That’s pretty much what we did as much as possible, except for hubs doing some real estate work (which I have found is practically unavoidable – since he’s become a realtor we’ve never had a trip where he didn’t have to work a little). It was fantastic and we are likely going to do at least one beach vacay a year we are thinking.

If you’re not from the South Jersey Area and aren’t familiar with Ocean City, I’m going to give you some reasons why you should consider an Ocean City, NJ vacation.

Reasons you should consider an ocean city, nj vacation:

  1. It’s family friendly.

    Ocean City - Gillian's Pier

Where we vacationed, the people below us were parents of triplet girls. If you go to the boardwalk or to the beach, you’ll see families galore. There are tons of things to do including Gillians Wonderland Pier, mini golfing, bike riding on the boardwalk, and more. Also, Ocean City is a dry town and smoking is prohibited on the boardwalk.  It’s just so family oriented and you feel it!

2. It’s a Close walk to the beach.

Ocean City, NJ Boardwalk

Ocean City has a fantastic boardwalk that’s really close to its beach. You can walk right off the boardwalk and the next thing you know, you’re on the beach and don’t have to go far to find yourself in the water.  I don’t want to feel like I’m trekking across the great unknown to have my feet touch the water. I love the fact that everything is in close proximity. Let’s face it, the boardwalk food is 95% of the reason I even go to the beach, who am I kidding?

3. It has an Awesome boardwalk with tons to do.

Mini-Golf, Escape Rooms, Rides, Bumper Carts and all of your essential boardwalk activities are available. I never get tired of walking the boardwalk because there’s always something new to do or something new to see. During the summer on Thursday nights, they have ‘Family Night’ where there is tons of live music and a lively atmosphere. My favorite nights of the summer!

4. it’s Budget Friendly.

Some people might scoff at that, but an Ocean City vacation can be quite affordable actually. Here are a few tips: go in with another family or another person on a beach house. When you do that, you can split the cost. So if a beach house will cost you $1250 for the week, divide that by two and you get the idea. What we did was we ate breakfast at the house, usually grabbed lunch on the boardwalk, ate dinner at the beach house and went to the boardwalk for desserts or any snacks we wanted. If you hit the grocery stores and cook half of your meals, you’ll save a fortune. When it comes to the rides, Gillians Wonderland  Pier offers different specials throughout the week. If you hit the rides during the three ticket ride days/hours, you will get more bang for your book. This helped me as a mom of multiples! We bought one book of 150 tickets for $100 and that was enough to last us throughout the entire week with a few tickets left over.

5. fantastic places to eat.

My absolute favorite part of the boardwalk is the food. I don’t care what anyone tells me, it’s the best part of the boardwalk! I’ve had friends try to convince me to go to other beaches and the first question I have is: are there good places to eat? If the answer is no, I’m not interested. I’m not talking about high-end places if you want that go to Atlantic City. I’m talking about simple food that just tastes good in my belly. I have favorites and you can check them out below.

 My Favorite Places to Eat In Ocean City:

  1. Brown’s Donuts. [Expect a line but it’s worth it!]Brown's Donuts - Ocean City, NJ
  2. Prep’s Pizza. [Just as good as Manco and Manco’s but with better seating and they give the kids dough to play with.]Prep's Pizza in Ocean City, NJ
  3. Piccini’s Wood Fire Pizza. [Fab Italian food!]
  4. The Hula Grill. [Probably my favorite! Hawaiin food – yum!]The Hula Grill in Ocean City, NJ
  5. OC Surf Cafe [New spot for me, great for breakfast or brunch!]

My Favorite Boardwalk Food:

  1. Polish Water Ice.
  2. Shriver’s Gelato – THE CREPES ARE LIFE CHANGING.
  3. Monkey Bread.
  4. George’s Ice Cream.
  5. Johnson’s Popcorn.

6. Insanely relaxing.

Have you ever been on a vacation that was so jam packed you needed a vacation after it to decompress? I feel like beach vacations are so relaxing and a vacation in Ocean City, NJ  is no exception. As mentioned for us, we would wake up, head to the beach for a bit, come back to the beach house for a nap, and then head to the boardwalk for the evening if we felt like it. We also incorporated date nights, courtesy of having my mom with us, movie nights, and mini golf nights. No pressure, no time constraints, and a go at your own pace vibe. The epitome of relaxation.

Overall, an Ocean City, NJ vacation was the perfect vacation for us! We had an amazing time, as evidenced by the smiles!

What are your favorite family friendly vacation spots? Share below! We are always looking for new places to visit! 

God’s Grace in parenting.



Some days I feel like  I need an extra dose of God’s grace when it comes to parenting.

Do you ever have moments where you are impatient with your little ones? Annoyed? Frustrated? Visualize me answering this question with my hands up, jumping up and down, all while shouting, “oooohhhh MEEEEE! YES! YES!” Am I alone in this?

Do you ever have days where sometimes your impatience or annoyance shines through? Or when you want to shout back, “NO, I DON’T WANT TO SHARE!” and throw an adult tantrum towards your toddler? Or maybe even a time where you have snapped, blown a fuse, or had a melt down? I have a feeling I’m not alone. Because after all, we are parents. And if you are a parent of multiples, you probably feel this even more so.

Right now the boys are at an age that I actually LOVE, but there are also some things that I don’t love. For example:

  • Tantrums – I get it. You don’t want it. Geeze.
  • The word no on speed dial and repeat – I’m convinced one of my boys has selected that word as his favorite in spite of his rich vocabulary of other words that are more magical and wonderful than the dreaded “no.” YES. How about that kid?!
  • Pickiness – grilled cheese, pizza, eggs. All of the ingredients for a well-rounded diet in the eyes of my toddlers. One of my guys will actually smell it, stick it in his mouth very briefly, and then say “No. I don’t want it.”

And in these moments where I want to scream, pull out my hair, or curl up in a corner and cry. I need His grace. Outside of these moments, I still need His grace. Parenting my boys is TOO PRECIOUS of a job to do without it. I need it daily.

Every day I reflect and think – “Wow. God chose ME to be the momma of these two precious guys. He knew that I would have what it takes. That I would have what these boys needed from a mom.”

I am overwhelmed by the privilege and honor it is to be a mother and to have a job that is so important: molding and shaping these guys into men of God who love Him relentlessly. And I am thankful for God’s grace to do it.

But to each one of us grace has been given as Christ apportioned it. – Ephesians 4:7

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. – 1 Corinthians 12:9

[Day 1] Spending Freeze

So today is the first day of our spending freeze. It was supposed to be yesterday, but I forgot that I scheduled dinner with one of my close friends who was moving out of town (from New Jersey to Iowa…how I miss her!) so I decided to push the freeze until today. It will last until March 1st, a day before my birthday.

So far, so good. Day 1 of this freeze includes setting ground rules for what this looks like for us. I explained it in my last post, but here is more of a breakdown.

Things we will absolutely NOT buy this month:

  • Amazon items – This is big because I buy off of Amazon ALL the time. With Amazon Prime and one click shopping it’s super easy to buy items…not necessarily for my wallet]
  • Starbucks – I buy from Starbucks weekly. Especially at Target.
  • Clothes – Another guilty pleasure. E-Bay especially.
  • Movies – February is a big movie month for me because of all the chick flicks that come out. Not this month!
  •  Rentals, music, and television shows from iTunes – especially easy because we have Apple TV.
  • Random Target “Must-Haves” – Ummm…Target-a-holics Anonymous anyone? ME.

Things we have committed to paying for this month:

  • All of our normal bills.
  • Our contributions to our church [tithing – something for us that is noncompromisable…giving in general and/or blessing others if we feel led to]

Grocery/Toiletry Items We May Buy this Month:

  • Food/items for the boys – fresh fruit, diapers, wipes, food, anything that is considered necessary, focusing on the keyword necessary
  • Bread, milk, eggs, or any perishables that we run out of – items like cheese, bread, and milk is something you can factor into your allotment for the month

The whole point is to set ground rules that work for MY family. We can obviously adjust according to plan, but the whole point is to do a spending freeze, so the goal is to not spend at all and instead save that money. I will be happy if we have a surplus of $400 dollars for the month…or anything!

Today wasn’t too hard at all. I think it’s much easier to not spend during the week. The weekends will be the most challenging, but I’m hoping it will push us to be creative and resourceful! Money doesn’t have to equal fun. Each day there is a task that you are supposed to do. Today’s task is – getting started and establishing the ground rules. Here’s to a great start!

27 years young.

Today I am 27. What runs through my mind-

1. Wow, I have lived on planet Earth now for 27 years.
2. I have known my husband for 11 years!
3. My best friends and I have have been best friends for 15 years!
4. Dang, I’m closer to 30.

I woke up to a cute card from my husband with a picture of me and the babies on it…and two tickets to see Kari Jobe in NYC! If you don’t know who Kari Jobe is, she’s an amazing Christian artist who I loveeeeeeee. She is getting ready to release a new album (a live album..hooray!) and her current tour is called Majestic.


Kari Jobe…I just love her!!!

My best friend and I will be going because my husband originally thought he purchased the tickets for the 8th, but he did it for the 7th and we have youth service that night and he can’t miss (our Pastor is out of the country and other leaders will be unable to make it..can’t let our teens down!), so he suggested I take my best friend. I’m excited!!!

Tonight we will be cutting some cake and I will get the chance to hang with my best friends. Also, looks like my return to work might be extended a day as we await an impending snow storm that will drop 10-14 inches. Oh the joys of this winter! Here is a glimpse of what my day looked like:





DSCN1039 (1)

So as you can see, I had a very blessed, low key day! Ended the night with some cake and news that school is officially CLOSED (just got the news now). One more day to soak it all in. And that’s exactly what I plan on doing!



Goal for today – take a peaceful shower.


What I would love more than anything today, even more than Reese Cups (which I am currently shoveling down…) is a nice long shower. A shower where I don’t have to leave the door open or listen for crying (which means no shower music or shower singing..nooooo)…or entertain while showering (who knew I could multitask so well). Waiting for my husband to get home from work so I can make this dream a reality. It’s the little things!

How Motherhood has changed my weekends. And YES, I am crazy coupon lady now.

This isn’t a post complaining about how lame my weekends are. My weekends are pretty lame. But guess what? I’m okay with that.

Prior to becoming a mom, my weekends were typically jammed packed with activities. Movies? Check. Shopping? Check. Dinner with friends? Check. Hanging out with friends? Check. Church? Check. Hanging out after church? Check. Eating out after church every Sunday? Check. You get the point. These are all things my husband and I did without thinking twice about it. If my husband had to work a weekend (which is typical of his profession) I would take it upon myself to create my own adventures and my own little itinerary. This would usually include a pedicure, manicure, eyebrow wax..and than a trip out of town (about 45 minutes away) to find the best sales I could find and to go thrifting. Friday nights I would come home from work, change…get all dolled up for whatever thing we had planned..and hang out like no one’s business. We would usually stay out until whenever.

What this Friday looked like:

  • Hubby gets home from work. He takes over and plays with the boys so that I can start cooking dinner.
  • We attempt to eat dinner together. This is a fail. We are two minutes into eating when a baby starts to cry and scream. Hubby picks up crying baby and is eating with baby on lap.
  • All is calm…then I feel bad that one baby is eating with us at the table and the other is not, so I go pick him up (I know…it’s ridiculous..but whatever). I try to avoid this because last time I tried eating with a baby in my lap, it ended with the baby having syrup in his hair (sorry..guess I have to work on my eating skills)! We finish dinner successfully.
  • After dinner conversation I convince my husband to help me sort coupons that I can use at his store (he is a manager of a drugstore) so that I can get free formula. I LOVE COUPONS. He looks less than excited about this proposal, having come home from work, but agrees. With a baby on each of our laps, we mess around with the coupons until I’m satisfied with the combinations.
  • After this “exciting” activity, I feel exhilarated and ready to conquer the world. It’s amazing what a rush couponing can give you. Some people sky-dive…I coupon.
  • I’m anxious to go to the store. “Do you want to go?” I ask my husband…hoping that he has no interest in leaving the house again. I tell him, “If you don’t mind, I’d like to go so I can get out of the house. When was the last time I left the house this week?” We both try to figure this out and can’t. We shrug and he says, “Go for it. You need to get out for a bit.”
  • Off I go, on the excursion of the week. A trip to the drugstore.
  • When I arrive to my destination (five minutes from where I live) I grab a shopping cart and grin to myself. I’M FREEEEEEEEEEEE. I look at the makeup for way longer than necessary and head over to the formula section. With all of my coupons in hand, I head to the register with my items.
  • I warn the people in line that this will take awhile, and ask the manager to open up another register so these poor people aren’t stuck behind crazy coupon lady…which I have become (thanks motherhood! Not gonna lie, I wear the title with pride).
  • I emerge VICTORIOUS. I’m able to purchase two six packs of Gentlease Enfamil Ready to feed along with four packs of Twix for a total of 72 cents. 72 FREAKIN CENTS! I feel like I am on a mountaintop…wind blowing in my hair…the Eye of the Tiger theme song playing in my head. I want to shout to the store my savings. I was also able to pick up foundation, lip gloss, and a powdered version of the formula with a savings of over $20. Whoo!!
  • I get in the car and see in the corner of my eye…a $2 rewards for another drugstore…that happens to have the laundry detergent I needed on sale. I stop there on my way home and feel like a BOSS. I’m killin it.
  • When I get home, I lug in all of the bags and share what I got excitedly with my husband who smiles at mean and nods in all the right places when I break down my savings step by step.
  • It feels like the best weekend of my LIFE.
  • We put the boys to sleep and decide to have an in-house date night. With Twix, Coke and Mountain Dew in hand (I know, we’re the healthiest, aren’t we?), we pick a Christian movie off of Netflix called “This is Our Time” and watch it. I’m surprised at how good it is and keep saying, “Wow, this is really good.”
  • We end the night with a kiss, and I sleep the night away…kind of (woke up twice to feed!).

Today was also awesome in its own way. We had my MIL come over so we could grab lunch together and run some errands (baby supplies and what not). We came home and snuggled our hearts out. This life is beautiful.

So yes…motherhood has completely changed every aspect of my life, including my weekends but I am more than okay with it. I am finding joy in every bit of it and truly loving it. It’s a different KIND of adventure. I’m saving so much more money to and have discovered I can be even more thrifty than I thought. I’ve learned a lot about couponing and how to shop sales effectively. It’s helped us save SOOOO much money…which is a must right now!

Tomorrow we will go to church, go to a graduation party, and hang out with our Pastors. Exciting times! How has motherhood changed your weekends, if at all?



Being a mom..beautiful, amazing..but HARD.

Motherhood. There are so many words to describe it – awesome, beautiful, intense, overwhelming, exciting, scary, nerve wrecking,’s like no other and I would never trade it for the world. I’ve longed for it and now it’s here..and I’m so grateful. But guess what? Being a mom is also super hard. I don’t really think anything prepares you for it…no matter how many books you read, people you talk to, advice you get..nothing truly prepares you for it until you are thrown into it. WOW.

It changes you so instantly. It changes your life so instantly and so dramatically. But dang, it’s pretty hard too. To be responsible for two lives and for them eating, sleeping..basically’s all on me! I’m so in love with these little guys. Everything else fades away…but again, it’s hard. I’ve been trying my best to take care of myself, but I don’t think I’ve been doing the best job. I forget to eat or simply don’t have the time, sleep isn’t too bad but it’s not the best it could be either. Yesterday my sister-in-law came over because hubby had to take Josiah to get checked out because we thought he may have an ear infection (he didn’t thankfully). She pretty much lectured me on taking care of myself and them made me some food. She was right. I’m trying. But it’s a good day if I can shower when I’m on my own, let alone do anything else.

Micah had an appointment with the pulmonologist on Tuesday and she was able to witness one of his Micah’s meltdowns. She told me what I already know..not normal, definitely in some kind of pain and she gave me some tips to try. On top of that, we found out he has a yeast infection in his mouth (I knew something was off, his tongue was white but I thought it was breast milk residue..always trust your instincts) so she prescribed him some medicine for that (just add another med for Micah Bear). It made me feel good that someone finally believed me when I said Micah’s cry is NOT normal. When I try to explain that to my doctors, since they never witness it, it’s like they try to brush it off “he will grow out of it…” UM, unless you are at home with me listening to him straight up SCREAM, it’s not okay and not fun. Especially when you are on your own and its been hours. I wish I could get them to understand this. Even his GI doctor doesn’t seem to get it. Thank you pulmonologist..I knew I wasn’t crazy.  Yesterday Josiah decided to join in on the screaming..which is why we thought he had an ear infection. He doesn’t and thankfully he is much more calm today. ::wiping sweat from my brow::

This week my mom wasn’t able to help me because she’s taking a pediatrics course (she’s a nurse) and she had to study this whole week so she can do well on her test. It’s been really hard without her! She’s so calming and she’s my mom so she’s my ultimate source of comfort. When she’s here I don’t have to try to entertain her or anything, she just does her thing and is the best help ever. I had to have my mother-in-law help me this week. Her and I aren’t super close…my husband just recently reestablished a relationship with her earlier this year..but I appreciated the help. But still…can’t wait to have my mom again Monday and Tuesday.

And guess what? My husband works a DOUBLE this Sunday. This means he works from 7:30 am –  11:00 pm. Not by choice either..he’s a manager pretty much has to. NOOOOOOOO. Rough.

So yeah, it’s hard when I’m on my own and both babies want to be held and cuddled or somehow signal each other to start screaming or crying at the same time. I don’t like to just let them cry, especially Micah because when he cries he starts to wheeze, sweats profusely and seems like he’s on the brink of respiratory distress. No bueno!

Man..this post seems negative. Not what I intended, however, my blog is the place where I can be real and just keep it honest.

This Saturday we are daring to venture out of the house with the boys to visit friends. This is a huge deal for me. I think that once we begin to leave the house more often, the better and more normal I will feel. Since we have had to isolate ourselves and have been on lockdown, it’s been really hard on me because normally I’m the opposite of that. Always busy, very social, always running around. So to be in my house ALL of the time is making me a little stir crazy. MUST. GET. OUT. For my sanity. I will use all wisdom and still do not plan on bringing the boys to places that would be unwise to bring them..but at the same time, there is no way I can be a recluse until April. It’s not good for my mental health…and I need to be at my best for my babies. For now, I shall watch Project Runway in the darkness and wait for my hubby to get home. Babies are sleeping.

p.s. don’t get me wrong, in loveeee with being a mom, in loveeee with my boys, in loveeee with my husband. But like I said, this thing is  pretty hard. 🙂